Rush Limbaugh dead in ~ 70 ~ cancer fight

Conservative talk radio pioneer rush Limbaugh died at the age of 70 after ~ a fight with lung cancer, his family members announced.

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Limbaugh died at the period of 70 ~ above Wednesday and was honored by the "Earth come God" singer on Twitter, in which he revealed the radio pioneer had anonymously made a large donation come charity.

"When ns was ~ above "Celebrity Apprentice," rush Limbaugh made a donation of $100,000 dollars come St Jude Children"s Hospital to support them, and also my mission top top the TV display under the condition that he remained anonymous," Rich, who showed up on the display in 2011, tweeted. "I never ever said a word till now. He will certainly be missed. #RIPRushLimbaugh."

"Part that my entirety goal was to raise as much money as I might for ... St. Jude Children"s study Hospital in Memphis," Rich, 47, explained. "My goal to be to shot to raise over a million dollars, which had never to be donebefore on the show."

The host of Fox Nation"s"The Pursuit!"said the whenhe reached out to numerous friends to ask for donations in ~ the time, Limbaugh was amongst them.


"When ns asked sirloin Limbaugh about that, the said, "I would love to do a donation, but it has to be anonymous. Don"t tell anybody it came from me, don"t tell Donald trump it come from me, don"t talk about it in any way, form or form,"" recalled the singer, including that Limbaugh claimed he likes to donate to an excellent causes anonymously.

"I didn"t know what he was going come donate till it confirmed up," wealthy continued. "When it verified up, it to be $100,000 to the children atSt. Jude Children"s study Hospital and I couldn"t tell anybody whereby it come from."

The big & well-off member uncovered thegenerous donation to be "such a highlight characteristic" that Limbaugh. Well-off recalled rather of Limbaugh wanting "a many praise for an activity that big," he made the star "promise that would gain no prayer for it."

John affluent (right) recalled receiving a donation the $100,000 from rush Limbaugh (left) under the problem on anonymity to go toward St. Jude Children"s research Hospital during the singer"s stint on "Celebrity Apprentice." (Getty Images)

Rich ended up increasing $1.4 million throughout the show"s 11th season, i beg your pardon he claimed is tho a record-holding amount because that "Celebrity Apprentice."


"I simply thought it to be a really respectful relocate on his end to perform a good thing for those youngsters at the hospital and support my efforts on that show and also just something the really stuck to me over the years," included Rich.

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Reps because that St. Jude Children"s research Hospital walk not immediately respond come Fox News" inquiry for comment.

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