Actor Leonardo DiCaprio has pledged $43 million (£30.4m) come the aid conserve theGalápagos archipelago in Ecuador. The money will certainly go to Re:Wild, an organization founded previously this year by DiCaprio and a team of preservation specialists,the Galápagos nationwide Park Directorate, Island Conservation, and local communities. The money will go in the direction of restoring Floreana Island, which is home to 54 intimidated species, also asreintroduce 13 extinct species. That will likewise introduce a captive breeding programme to stop the extinction of animals such together the pink iguana.

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It's no the very first time DiCaprio has actually put his money in the direction of conservation and saving endangered species through hiseponymous foundation. The Leonardo DiCaprio foundation has awarded more than $80 million (£57.5m) in grants due to the fact that 2010, funding an ext than 200 high-impact projects across 50 countries.

But what about the other A-listers who use their money because that good? Click or scroll through to check out a selection of celebrities who are choosing to offer away their wealth.

Amal and George Clooney


Human legal rights lawyer Amal and actor husband George space enthusiastic charity-givers, and have even developed their own foundation, the Clooney foundation for Justice. The pair famously donated every the money Hello! magazine paid for your wedding pictures to a collection of charity organisations. In 2017, alongside tech carriers Google and also HP, Amal and also George added towards a $3.25 million (£2.6m) donation to aid put end 3,000 Syrian refugee youngsters living in Lebanon through school.

Sir Elton John


Music legend sir Elton man is one seriously generous star. Year ~ year he has actually featuredon the Sunday Times giving List, coming11th in 2020 through donations the £23.3 million ($32m).The bulk of his really generousgiving goesto his charity, the Elton john AIDS Foundation, which he has in both the UK and also US. The two foundations together have raised more than $385 million (£285m) end the previous 25 years.

Will Smith and also Jada Pinkett Smith


The Hollywood power pair have provided millions end the course of your careers to help those less fortunate. With each other the duo lookafter the Will and Jada Smith family Foundation, offering donations to a wide variety of reasons including much more than $1 million (£718k) in grants because that Jada’s alma mater, the Baltimore college for the Arts, and a report $1 million (£718k) for the Make-A-Wish foundation through the #FriendLikeMe challenge, front of the 2019 film Aladdin, in which will certainly Smith played the genie.The foundation’s many recent projects incorporate an initiative come encourage young women right into the film industry and also delivering 500 meals come the homeless in new York in 2019.

Rory McIIroy


Northern ireland golfer Rory McIlroy provided £1 million ($1.5m) to a neighborhood children’s cancer charity through his plan The Rory foundation in 2014, and also he didn't prevent there. In 2016 the sporting starhosted the Dubai Duty free Irish open on behalf of his foundation, raising more than €500,000 ($544k/£389k) for 3 children’s charities.He climate went on to win the championship and also committedthe totality of his €666,000 ($724k/£518k) winnings to charity. McIlroy also pledged £250,000 ($349k) to Mencap north Ireland in 2015 to assist build brand-new facilities in Belfast for children with learning disabilities. The Rory foundation officially close up door in December 2018, and also it has been reported that McIlroy is now pursuing his philanthropic interests an ext privately.

Naomi Campbell


She could be known for her diva antics,butaway indigenous the paparazzisupermodel Naomi Campbell is exceptionally generous. She Fashion because that Relief campaign, i m sorry she established in 2005, plays organize to a live occasion each year and helps raise an essential funds because that humanitarian crises, including the Ebola outbreak, Hurricane Katrina and, more recently, the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to the fact that its inception, Fashion because that Relief has actually raised over $15 million (£10.8m) for causes throughout the world.

Music emotion Taylor Swift was just 22 as soon as she was named the most generous star the 2012 after ~ donating a whopping $4 million (£2.5m) come the country Music hall of Fame and Museum in Nashville, which allowed the development of a Taylor Swift education Center. Swift’s generosity has ongoing throughout she career and into the COVID-19 pandemic. In August critical year, the singer fight the headlines for donating £23,000 ($30k) come an 18-year-old in the UK that couldn’t purchased to walk to university, and also recently make a quiet donation the $50,000 (£36k) come the GoFundMe campaign of a Tennessee mommy of five who shed her husband come coronavirus just before Christmas.

Former Desperate Housewives actor Eva Longoria donates to more than 40 various charities. The star has actually received dozens the awards for her charitable occupational within hispanic communities, and she’s therefore passionate about her culture she began her own charity, the Eva Longoria Foundation, which aims to authorize Latinas with education and entrepreneurship. For this reason far, the organisation has offered out much more than $1.95 million (£1.4m) in loan to Latina entrepreneurs, and also has offered STEM education and learning or mentoring schemes to an ext than 3,700 people. Seeing the means in i beg your pardon COVID-19 disproportionately impacted Latinos, Longoria also launched Momento Latino, a activity looking to boost the health, finances and education the those in the Latinx community.

Ellen DeGeneres’ imaginative charity efforts tend to walk viral, such as when she post a celebrity-packed take self from the Oscars ~ above Twitter in 2014 and Samsung donated a dollar to a cause of her an option each time it to be retweeted. She separation the $2.5 million (£1.5m) raised between a children's hospital and also an animal charity. The comedian is also often spotted offering away vast donations on she daytime speak show, such as the $50,000 (£38k) she offered to a struggling military family members in 2019 and also the $1.6million-worth (£1.3m) of university scholarships she gifted one entire an elderly class in 2017. Throughout a remotely-filmed episode of her display last year, Ellen DeGeneres announced the she and her mam Portia de Rossi would certainly be donating $1 million (£718k) come the All-In Challenge, i beg your pardon sought to raise $100 million (£72m) because that non-profit organization struggling throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

This british celebrity chef has spent a big portion the his career helping underprivileged young people, and his financial contributions to the cause made the the fourth most generosity British celebrity in 2017, follow to the Sunday Times providing List. And also donating numerous pounds, Oliver provided young adult struggling through substance abuse or alcohol troubles a possibility to learn the chef trade by giving them apprenticeships in his charity restaurant chain Fifteen. Sadly many of Oliver’s restaurant empire broke down in 2019, taking his charitable efforts down through it, however his work continues – his latest campaign is to halve childhood obesity by 2030.

The previous Beatle’s charitable contributions space vast, and he share his reported $1.2billion (£874m) fortune through a number of great causes, including PETA, The OneVoice Movement and Meat totally free Monday. The exact quantities donated by McCartney aren’t typically publicised, yet he’s been recognized to provide his revenue from private concerts, which can stack up to millions every show, completely to non-profit organisations.

The football star is assumed to be precious a staggering $500 million (£364m), however he is known to be generous. Ronaldo is one ambassador come at least three charities – save the Children, Unicef and World Vision – and he has additionally spent a the majority of money on other people’s medical bills, consisting of $165,000 (£117k) because that a Portuguese cancer therapy centre in 2009 and $83,000 (£50k) to money a 10-month-old’s brain surgery in 2014. Simply this February, Ronaldo and his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez gifted money come a seven-year-old Portuguese boy and also his household to money treatment because that a rare type of cancer he had developed.

When the Star Wars director marketed his agency Lucasfilm come Disney in 2012, the pocketed a cool $4.05 billion (£2.5bn). Yet rather than spend the proceeds, which were half cash, fifty percent Disney stock, Lucas donated the lion’s share come charity, consisting of the George Lucas educational Foundation. He likewise donates to Stand approximately Cancer and also the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Dick valve Dyke is ideal known for starring alongside Julie andrews in the 1964 movie Mary Poppins, yet he has additionally gained a reputation for having a heart of gold as soon as it concerns helping others. The actor’s 13-year-old granddaughter sadly passed far from Reye’s syndrome in 1987, which prompted him to create a collection of TV commercials around the rare mind and liver disease. Van Dyke has additionally helped come raise millions because that arts programmes and local shelters end the years, and also in April this year the 95-year-old to be spotted handing out cash to civilization queuing in ~ the Malibu ar Labor Exchange, which helps struggling jobseekers in California.

The WWE superstar could be difficult in the ring but outside of rings he’s a large teddy bear, and also has granted end 600 desire to youngsters battling life-threatening illnesses via the Make-A-Wish Foundation. In 2012 it was reported the Cena had actually raised more than $1 million (£627k) for the Susan G. Komen chest cancer charity in partnership with WWE, after that lobbied the wrestling entertainment company to attribute a pink center rope in that is rings and sell pink merchandise to raise awareness because that thecause. The was named as the second most charity athlete in the human being in 2015. Cena’s occupational has ongoing outside that the ringtoo, and last year he donated $1 million (£718k) come the FitOps Foundation, i beg your pardon trains veterans to be an individual trainers, offering them a possibility at a brand-new career, and agreed to match donations from the general public up to another $1 million (£718k).

The first lady of Hollywood, Meryl Streep, has been a generous contributor come charities over the food of her career. In 2009 she supposedly donated $1 million (£706k) come the nationwide Women’s background Museum, because that which she is a spokesperson, and also $1 million (£627k) to the general public Theatre in 2012, and also it’s approximated that the actor donates about $1 million (£718k) everyyear to reasons such as Oxfam that America and Partners in health and wellness through her silver- Mountain structure for the Arts, i beg your pardon she foundedwith husband Donald Gummer in 1983. Streep’s many recent donation thathit the headlines was$25,000 (£19.4k) come the female victim of the explosion in Beirut, Lebanon in August critical year.

In a bid come repair some of the damage done by Hurricane Katrina, singer Beyoncé privately donated $7 million (£4.2m) come the Knowles-Temenos place apartment job in her hometown of Houston, Texasover a duration of years. The complex was created in 2007 and also provides accommodation because that homeless men and women and offers employment and also self-sufficiency support to aid them come get back on their feet. ReverendRudy Rasmus revealed the star's generosity to KHOU 11 Newsin 2014.The worldwide crises the unfurled in 2020 additionally prompted the megastar to destruction deep, and also in April 2020 she donated $6 million (£4.7m) come coronavirus initiatives, including mental health and wellness services,followed by $1 million (£777k) for Black-owned businesses affected by the pandemic in September, and also a more $500,000 (£389k) to world facing eviction since of the COVID-19 outbreak in December. And that's just the donations we know about...

Beyoncé"s husband Jay-Z likewise has a philanthropic side. The rapper founded his Shawn Carter structure in 2003 through his mum Gloria, and it supports campaigns to authorize youth and also communities in need through scholarship programmes, professional development schemes and also goodwill projects. Jay-Z likewise supports charities external of the foundation, and also gave $1.5 million (£1.1m) come the black color Lives issue movement via his music platform Tidal in 2016.

Keanu Reeves is known as among Hollywood’s nicest people. He allegedly placed some that his own money earlier into the Matrix franchise to ensure that the crew could continue working top top the films, and has been well-known to share his food v homeless people. He even founded his own private charity foundation, which funds cancer research and children’s hospital wards, which the revealed he had been “running for five or 6 years” in a 2009 interview v Snopes. Reeves’ philanthropy has actually kept v the times throughout the coronavirus pandemic, and the star auctioned turn off a exclusive 15-minute Zoom date to raise money for Idaho-based children’s cancer charity Camp Rainbow Gold last June.

Jackie Chan flourished up in relative poverty in Hong Kong before rising to become one that the most famous martial artists and actors in the world, through a network worth rumoured come fall around $370 million (£266m). End the year Chan has actually donated plenty of millions the dollars to several different Red cross appeals, and he additionally reportedly plans to leaving at least half of his fortune to charity once he dies. Explaining why that wouldn’t be leaving the money to his son, Jaycee, Chan said: “If that is capable, he can make his very own money. If that is not, climate he will simply be wasting my money."

The footballer-turned-Unicef-ambassador has actually used his fame and also wealth to assist those less fortunate. As soon as David Beckham relocated to French football club Paris Saint-Germain in 2013, he donated his whole salary – assumed to be approximately €800,000 ($1m/£692k) every month – come a French children’s charity. Beckham has actually raised millions through the Victoria and also David Beckham charitable Trust, which that runs with wife Victoria, and also following revenue growthin their corresponding businesses, the pair make a £1 million ($1.3m) donation to Unicef last year, follow to The Sun.

The members of Coldplay have actually been long-time supporters of several an excellent causes and also it was revealed in a 2016 interview through Australian TV present Today that lock split10% that their linked $475 million (£340m) fortune between 28 different charities. Causes supported through the band incorporate Amnesty International, City the Hope and the Red Cross. The band hasalso done itsfair share of charity gigs over the years, consisting of an intimate London concert in help of War child in 2016, and aone-off performance at London’s National history Museum in 2019, through proceeds going to environmental charity ClientEarth.

Professional skateboarder Tony Hawk’s organization The Skatepark Project has actually raised an ext than $10 million (£7.2m) to create, upgrade and also maintain more than 600 parks throughout all 50 states in the US. The project has additionally given guidance and advocacy training come thousands an ext skateparks across America. Founded in 2002 together the Tony hawk Foundation, the skating star’s endeavor focuses on developing safe and also legal ice scating spots in low-income neighbourhoods with big numbers of disadvantaged and also at-risk young people.

While most recognize him together a formermember the the Beatles, Ringo Starr is additionally a an extremely talented painter and also computer artist, and he provides his creative streak to assist others. Starr sell his artwork in ~ galleries and also auctions to generate funds because that his non-profit organisation, The Lotus Foundation, which support charities working to aid women and also children who have suffered residential violence, pets in need and also a number of medical causes. Starr also auctioned off much more than 1,300 an individual items including clothing, instruments and jewellery in 2015, and a part of the $9.2 million (£6m) created went come the foundation. The drummer also turned his 80th date of birth celebrations into a fundraiser occasion last year, as soon as he organized “Ringo’s huge Birthday Show” in aid of Black lives Matter, the David Lynch foundation and the charity MusiCares, among others.

Harry Potter creator and also author J.K. Rowling was the second highest paid author in the human being in 2020 follow to Forbes, and also she is just too happy to share her wealth. Rowling has donated much more than £25.3 million ($33.5m) to assistance research into neurological conditions at a centre in Scotland, named after her mother, who had actually multiple sclerosis. Rowling has alsostarted her own charity, The Lumos Foundation, which aims to finish the institutionalising of kids by 2050. Rowling even knocked herself off the ForbesBillionaires list in 2012 after supposedly siphoning off $150 million (£94m) of her fortune because that charity. Critical year the author pledged £1 million ($1.3m) to assistance charities through the COVID-19 outbreak.

Where to start with Oprah’s incredible donations. The Oprah Winfrey Charitable structure has donated $400 million (£287m) to causes in need, which has contained providing 75 million meals and educating 72,000 people. One 1997 illustration of The Oprah Winfrey display also caused the development of publicly charity Oprah’s point of view Network, which has actually raised an ext than $80 million (£57m) for charitable projects and grants throughout the globe. The 'Queen of every Media' donated much more than $13 million (£10.1m) to coronavirus efforts last year.

Ariana Grande was currently a generous giver to reasons such together PETA and also the Make-A-Wish Foundation. However, her biggest gesture to be a fundraising concert because that victims that the terror attack at her show at Manchester Arena in England in 2017. Grande"s One Love display raised over £3 million ($3.7m) because that the we Love Manchester Emergency Fund. The charity walk on to raise much more than £11.7 million ($14.4m) in total, and the singer is now a patron the the charity.
South korean model and actor Shin Min-a has actually been privately donating to charities in she home nation for years. In 2016 it to be reported the she had given over 1.4 billion korean won ($1.1m/£813k) in the vault eight year to help administer education and healthcare because that disadvantaged children. This spanned heating costs for the elderly and also support for women and also children who were refugees from phibìc Korea. She has additionally built a institution in a disadvantaged area the Nepal.

Only after ~ his fatality in April 2016 walk the degree of Prince's philanthropy emerge. The popstar never spoke about his charity efforts, however in 2017 his ex-wife melted light on just exactly how much he did to help others, explicate him as a “fierce philanthropist”. Simply one that the charities he provided generously to, for example, to be the Harlem Children's Zone, a non-profit organisation because that poverty-stricken children and families living in Harlem, new York. Prince donated $1 million (£614k) to thecause in 2011, and at the same time gifted $250,000 (£154k) each to the American Ballet Theater and to educational program at the Uptown run Academy, both in new York.

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George Michael was one more popstar revealed to it is in a secret philanthropist after ~ his death. The stories of his significant acts that kindness started coming out after that passed away in December 2016. For example, one guy on UK TV gameshow Deal Or No transaction had mentioned that he and his mam couldn't bought the IVF therapy they desperately want in 2008, and also so the singer secretly gifted lock £15,000 ($30k) to cover the costs. The is likewise said to have met a distressed mrs in a café who was struggling with debt – on leaving the café, Michael composed her a cheque because that £25,000 ($50k) and asked a waitress to pass it on when he had left.

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