Since Nov. 4, president Trump has actually repeatedly claimed his election loss as a result of enormous fraud. The complying with is a roundup that his claims. (The Washington Post)
President Trump has actually raised $495 million because mid-October, v $207.5 million of it putting in after choice Day — an extraordinary haul resulting from Trump’s post-election fundraising effort using a blizzard the misleading appeals around the verity of the vote.

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The sum raised because Oct. 15 much exceeds fundraising records collection by the Trump operation in around comparable time periods at the elevation of the 2020 presidential campaign and also is an unusually huge amount to raise after the election.

That method between Oct. 15 and Nov. 23, Trump increased an mean of practically $13 million every day — a huge amount sustained by a deluge that email and also text fundraising appeals sent out by the Trump do America good Again Committee, a joint fundraising committee that raises money because that the president’s campaign, the Republican Party and also Trump’s brand-new leadership PAC, conserve America.

The figures were announced through the project Thursday and are to it is in made public in commonwealth filings this month and in January. The Biden campaign had no released numbers as of Thursday evening.

“These remarkable fundraising numbers display President Trump continues to be the leader and resource of power for the Republican Party, and also that his supporters are devoted to fighting for the rightful, legal outcome of the 2020 basic election,” invoice Stepien, Trump’s 2020 project manager, stated in a statement. “It additionally positions president Trump to continue leading the fight to clean increase our corrupt elections process in so countless areas roughly the country, and to build on gains from the 2020 elections so we have the right to take back the House and build on our Senate majority in 2022.”

Much the the money raised since the election probably will get in Save America, a political action committee the the president deserve to use because that various activities after he leaves office. Several of the contributions will certainly go toward what is left that the president’s legit fights end the certification of choice results, which have actually failed to gain traction in the courts.

Since late October, the Trump campaign spent $8.8 million on happen legal challenges to election results in an essential states, consisting of recounts. Of that amount, $30,000 in legal consulting fees checked out Jenna Ellis, among the most influential lawyers ~ above Trump’s post-election legit team, according to commonwealth filings do public Thursday night. An ext legal fees are expected to be reported in upcoming filings.

By far the most usual theme in the hundreds of donation requests sent out in November was an appeal for contributions to the “Election Defense Fund,” a nonexistent fundraising account that the president’s project has been touting in hyperbolic language about voter fraud and also election integrity.

“We can not afford a Joe Biden presidency. We have to FIGHT because that the future the American people TRULY support: FOUR much more YEARS OF chairman TRUMP,” one email read. “Will you permit the corruption Democrats to shot to steal this Election and impart their RADICAL agenda on our Country? Or will certainly you action UP and DEFEND your Country?”

The surging of contributions has come mostly from small-dollar donors, project officials have actually said, tapping right into the president’s base of loyal and fervent financial pendant who often tend to add the many when they feeling the president is under siege or encountering unfair political attacks.

The campaign has sent 498 post-election fundraising pitches come donors, setup a monthly document for trump fundraising appeals, follow to
TrumpEmail, a Twitter account that has tracked the president’s fundraising requests since January 2018.

The contributions, from thousands of donors throughout the country, space deposited right into several accounts, including Save America, which is loosely regulated and could be provided to personally benefit the president after he leaves the White House.

According to the fine print in the recent fundraising appeals, 75 percent the each contribution to the Trump make America great Again Committee would first go toward the save America management PAC and the remainder would be common by the campaign and Republican Party committees. This effectively way that the vast majority of low-dollar donations under the covenant would go towards financing the president’s brand-new leadership PAC rather of buttressing efforts to assistance the party or to finance poll lawsuits.

Leadership PAC accumulation cannot be provided for project purposes, including campaign-related litigation. But beyond that, over there are couple of other restrictions on how the leadership PAC money deserve to be spent.

On Nov. 18, the Trump do America great Again Committee win a formal agreement with conserve America, the trump campaign and the Republican national Committee come raise money together through the joint fundraising committee and also share the funds, follow to commonwealth records. By Nov. 19, the donation share to conserve America PAC had changed to 75 percent native the 60 percent it had actually been for much more than a week, according to a testimonial of the fundraising appeals.

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