Former new York City mayor Mike Bloomberg, that dropped out of the autonomous presidential gyeongju last week, put about $275 million of his very own money into digital heralding to target president Donald Trump.

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The media project waged against the president was intended "to remind voter of chairman Trump’s failures and broken promises," the project said in a explain Wednesday. 

"Until the Bloomberg campaign kicked off this effort, Trump had actually been running essentially unopposed in the crucial states that will decide the 2020 election," the declare reads. "And if that were not for the Bloomberg campaign, Trump would have continued running unopposed until Democrats officially choose their nominee and switch your full focus to the incumbent president."

After suspending his campaign, Bloomberg endorsed previous Vice chairman Joe Biden, who he said had the ideal chance that beating trump after major successes on super Tuesday.

Inside a billionaire"s bid because that president:Michael Bloomberg"s project was the many expensive self-funded campaign in history

The $275 million includes spending on television, society media and "outdoor" ads, which had billboards in major states and also cities wherein Trump to be holding rallies. The campaign says it invested $225 million of that complete on television, consisting of $45 million that went toward national ads and also $175 million in battleground states. On social media platforms consisting of Facebook and also YouTube, Bloomberg spent $49.6 million. And also over $600,000 comprised "outdoor" declaring spending.

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The campaign also uploaded dozens of TV, social media and also billboard ads come its website. Bloomberg stated on Twitter that he encourages supporters to proceed sharing them, "because the only means we"ll defeat him is together."

"Trump is one existential risk to our country, ours values, and our nationwide security," Bloomberg tweeted Wednesday. 

According to Forbes, Bloomberg"s current net worth is over $53 billion. He rejected donations throughout his quick campaign, opting to fund it in its totality from his own an individual wealth. He spent over half a exchange rate dollars ~ above his advertising overall, the greatest amount ever spent on ads in a political campaign. 

Since leaving the race, Bloomberg is building an expenditure project to boost the democratic nominee in critical swing states in November, focusing its advertising in Florida, Wisconsin, Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania and also North Carolina.

What"s following for Bloomberg:Bloomberg plans come target swing says in really hopes of an increasing Democratic nominee end Trump

Trump has mocked Bloomberg for his project spending on Twitter multiple times. After Bloomberg offered his endorsement, trump card tweeted that "Mini Mike Bloomberg simply "quit" the race for President."

"I could have told the long earlier that that didn’t have actually what that takes, and he would have actually saved himself a exchange rate dollars, the real cost," trump card wrote. "Now he will certainly pour money into Sleepy Joe’s campaign, hope to save face. It won’t work!"

Bloomberg preserved up his strikes on trump card after ending his campaign, tweeting a work later, "We’re not done with you yet, Donald."

Contributing: Savannah Behrmann, Nicholas Wu

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