Wendy Williams has defined herself in the past as the "Queen of Gossip," but she is much an ext than she provides herself credit for together she"s built realm all on her own. The star, who celebrated her 56th date of birth in July 2020, is not simply a talk present host however a radio personality, businesswoman, and writer. She has hosted her nationally syndicated talk show The Wendy Williams Show since 2008, whereby she became known for she snarky personality, per The new York Times. The present presented audiences with much more diversity, and Williams climbed to fame for she off-the-cuff remarks and analysis of other celebrities.

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Outside of she decade-long career on daytime television, Williams had actually made headlines for her personal life. In 2019, Williams admitted to life in a sober house adhering to a relapse from drug addiction. Williams then divorced her husband, Kevin Hunter, between allegations that cheated top top her v multiple women, per People. "I"ve been having a very, very tough year, yet slowly yet surely I"m climbing the end of the pit, and also this is among those significant days that provides me say, "If you don"t believe in yourself, who"s walk to believe in you?"" Williams said at her Walk of fame Ceremony in October 2019, according to The Los Angeles Times.

And Williams did think in herself — coming to be one that the world"s richest television hosts — and racking up manufacturing credits for she media empire. In celebration event of her new Lifetime biopic premiering on Jan. 30, 2021, let"s take a look at Williams" impressive net worth.

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According to Celebrity net Worth, Wendy Williams is precious a whopping $40 million — and also it is estimated she earns around $10 million per year on The Wendy Williams Show. This puts she salary in ~ $55,000 every episode. In addition to the display earnings, Williams earns around $15 million per year through various mediums and also job opportunities, including publication deals and also endorsements, follow to Forbes As a released author, Williams has released several books, including Wendy"s acquired the Heat, ask Wendy: Straight-Up Advice for every the Drama in your Life, and The Wendy Williams Experience — i beg your pardon became New York Times bestsellers, according to Penguin random House. 

Williams has regulated to continue to be on height thanks come her organization savvy. "All money isn"t an excellent money. Human being offer girlfriend money to execute all type of things and next point you know there"s an obligation — and all freebies aren"t worth taking," she told Market Watch

Although Williams is quiet wealthy, her net worth took a fight after she divorce from Kevin Hunter in 2019. Williams reportedly had to pay Hunter, that acted together her organization manager before they split, one undisclosed lump sum and $250,000 for his brand-new living arrangements, according to Page Six. Hunter likewise got a "severance payment" indigenous Wendy, Inc., and also he "will maintain ownership that his businesses and his cars, including a Ferrari and Rolls Royce, as well."