A representative indigenous the las Vegas strip club has actually said that the “Usher cram fake money” insurance claim is false. Yet whether we’re counting Usherbucks or not, what is the singer’s genuine net worth?

Lately, Twitter users have actually been stating news reports alleging the American singer usher handed out fake money to a stripper. On April 12, 2021, reports surfaced claiming the Usher had actually handed out fake ‘Usher bucks’ come a stripper in ~ the Sapphire society in Vegas. Newly a representative native the club has come front to dispute these claims.

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What is Usher’s net worth?

According come the Celebrity net worth portal, the American singer/songwriter is worth $180 million. The 42-year-old singer has actually sold more than 75 million records internationally so far. Together a result, this provides him among the best-selling artists of every time. 

Aside native his impeccable music career, water level has likewise invested in numerous businesses. That is also the co-founder of RBMG Records, i m sorry is Justin Bieber’s document company. 

The singer’s career started when he was 13 and also was signed by LaFace documents in 1991. However, points really take it off as soon as he released his first-ever album in 1994. Thanks to his very first self title album, he became one of the youngest artist of every times to find a spot in the Billboard charts. That was only 16 as soon as his first album peaked come No.25 on the charts.

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Over the course of 30 year of his career, number of of the singer’s albums have been ~ above the us Billboard 200 charts.

The singer additionally holds many awards choose the Grammys and also Billboard Awards. He additionally owns various properties throughout the united States. 

According come the Celebrity network worth report, one of his many recent purchase is his home in the Hollywood Hills, which he bought in 2015. The property price him $3.37 million. He marketed it off in 2018 for $3.3 million.

Sapphire society Rep claims ‘Usher fake bucks’ claims not true

No, usher did not give ‘fake bucks’ to the ladies at the Sapphire Club.

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In one interview with TMZ, a rep for the club cleared the air about the false claims. The rep revealed the Usher had actually not tipped the strippers through fake money.

The representative walk on to clarify the the singer had actually dished out authentic money on the dancers and also not fake ‘Usher dollars’. He had in truth spent thousands on the females at the club.

Moreover, resources close to Usher declared that the was somebody from Usher’s crew who had left the ‘Usher fake bucks’ behind. Castle did the both as a joke and also to encourage his brand new Vegas residency.


Usher reaction to the fake money controversy 

The singer required to his Instagram top top April 12, to sell a response of sorts come the controversy. He posted the snapshot sitting top top a chair v the fake usher dollars lid on his head. The bucket hat functions $1 dollar bills from Usher’s fake money.