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In 2019, there were much more than 4.2 million immigrant from Mexico who lack documentation. Together, they do up much more than 40.8 percent of the 10.3 million undocumented immigrant in the united States.Rounding out the height 5 countries of beginning of undocumented immigrants are: El Salvador (621,000, or 6.0 percent of every undocumented immigrants), India (587,000, or 5.7 percent), Guatemala (561,000, or 5.4 percent), and also Honduras (416,000, or 4.0 percent).More 보다 one fifty percent of every undocumented immigrants from Mexico live in just two states, California and Texas.The vast majority (96.7%) of mexican undocumented workers room working and also contributing come the economy and are critical to vital American industries including agriculture (11.5 percent of the workforce), building and construction (6.7 percent), and also the tourism and also hospitality ar (3.4 percent).Given your productivity and their numbers, mexican undocumented immigrant are significant economic contributors come the American economy. In 2019 alone, castle earned practically $92 billion in family members income and also contributed nearly $9.8 exchange rate in federal, state, and also local taxes.Mexican undocumented immigrant held more than $82.2 billion in spending power, money that frequently goes earlier into local economic situations as they invest on housing, consumer goods, and also services.

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No country looms bigger in the debate approximately undocumented immigrant in the United claims than Mexico. This is for an excellent reason. Until as freshly as 2017, the bulk of undocumented immigrants in the United says were born in Mexico. And also while migration patterns to the joined States have changed, immigrant from Mexico still continue to consist of a significant share of the undocumented population in the united States.

Analyzing data native the 2019 American neighborhood Survey, 1-Year Sample, we uncover that there were much more than 4.2 million immigrant from Mexico who lack legal condition in 2019. Together, they make up an ext than 40.8 percent of the 10.3 million undocumented immigrants in the unified States. Looking in ~ the other four most common countries of origin for undocumented immigrants, we uncover that your numbers are significantly smaller in comparison, including: El Salvador (621,000 undocumented immigrants), India (587,000), Guatemala (561,000), and also Honduras (416,000).

More than one fifty percent of every undocumented immigrants from Mexico live in simply two states. California is home to practically 1.1 million mexican undocumented immigrants, or 26 percent of every Mexican undocumented immigrants. Texas is residence to more than 1 million mexican undocumented immigrants, or 24.8 percent of all undocumented immigrants in the joined States.

State variety of Mexican Undocumented immigrant share of every Mexican Undocumented immigrant
California 1,095,000 26.0%
Texas 1,046,000 24.8%
Illinois 219,000 5.2%
Arizona 175,000 4.2%
Georgia 147,000 3.5%
north Carolina 139,000 3.3%
Washington 125,000 3.0%
Florida 118,000 2.8%
new York 102,000 2.4%
Nevada 98,000 2.3%

Perhaps much more importantly, mexican undocumented immigrants have some of the highest employment rates in the country. The huge majority, or 96.7 percent, of mexico undocumented workers are working and contributing to the economy. Together, they type a an essential segment the the workforce come many an important American industries including farming (224,000 workers, or 11.5 percent the the workforce), building (733,000 workers, or 6.7 percent), and the tourism and hospitality ar (524,000, or 3.4 percent).

sector mexico Undocumented employees full Workforce share of workforce
farming 224,000 1,943,000 11.5%
building 733,000 11,016,000 6.7%
Tourism, Hospitality, and Entertainment 524,000 15,365,000 3.4%
general and an individual Services 202,000 7,597,000 2.7%
production 370,000 15,800,000 2.3%

Given their productivity and also their participation rate in the workforce, mexican undocumented immigrants are far-reaching economic contributors come the American economy. In 2019 alone, mexico undocumented family members earned almost $92 billion in family income and contributed $9.8 exchange rate in federal, state, and local taxes, even assuming conservative approximates that only half of every undocumented family members filed taxes. This is in addition to the $11.7 exchange rate in contribute to social Security and also $2.8 exchange rate to the Medicare Trust fund that were made by or on instead of of job of mexican undocumented immigrants. ~ taxes, mexico undocumented immigrants held much more than $82.2 billion in security power, money that frequently goes earlier into local economies as they spend on housing, consumer goods, and services.

says family Income, in M$ Federal earnings taxes, in M$ State and also Local taxes, in M$ safety Power, in M$ Social defense contributions, in M$ Medicare contributions, in M$
California $25,128 $1,570 $1,147 $22,411 $3,289 $784
Texas $21,549 $1,199 $1,032 $19,318 $2,630 $632
Illinois $5,258 $316 $320 $4,622 $677 $159
Arizona $3,541 $194 $167 $3,180 $438 $103
Georgia $2,986 $159 $142 $2,684 $381 $90
phibìc Carolina $3,236 $194 $143 $2,899 $359 $96
Washington $2,892 $169 $162 $2,561 $388 $91
Florida $2,070 $104 $85 $1,881 $294 $69
brand-new York $2,538 $189 $155 $2,194 $306 $72
Nevada $2,287 $134 $81 $2,071 $286 $67
United states $91,992 $5,396 $4,391 $82,205 $11,689 $2,798

Zooming the end again come the peak 5 nations of origin amongst undocumented immigrants, we find that across the board, undocumented immigrant are far-ranging economic contributors as earners, taxpayers, and also consumers.

Table 5: financial Contributions because that the top 5 countries of Origin among Undocumented Immigrants, 2019

nation of beginning total Household income (in Millions $) Federal revenue Taxes (in Millions $) State & regional Taxes (in Millions $) Spending power (in Millions $)
Mexico $91,992 $5,396 $4,391 $82,205
El Salvador $12,906 $782 $631 $11,493
India $18,306 $1,965 $840 $15,501
Guatemala $10,163 $586 $496 $9,082
Honduras $7,184 $434 $344 $6,406

While the controversy over legalization and also the future the undocumented immigrants in the joined States continues without resolution, the data argues that lock have already proven to it is in integral components of the U.S. Economy and valued members that communities throughout the country.

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