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Republican legislators have actually repeatedly do the efforts to finish federal capital for plan Parenthood — questioning why the non-profit it s okay money from the federal government in the an initial place.

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In the wake up of sting videos tape-recorded inside to plan Parenthood clinics, Sen. Edge Paul (R-KY) promised to use "all legislative vehicles in ~ his disposal" to force a poll defunding the organization. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) made similar promises to document an amendment the would, follow to the Hill, "eliminate every federal resources for to plan Parenthood."

Planned Parenthood receives an ext than $500 million yearly in federal government funding, largely through Medicaid and also grants. Many of this money go toward providing low-income females with household planning services like STD screening and also contraceptive coverage. To plan Parenthood is, there is no a doubt, one of the largest providers in this space: of the 6.7 million ladies who rely on public program to pay for contraceptives, 2.4 million of lock — 36 percent — do so in ~ Planned Parenthood"s 817 clinics throughout the country.

2.4 million women receive subsidized contraceptives in ~ Planned Parenthood

If congress did defund to plan Parenthood, it would certainly be a substantial blow to the group: about 40 percent of its budget plan comes from government grants, and much that that spending it s okay done ~ above the federal level. Since Planned Parenthood is together a huge provider in this space, it"s hard to see various other clinics stepping in to fill the void that it would leave.

Planned Parenthood received $528.4 million in public funding last year


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Just end 40 percent of plan Parenthood"s budget plan comes from government grants and reimbursements, the organization"s many recent budget plan report shows. Between June 2013 and 2014, plan Parenthood obtained $528.4 million in public funding, a huge chunk the its $1.3 billion nationwide budget.

That $528.4 million figure covers both state and federal funding, and also Planned Parenthood does no publicly an episode how much money the gets just from commonwealth funding. The finest estimate arguably comes from the government Accountability Office, which approximated that to plan Parenthood received $105 million in federal resources in 2012.

There are two key ways to plan Parenthood receives public funds. One is with Medicaid, the public wellness insurance regimen that covers 71 million low-income Americans. Whenever a medicaid patient has actually an appointment at a plan Parenthood clinic, the nonprofit will bill the health arrangement for whatever services the patient uses.

The other source of resources is grants, largely through the location X household Planning routine — the only residential grant program committed to family planning. Establishments like planned Parenthood often use location X sponsor to subsidize birth control, STD screenings, and other reproductive health services for low-income patients who may lack health insurance coverage.

Planned Parenthood receives title X accumulation both directly from the commonwealth government and also from states, i beg your pardon will sometimes make the nonprofit"s health facility a subgrantee for the dollars they get from the federal government.

Planned Parenthood provides federal funds to cover reproductive wellness services — however not abortions

Both location X and Medicaid carry out low- to middle-income women v financial assistance to cover family planning costs. Medicaid might, for example, reimburse to plan Parenthood when it gives a patient with an HPV vaccine. And a planned Parenthood clinic can use location X sponsor to subsidize the placement of one IUD, which can cost upward the $500 for an uninsured patient.

The precise family planning benefits that Medicaid covers varies from state to state. However generally, countless states will certainly cover contraceptives, STD screenings, HPV vaccines, and also cancer screenings as well as sterilization and also reversal actions — and will reimburse to plan Parenthood once it is the provider.

Laws prohibit federal government funds from paying for abortions

Thirty-two states and also the ar of Columbia have Medicaid programs that will pay because that abortions, back those health and wellness plans are barred from using federal dollars — and have to usage the state"s share of capital to pay for the procedure.

Title X often covers the same kind of solutions as Medicaid, except for ladies who room not on the public program. One crucial difference: location X funds room never accessible to be offered for abortions, even in says where the Medicaid program covers the procedure.

Federal law specifically prohibits the use of title X accumulation to pay because that abortions — if abortion providers like Planned Parenthood have the right to qualify for grants, the government requires that no federal dollars go towards the discontinuation of pregnancies.

How would defunding planned Parenthood work?


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No legislation to defund planned Parenthood has ever before passed, therefore its a bit difficult to understand — and even how, exactly, plan Parenthood would shed its fund varies in different legislative proposals.

Historically, as soon as congressional Republicans have talked around "defunding plan Parenthood," they"ve intended barring the team from receiving location X funds.

This is the kind of invoice the residence passed in 2011. The would have actually disallowed any abortion carriers — plan Parenthood clinics or otherwise — from acquiring Title X approve funds.

That kind of invoice would put a dent in to plan Parenthood"s budget, but it would certainly be far from finishing the group"s commonwealth funding. They would certainly still receive capital through Medicaid, a much larger program than Title X — and near certainly a enlarge chunk of to plan Parenthood"s budget.

Planned Parenthood walk not provide a breakdown of its federal government funding, but separate data says it virtually certainly gets way more public revenue from the Medicaid patient it sees. One evaluation from the Guttmacher Institute reflects that Medicaid, a program jointly funded by states and also the commonwealth government, pays because that 75 percent of publicly funded household planning solutions in the United claims — while title X consists 10 percent.

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In stimulate to totally defund planned Parenthood, conference would need to pass a legislation that bars medicaid from reimbursing that clinics because that patient visits there. This type of amendment hasn"t in the history come up in congressional debates around cutting plan Parenthood"s budget, perhaps due to the fact that it"s a much more drastic move than proposing cuts to to plan Parenthood"s location X funding.