It’s pretty for sure to say the if she a member of the friends cast, you’ve acquired it made. All 6 actors supposedly receive roughly $20 million each year from reruns alone, however of course, it is no factor to rotate down your Friends reunion actors salary. Anything for a throwback, am i right?!

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As Friends fans may understand by now, the long-awaited friends reunion—which is suitable titled, “The One where They Get earlier Together”—finally landed on HBO Max ~ above Thursday, may 27 after plenty of postponements and also canceled film days due to the pandemic. While there was even a suggest in time wherein fans no so sure if the reunion distinct would ever before see the light of day, one thing was always clear: the cast would be acquiring paid generously for your appearances. Early on in the manufacturing process, reports had already emerged around the cast’s value for your participation in the hour-long episode. So, just how much are we talking, exactly? 

Well, Courtney Cox, Jennifer Aniston, David Schwimmer, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, and Matthew Perry room all supposedly earning anywhere in between $2.5 million to $3 million for the reunion special, follow to The Hollywood Reporter. If girlfriend think that’s a large amount for, uh, quite much simply showing up, just wait until you hear how this compares to just how much the Friends actors earned while the display was tho filming: throughout season three, the stars were apparently paid about $75,000 per episode, $85,000 in season four, $100,000 in season five, $125,000 in season six, $750,000 in seasons seven and also eight, and also a lining $1 million per illustration in periods nine and ten.

So if friend ask us, we’re reasoning that the approximated rate because that the girlfriend reunion most likely leans towards the higher end the the scale—after all, these stars are already used to the huge bucks. And also let’s it is in real, isn’t it worth it because that nostalgia’s sake? ~ watching Friends: The Reunion top top HBO Max, we’d certain say that is. 

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