The advocacy arm of planned Parenthood, a frequent target for Republicans, endorsed Joe Biden top top Monday, calling trumped “dangerous” after ~ pledging to spend $45 million this cycle, 3 times what the group spent in 2016.

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former Vice President, Joe Biden, adresses the audience in ~ the we Decide: to plan Parenthood action ... <+> money 2020 election Forum to focus on Abortion and also Reproductive Rights event in Columbia, SC on June, 22 2019. - countless of the democratic candidates to run for president space in Columbia to do appearances in ~ the south Carolina autonomous Party Convention and the to plan Parenthood choice Forum ~ above June 22. (Photo by Logan Cyrus / AFP) (Photo credit need to read LOGAN CYRUS/AFP via Getty Images)

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In a statement, to plan Parenthood acting President Alexis mc glitter Johnson said, “this election we have a choice — between Donald Trump, whose incompetence and disregard because that the law are a risk to us all, and also Joe Biden, who is cursed to fighting for reproductive health and rights because that all.”

“Donald trump is dangerous. We must do every little thing we can to gain him out of office this November,” she added. “For us, and also for so many, the selection is clear. Plan Parenthood activity Fund is endorsing Joe Biden because that president.”

The statement noted Biden’s assistance for abortion, contraception and also sex education and also his function in acquiring the Affordable treatment Act passed together motivations because that the endorsement, if applauding his reversal that his support of the Hyde Amendment, i beg your pardon prohibits federal spending on abortion.

The non-profit organization, which gets about a third of its funding from government grants and is a constant target because that pro-life Republicans, repeatedly backs Democrats through its PAC, to plan Parenthood action Fund, with 98% of contribute going to Democrats and also 0% to republicans so much this cycle.

The endorsement comes after the PAC kicked turn off a $45 million program targeted in ~ battleground states, three times what it spent in 2016 and also eight time what it invested in 2018.

Key Background

Planned Parenthood is a non-profit company that offers reproductive health treatment services to countless Americans, consisting of contraception, cancer screenings and abortions. Its function as an abortion provider is a frequent suggest of critcism for pro-life Republicans, that have referred to as to defund the organization saying that their taxation dollars have to not fund abortion.

Key Quote

"It’s a straightforward proposition for me: health treatment is a right, no a privilege dependence on race, gender, income, or ZIP code,” Biden claimed in solution to the endorsement. “As President, i’m going come do whatever in my strength to expand access to quality, affordable health and wellness care, consisting of reproductive wellness care. I"m proud come stand with Planned Parenthood in this fight."

Chief Critic

Pro-life conservatives took to Twitter come slam mcgill for informing NPR that 2020 is a “life and death” election, referring to wellness care. “Interesting choice of words indigenous Planned Parenthood. I agree this is life and death. I am proud to stand up and also protect life. #ProLife,” tweeted Minnesota Senate candidate and also former Congressman Jason Lewis.

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