Matt Lauer is one American journalist and TV host famous for being the previous host the the NBC daily live broadcast, Today. The journalist, who was once very popular, shed his project in 2017 after sex-related misconduct allegations to be made versus him. What was he accused of, and where is Matt Lauer now?


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Matt Lauer age

How old is Matt? in ~ the moment, the journalist is 62 year old. He will certainly celebrate his 63rd birthday on December 30th this year.


Matt to be born to parents Robert, a retired bicycle agency executive, and also Marilyn Kolmer, a boutique owner and former model. Robert divorced from Matt’s mom and died that cancer in the year 1997. He to be 74 years old at the moment of his demise. Matt’s mom, Marilyn, obtained remarried to Richard Kolmer, the journalist’s stepdad.

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The previous Today host has a sister known as April Stone. She to be born in 1953, is married, and has 2 children.

When it involves his ethnicity, that is in the public domain the his father’s family members was Ashkenazi Jewish from Romania and Poland. At the exact same time, his mother’s to be English, Scottish, northern Irish, German and Dutch.

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Education and also career

Matt visited Greenwich High School and also later attend Ohio college where he majored in Communications. However, in the year 1979, he take it an internship at a West Virginia television station, WOWK, hereby making that quit school when he to be just 4 credits shy that graduation. That later obtained his degree in communications in 1997.


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While working at WOWK, the soon became the news producer and also on-air reporter because that the station.

For the following ten years, he report for various stations in the eastern Coast and went ahead to host PM Magazine(1980-1986).

In 1989, the relocated to new York, whereby he organized television shows and also became the co-host that 9 Broadway Plaza.

In 1992, he ended up being the co-anchor of today in brand-new York. Later on on, in 1993, he ended up being the co-anchor that Live at Five. That soon started filling in as a newsreader and co-anchor of Today.

In 1994, he ended up being a continual news anchor because that Today, and in 1997, he ended up being the co-host the the show.

He held the position up and also till November 2017 when he to be fired complying with sexual misconduct allegations made versus him by one NBC employee.


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Why to be he fired?

On November 29th 2017, NBC terminated its contract with Matt(with no jae won settlement) after an unidentified NBC female employee reported the Matt had s*xually assaulted her during the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. The employee went front to report the the attack continued after castle got back to brand-new York.

Responding come the accusations and others the followed, Matt expressed,

‘“my sorrow and regret for the ache I have caused others by words and actions…some of what is gift said about me is not correct or mischaracterized, yet there is sufficient truth in these story to make me feeling embarrassed and ashamed.”

Weeks later, Today manufacturing assistant Addie Zinone do accusations top top Lauer, claiming that Lauer used his position to force her to have actually a sexual connection with him and also she can not refuse due to the fact that her career remained in the line.

Journalist Ronan Farrow, in his book Catch and Kill, revealed the Brooke Nevils(the formerly unnamed previous NBC News employee whose complaint added to Matt’s firing) reported that Lauer anally r*ped her in his hotel room if they to be attending the Sochi Olympics in 2014.


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Responding to the allegations, Matt claimed that he did no r*pe her and also that the intimate act to be consensual. He likewise claimed that he had actually never forced anyone come sleep with him and that they had had an affair for numerous months.

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Did Matt’s this day co-anchor know around his sex-related misconduct?

The Ann Curry Matt Lauer relationship, together reported, did not depict nearby friendship. Sources claim that the 2 barely spoke off-air.

The tension in between the two increased even greater in 2012 as soon as Ann Curry to be abruptly fired from the show. Many speculated the the finish of her career at this day was because of the differences she had actually with Lauer and also because the 2 lacked chemistry. The was likewise speculated the she was dropped as result of the low ratings, which was quite hard to believe seeing as she had worked on this day for 15 years.


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She began co-hosting alongside Matt in 2011 and also just a year later, to be fired.

According to Ann Curry, in 2012, a mrs approached her, telling her the Matt s*xually attacked her. Ann then told NBC executives around his behaviour, an act the is assumed to be the cause of she firing.

In 2017, Ann Curry made that clear the she was no surprised by the allegations made versus Matt.

It is clean to check out that there is no love lost in between Matt Lauer Ann Curry.

Who is Matt Lauer wife?

Is Matt Lauer married? Currently, he is not. However, that is apparently dating longtime acquaintance Shamin Abas, a marketing and also PR executive. The two invested the holidays in ~ his home in brand-new Zealand.

Who has he been associated with in the past? below is a brief summary of his dating history.

Nancy Alspaugh: The 1955-born TV producer to be Matt’s first wife. They to be married from 1982 come 1989.Kristen Gesswein: between 1989 and 1996, he to be briefly involved to the newscaster.Annette Roque: Annette is a Dutch version who met Matt on a blind day in 1997. They gained married in October 1998 however separated in 2017 after sexual misconduct allegations to be made against Lauer. Matt Lauer divorce native Ann to be finalized last fall. According to the divorce settlement, Lauer will certainly pay Annette $20 million. Annette will additionally retain property of the horse farm castle jointly own in the Hamptons. Lauer is also selling his $44 million residence in the Hamptons as part of his divorce settlement.

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Matt Lauer kids

Annette Roque is the mommy of the 3 Matt Lauer children:

Jack Matthew Lauer - Born top top July 26th, 2001Romy Lauer - His only daughter, born ~ above October 2nd, 2003Thijs Lauer - His second son, born ~ above November 28th, 2006

Matt Lauer network worth

How lot is the man’s network worth? according to, his network worth is $60 million.

What was Matt Lauer salary?

At the height of his career, he earned $28 million a year. His NBC News contract in 2012 earned that $25 million a year when his 2016 contract earned that $20 million a year.

What is Matt Lauer act now?

Where is Matt Lauer? After being fired from NBC, he has actually maintained a low profile, concentrating on family and also chilling in his house in the Hamptons.

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Matt Lauer is no a new name in the tv industry. Apart from gift a journalist, he is also a dad of three youngsters whom that is focussing on in ~ the moment.


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