What is Jennifer Lopez"s network worth?

Jennifer Lopez is one American actress, singer, dancer, fashion designer, television producer, and also businesswoman. Her career has actually spanned an ext than 25 years and today she is just one of Hollywood"s biggest A-list celebrities. As of this composing Jennifer Lopez"s network worth is $400 million. That makes her $50 million richer 보다 her previous boyfriend Alex Rodriguez"s $350 million network worth. When they to be together, J-Lo and also A-Rod had actually a merged net precious of $750 million.

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Early Life

Jennifer Lynn Lopez was born ~ above July 24, 1969, in the Bronx borough of brand-new York City. Her parents, Guadalupe Rodriguez and also David Lopez, room Puerto Rican. She has actually an larger sister named Leslie and a younger sister called Lynda. Her father functioned the night transition at an insurance company. Her mother was a homemaker. The household lived in a little apartment in the lock Hill community when Jennifer was born. A few years later, her parents purchase a two-story house.

Jennifer started taking singing and also dancing lessons as soon as she was five. She parents motivated their three daughters to put on performances at residence – singing and also dancing in prior of each other and also their girlfriend so that they would continue to be out of trouble. Lopez to visit Catholic institutions for she entire academic career. She did gymnastics, ran monitor on a nationwide level, and was on she high school"s soft ball team. During her senior year the high school, Lopez auditioned for and also was actors in the low spending plan indie movie My little Girl. This suffer made JLo establish she wanted to come to be a renowned movie star. Her parents believed that was a "really stupid" idea because "no Latinos did that." To please her parents, she enrolled in Baruch College however dropped out after the first semester.

Dancing Career

After that one college semester, Lopez moved out of her parents" house and into an apartment in Manhattan end disagreements around her desire to pursue a career in dance and also acting. She soon appeared in regional productions of Jesus Christ Superstar and also Oklahoma!. She was then hired because that the chorus of golden Musicals the Broadway, which toured Europe for five months. From there she obtained a project as a dancer, singer, and choreographer ~ above the display Synchronicity in Japan. In 1991, she to be a backup dancer because that the brand-new Kids on the Block and also performed through them at the 18th annual American Music Awards. Not lengthy after that, she landing her task as a paris Girl dancer ~ above In life Color. She beat the end 2,000 applicants and moved to Los Angeles because that the job. JLo remained a regular cast member through 1993 as soon as she decided to go after an acting career.

Acting Career

Lopez had minor roles in television shows and films native 1993 to 1995. Her breakout film function came in 1995 once she won the title function in the biopic Selena. In the movie, Jennifer played the so late Tejano singer Selena that was gunned down by a previous friend, employee and fan society president. Next, Jennifer go on to show up in Anaconda, the end of Sight, The Wedding Planner, and An loose Life, amongst many various other films.

In respectable 2003, Lopez starred opposite Ben Affleck in the romantic comedy Gigli. The film to be a crate office bomb and is considered one that the worst films of every time. The film"s bad reception was attributed to an unfavorable press coming before its release, and the media attention neighboring Lopez and Affleck"s engagement which largely overshadowed the film. Lopez would later explain this together the lowest suggest of her career. In march 2004, Lopez had actually a minor function in the movie Jersey Girl, together Affleck. Her character dies during childbirth in ~ the first 15 minute of the film. Native the intense media coverage following Affleck and also Lopez"s break-up, the was stated that "they might need to put Lopez in a coffin on the poster if they desire anyone come come."

In may 2005, JLo starred alongside Jane Fonda in the romantic comedy Monster-in-Law. The film"s marketing played up Lopez"s "Gigli-and-tabloid tarnished image," and was a crate office success.

In 2016, Lopez starred together Detective Harlee Santos in NBC"s crime drama series Shades of Blue, together a solitary mother and police detective who goes undercover for the FBI to inspection her very own squad. Shades that Blue premiered ~ above January 7, 2016, providing the network its most-watched Thursday debut in 7 years v 8.6 million viewers. Shades of Blue was renewed for a 2nd season, which premiered in march 2017. That same month, the collection was renewed for a 3rd season.

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In 2019, Lopez starred in and executive created the film Hustlers, i m sorry was inspired by a true story about a group of strippers in new York City that con affluent men. Lopez"s portrayal of a veteran stripper provided her her greatest opening weekend at package office for a live-action film v $33.2 million. Lopez was also nominated for best Supporting Actress in ~ the gold Globes, screen Actors Guild Awards, Critic"s selection Movie Awards, and also Independent heart Awards.


Jennifer Lopez

Net Worth:$400 Million
Salary:$40 Million per Year
Date the Birth:Jul 24, 1969 (52 years old)
Height:5 ft 4 in (1.64 m)
Profession:Singer, document producer, tv producer, Entrepreneur, Actor, Songwriter, Music video clip Director, Presenter, Dancer, Fashion designer
Nationality:United says of America