Workers assemble smartphones ~ above a production line in India. Miguel Candela/Getty Images

You’re about to plunk under $699 ~ above that brand-new iPhone 11 pro – or *gasp* $1,449 ~ above the 512GB iPhone agree Max there is no a trade-in. That’s fairly a few nights out on the town, you think to yourself, or as much as a used car. Just how much walk it cost Apple to make these bland things?

Good question! The prize is simply as maddening as you’d expect.

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Every year, intrepid engineers at sites prefer iFixit and also TechInsights do teardown analyses top top the newest smartphones, i beg your pardon examine and also inventory the miscellaneous parts that consist of the phones. When these can not provide a full photo of costs, they go pretty suturing far. What walk they find? according to a recent analysis by TechInsights and NBC News, the 6.5-inch screen on the iphone phone 11 agree Max is eye-catching for sure, however the price? no so bad: It expense Apple roughly $66.50. (Aren’t replacement iPhone displays much an ext than that?)

Inside the phone, the battery module is the following most obvious part, and also it’s solid a whopper either. The Samsung battery inside the iphone phone 11 pro Max costs about $10.50, the website says.

Then yes the triple camera module, which allows you take every one of those glorious shots. Those combined collection Apple back around $73.50. The rest of the phone – a processor, the modem, and also the memory, and the circuit plank that house ‘em – go for around $159. And also a variety of other sensors, wires, PCBs, and so on is required to placed the totality thing together into a recognizable form factor. Those bits and also pieces called about $181.

A disasembled iphone 6S iFixit

Total cost? around $490.50, TechInsights said. That’s substantially much less than the retail cost of the device. Keep in mind, that’s just a invoice of goods. The price tag for a product like the iPhone also includes the price of manufacturing and assembly, the price of shipping the product come you, the software, marketing, and intangibles such together R&D costs.

Putting a price sign on those things is far more challenging. Yet is that $600 bucks, the difference in between the bill of goods and also the $1,099 retail price of the entry-level iphone phone 11 agree Max? You’ll have to make that call for yourself.

How lot does it price to make older iPhones?

Hang on, you’re asking yourself. Has it always been like this? to be older phones cheaper, probably … or is apple making more money off us this particular day than it supplied to? We’re happy you asked. Let’s take a look in ~ some previously models.

According come an iFixit analysis of 2018’s iphone XS Max – the $1,250 256GB design that is – the call contains around $443 worth of materials. It is a distinction of $807, meaning Apple’s making substantially less on its new phones than it did critical year.

Employees occupational on the assembly line at a Foxconn plant in Shenzhen, China. In pictures Ltd./Getty Images

But wait, girlfriend say, what about even previously stuff? Flash earlier to 2014, as soon as the iphone phone 6 come out, and your hair looked way better. (Admit it. The true.) A teardown evaluation of that 16GB model, which offered for $649 at the time, revealed claimed that components and also manufacturing costs added up to $200.10, or about $450 less than Apple fee you at the time. Time magazine provided at the moment that the price tags was more than 3 times the price of components and also manufacturing.

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Clearly, iPhone components have acquired substantially much more expensive, and also there’s an ext stuff as whole getting crammed into phones, especially camera lenses. And keep in mind the the earlier analysis includes manufacturing costs, something TechInsights did not.