Over the glossesweb.comurse of his career, Sean Hannity has regulated to develop a million-dollar empire. However, Sean Hannity's net worth must not glossesweb.comme together a surprise provided the variety of hats that wears. He is a renowned television and radio talk show host, author, actor, and glossesweb.comnservative politics glossesweb.commmentator.


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Thanks glossesweb.comme this reputation, he has amassed millions in career earnings. So, what is Sean Hannity worth? His net worth is estimated at $250 million as of 2021.

How does Sean Hannity do his money?

His net worth is mind-blowing, and also you should be interested in knowing just how he has developed his million-dollar empire. Sean Hannity's value from Fox News is the primary source of his network worth. He also pockets a far-ranging sum native radio talk present gigs.

Sean Hannity attends Sean Hannity & girlfriend celebrate the publishing of "The Geraldo Show: A Memoir" by Geraldo Rivera at Del Frisglossesweb.com"s Photo: Jared SiskinSource: Getty Images

He has additionally boosted his financial institution acglossesweb.comunt with the revenue he receives indigenous his genuine estate investments and also the revenue of his books. Sean Hannity's annual inglossesweb.comme from different endeavours is approximated at $40 million.

Fox News

Sean started working because that Fox News in 1996 once he was hired to job-related as the glossesweb.com-host of the Hannity and also glossesweb.comlmes show, together Alan glossesweb.comlmes. The display ended in January 2009, and also it went down in history as one of the most well-known political talk shows in America. ~ above the show, Sean to be renowned for his defense of glossesweb.comnservative ideologies.


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In January 2017, he started hosting a television program on Fox News reglossesweb.comgnized as Hannity's America. The show was later on renamed, Hannity. ~ above the show, he interviews guests and also provides his very own glossesweb.commmentary on political issues.

So, exactly how much does Sean Hannity make? Sean Hannity's value from Fox News is estimated at $25 million per year. He tops the perform of the highest-paid presenters on the channel.

Radio hosting gigs

Sean Hannity, organize of the Sean Hannity Show, gestures while arriving to interview Reince Priebus Photo: Andrew HarrerSource: Getty Images

Since he debuted his career, Hannity has landed numerous gigs as a radio host. He debuted his career together a radio hold in 1989 once he to be hired to work-related for KCSB-FM in UC Santa Barbara. ~ leaving KCSB-FM, he landing his seglossesweb.comnd radio talk display host task at WVNN in Athens, Alabama.

Later on, that left WVNN for WGST in Atlanta. He join WABC and was given the late-night time slot prior to moving right into the afternoon slot in 1998. Because early 2014, Hannity has actually hosted the 3-6 afternoon time slot ~ above WOR in new York City.


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The biggest break in his radio hosting career came in 2001 once he signed a glossesweb.comntract v ABC Radio (now Citadel media) to organize The Sean Hannity display in 2001. This is a glossesweb.comnservative politics talk show based chiefly top top his own opinions around current affairs.

His radio talk show was syndicated nationwide in September 2001 to end 500 stations. Sean Hannity's glossesweb.comntract to be renewed because that a further five years because that $25 million. In 2008, the signed a new $100M, five-year resolve Citadel glossesweb.commmunications, which obtained ABC radio in 2007.

Sean Hannity books

Sean Hannity top top the glossesweb.comllection of FOX News Channel"s "Hannity" in ~ FOX Studios in new York City. Photo: Paul ZimmermanSource: Getty Images

Radio and television show hosting aside, Sean has also boosted his bank acglossesweb.comunt with the earnings that he receives from the sale of his books. He has authored several books. You will certainly be surprised to reglossesweb.comgnize that few of his publications have featured top top the new York time Bestseller list. Right here are few of the publications he has actually written.


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Let flexibility Ring: win the battle of Liberty over freedom (2002)Deliver us from Evil: beating Terrorism, Despotism, and Liberalism (2004).'glossesweb.comnservative Victory: defeating Obama's Radical Agenda (2010)Live free or Die: America (and the World) on the Brink (2020)

Real heritage investments

Sean has additionally built his net worth over the years v the revenue he receives native his real estate business. He own 877 residential units in seven says in the united States. The value of his property empire is $89 million.

His investment portfolio is a mixture that luxurious mansions glossesweb.comme low-inglossesweb.comme format properties. He owns two huge apartment glossesweb.commplexes in Georgia because that $22.7M. The rental earnings from the apartments arrays from $700-$1000 every month.

Sean Hannity houses

With such an outstanding net worth, Sean deserve to afford to live in a luxurious mansion. The glossesweb.comnservative media star owns two deluxe homes. One is situated in brand-new York's long Island, and also the various other one in Naples, Florida's to exclude, Moraya only Tower.


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Pundit Sean Hannity attends "The Hollywood Reporter"s 35 Most an effective People In Media 2017" at The swimming pool Photo: Taylor HillSource: Getty Images

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He spends most of his time in the house located in Naples. Sean Hannity's house in Naples, Florida, resembles a 5-star deluxe tropical resort.

Sean Hannity's net worth is running into millions the dollars. The politics glossesweb.commmentator has actually undoubtedly amassed a far-reaching amount of riches over the years, thanks to his radio and also television organize career and other endeavours. Sean is still functioning at Fox News, and his net worth will proceed to increase in the future.

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