Dallas Cowboys running earlier Ezekiel Elliott (21) has actually the sphere stripped far by Arizona Cardinals ... <+> security Budda Baker (AP Photo/Ron Jenkins)

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There are so plenty of things wrong through the Dallas Cowboys the it would be ridiculous to lay every one of their battles on your 2019 decision to give Ezekiel Elliott a $90-million deal. Their starting quarterback, four of the five beginning offensive linemen, and also now the backup QB space all out. No amount of “next-man-up” coach-speak can bridge these enormous holes or be blamed ~ above the Elliott decision. Also, the Cowboys’ defense has been a train destructive so far, and also that doesn’t have actually anything to do with Elliott, or go it?

With player expenditures minimal by value caps, over there is a direct tradeoff in between paying a lot to one player or position and what gets paid out across other positions. The current hit to their salary lid from the Elliott transaction is about $11 million, i beg your pardon is third highest on the team. That type of money deserve to buy a top-shelf safety and security or cornerback or a pair of good defensive tackles, linebackers, or protective backs – positions where Cowboys’ defenders have actually graded out near the bottom the the organization according to agree Football Focus’ review system.

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Beyond the big payday and also salary cap hit native the Elliott signing, the Cowboys selected him together the 4th overall pick in the 2016 draft. The high an option carries a vast tradeoff in state of other players passed up. Jalen Ramsey, a premier defensive back, to be still top top the board and several other solid defensive players were available as well. Also, the high pick can have been swapped for a pair of picks later on in the an initial or second round to stock the protective pantry.

Elliott is simply the latest “poster player” for the maxim the paying running backs a the majority of money no make much sense in the existing NFL. They room still useful, however paying a premium is restricted by number of factors:

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i) Offensive line play. The O-line in addition to an reliable passing danger matters a lot for rushing yards; yes, the best backs room marginally an ext elusive than more mediocre versions, but he distinction over a season is not substantial because the the next point;

ii) It no 1960 or 1970 anymore. distinctions in the skills sets of different running backs doesn’t interpret into much difference in performance. The era the Jim Brown, Gayle Sayers, or OJ Simpson is long gone. Protective linemen, linebackers, and safeties are so rapid now that it is daunting for even the most talented ago to break turn off game-changing operation with any frequency. Cleveland’s Nick Chubb led the league in 2019 with 11 runs of 20 yards or more. The ideal runners in a given year won’t also average one 20+ yard obtain every game. Busting a 20+ yarder in every other game ranked fifth highest in the league. Many runs fall in between no gain and also an 8-yard gain, regardless of the back.

iii) Receivers (and their defenders) matter more. Tampa Bay’s kris Godwin hauled in 25 passes for gains that 20+ yards last season. The yards every target for height receivers virtually doubles that of yards per bring for to run backs as carry out 20+ garden receptions. The top 50 receivers all had as countless of this “big” gains together Nick Chubb. The average get per target for optimal receivers more than doubles the average obtain per rush for top running backs.

iv) running backs no dangerous receivers. In his prime, Gayle Sayers averaged virtually 17 yards every reception. That would certainly be in the optimal 10 among receivers today. Elliott and also Chubb are among the receiving leaders for running backs, and their averages rank down in the 130s amongst receivers. Again, linebackers and also safeties are really, really quick these days. Sure, the combination of running and receiving is worthwhile, however the distinction in the most skilled and also an average-skilled running earlier doesn’t issue much.

I’m not breaking any new ground here. This points have been circulating roughly the football analytics world long enough now to be virtually encyclopedic in nature, but, not reportedly to the crucial personnel decision devices with the Cowboys — Jerry and Stephen Jones.

If thorough analytics no persuasive, climate the experiences of number of of the notable running backs in the NFL over the critical decade have to be instructive. LeSean McCoy appeared to it is in “all that” through the Eagles and also wound up v the Bills. If his averages per carry were about the same, the Bills teams were simply mediocre. The jet were just as bad with Le’Veon Bell as they were without him. The Rams have been good, bad, and also average with and also without Todd Gurley. The Chiefs discarded Kareem Hunt late in 2018 since of residential violence issues and went on come the AFC Championship the year and a Super key title the next season. This list could go on and on. It also works the other way, where a little known or lowly payment running ago steps in and also performs a job well. New England has lived off of this for many of his long run.

Maybe, a player favor the Titan’s Derrick Henry could be precious a premium provided his unique mix of power and speed. However, also a player prefer Henry is topic to the limitations provided above together his last game versus a Pittsburgh defense equipped to slow-moving him down illustrated.

To link matters for the Cowboys, it is debatable regarding how impressive Elliott’s skill set is amongst runners. That came right into the league boasting a fast, 4.47 40-yard time. His receiving averages his first couple of periods seemed to reflect this quickness, and also he has actually led the organization three times in yards every game. For countless Cowboys fans and also writers, those numbers say that he is extremely skilled and highly an important to the team.

However, agree Football focus has rated him median or below among running backs numerous season based on their methods of trying to different yards gained because of the offensive line matches the to run back. As a PFF writer explained, his yardage overstates his contribution since he has played behind a very great offensive line and enjoyed a high volume of carries based on play calling. One can constantly quibble v these power metrics yet his numbers prefer 20+ yard gains back up this analytics. ~ above his upside, he hardly ever loses yardage and PFF prices him much higher for this and other elements of consistency over time.

With the money come Elliott and now Dak Prescott making end $30-million per year along with a big pay work for broad receiver Amari Cooper, the Cowboys have been left to try to cobble with each other a protective group with limited funds. To add to the the Cowboys protective woes, your high draft picks offered for defenders choose linebackers Jaylon Smith and Leighton van der Esch have not paid matching dividends. Through an offense currently hobbled by injuries and also a porous defense, the prompt future looks grim because that Cowboys fans.

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