There space a million factors to love Ellen DeGeneres. She’s hilarious. She’s charismatic. She can out-dance anybody out there, and she’s pretty much the finest talk-show hold this country has ever before seen. But above all this, DeGeneres’ impressive generosity is what provides us organize her near and also dear come our hearts. Whether it’s donating $1 million to restore from natural tragedies like Hurricane Harvey or full-ride scholarships come deserving teenagers, it’s hard not come love what DeGeneres is doing with her platform.

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Here are simply a couple of of the many, plenty of surprising and inspiring moments once DeGeneres readjusted lives.

1. Once she gave gift cards and appliances to firefighters

In January 2018, after a southern California fire shed over 281,000 acre in the biggest fire in modern California history, Portia de Rossi and also DeGeneres donated an ext than $14,500 in gift cards and also appliances come Redlands Fire, one of numerous fire groups deployed come the area.

2. The time she raised money to save elephants

In November 2017, DeGeneres pledged come donate money come the David Sheldrick Wildlife to trust every time someone tweeted #BeKindtoElephants ~ a White home policy lifted the ban on importing elephant searching trophies earlier to the unified States. DeGeneres was also able come secure a donation of $100,000 from Shutterfly toward the trust.

3. The minute she gave full-ride scholarships to the seniors the Summit Academy

Ellen had currently teamed up with Walmart to give Summit Academy $25,000, yet she brought the whole senior class ago to give them $1.6 million from Walmart towards college — her greatest gift come date.

4. As soon as she surprised Texas star J.J. Watt v $1 million toward Hurricane Harvey relief

Walmart had already donated an ext than $20 million towards Hurricane Harvey recovery, yet the agency added secondary $1 million straight to J.J. Watt’s relief money thanks to Ellen.

5. The moment DeGeneres & Britney Spears gave back to their residence state

DeGeneres and Spears both hail indigenous Louisiana and gave earlier in a big way after ~ the state experienced devastating floods in 2016. Spears donated a $125,000 emergency-response vehicle, if DeGeneres sent out a $125,000 gift to a middle school because that rebuilding efforts.

6. The minute she changed the lives of elementary students in Detroit

Before DeGeneres assisted out Spain Elementary college in Detroit, the structure was decrepit and the students were relying ~ above archaic modern technology to learn with. Things were for this reason bad, in fact, that most of the children didn’t even have books.

That all changed when DeGeneres and Lowe’s donated over $500,000 to help to rebuild the school. On peak of that, Justin Bieber showed up on the show and also offered $1 native every one of his tickets marketed to Spain Elementary.

7. The minute she & Ryan Reynolds aided out his favorite charity

DeGeneres for this reason kindly available to collection Reynolds up v $25,000 because that the Make-A-Wish foundation if he stepped right into her studio dunk tank. That’s what you call a victory for everyone.

8. The moment DeGeneres & Dierks Bentley provided a military family living in poor $50,000

Sgt. Chad Sparks and also his wife, Ashley, had actually a newborn baby. Yet, medical prices made the tiny family penniless. Us learned the Sparks was injured in Afghanistan throughout his very first deployment, yet below he was about to it is in deployed a second time, leaving his wife and also baby behind with no money. Ashley wrote in come DeGeneres informing her they had to offer the baby’s things and also their very own (appliances, coffee pot and even parts of your car) to feeding themselves. DeGeneres and country singer Dierks Bentley said they couldn’t enable that come happen and also gave the Sparks a check for $50,000.

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9. The minute her Oscar selfie increased $3 million

You are most likely one of the 3.3 million human being who retweeted DeGeneres’ well known Oscar selfie featuring Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper, Meryl Streep, Brad and also Angie, Kevin Spacey, Julia Roberts, and also for no apparent reason, Lupita Nyong’o’s brother. Since the picture was taken through a Samsung phone, Samsung agreed come donate a dollar for every retweet come the charity of DeGeneres’ choice. She made decision two: St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital and also The Humane Society, for this reason Samsung gave each charity $1.5 million apiece.

10. The moment DeGeneres became means more generous than Santa

DeGeneres received a letter from Amy Phillips the Rigby, Idaho, who said that in a crushing economy, and with 7 kids, she regularly hasn’t sufficient money for food. Through a steep mortgage and also car payments, she and also her husband can’t stay over water. She realized that through Christmas coming, she wouldn’t have actually anything left to put presents under the tree for her children. While DeGeneres most likely gets an ext letters 보다 Santa, she gave the Phillips household $28,000 worth of stuff for Christmas. She provided them everything from her 12 days of Christmas list, which contained iPads, TVs and generous gift certificates.

11. The minute DeGeneres presented us to a pizza guy helping the homeless

Not only did DeGeneres give, she called us around others who were law the same. In January 2015, we learned of Mason Wartman. Wartman quit his task on wall surface Street to move home to Philly and also open a pizza shop. One day, a customer came in speak he would like to “pay it forward” by purchase a slice for the homeless man sitting outside. The following customer wanted to do the same and also so on and also so on. Wartman determined to enable customers come buy a part for a hungry human being by putting a post-it top top the wall with their name on it. When a hungry or homeless human being came in, they could pay for a slice v that post-it. By the moment DeGeneres featured him, that had offered away 8,500 slices in the ripe months the regime was underway. After gift on DeGeneres’ show, Wartman’s story walk viral and by June2015, that had given away an ext than 23,000 slices.

12. The moment DeGeneres spent an entire season helping her viewers

Helping a person here and also there was great. Giving to charity and families in need was even better, but do you know what was the very best? Dedicating an entire season to helping viewers in need, and that is what theThe Ellen DeGeneres Showdid in Season 10. It would certainly be too much to tell friend story after story of DeGeneres’ generosity that year, so I will narrow it under to one heartbreaking story. Kim Ledbetter is a solitary mom indigenous Birmingham, Alabama, who not only has actually her kids but is raising a niece. Kim to be laid off a year and also a fifty percent earlier and also has to be struggling to uncover work. Every they wanted was a brand-new microwave due to the fact that theirs had broken. DeGeneres did provide them a new microwave, yet it had actually $20,000 inside. The family members was knocked off their feet and also grateful…and climate DeGeneres provided Kim and her household a brand-new car.

13. The one of many moments DeGeneres saved an animal’s life

Not only does DeGeneres regularly feature dogs in require of homes and also people who have risked their own lives to rescue animals, avisit to the DeGeneres TV present page reveals that the mass of her charitable giving goes to this most fragile creatures. Her present effort is for the gentle Barn, a home and also hospital for abused animals, which has received millions indigenous her and also from she viewers. DeGeneres and also her wife, Portia, have adopted two cows, named Holy and Madonna. She gives us consistent cow to update on her show. DeGeneres also is an support for regional dog rescues, farm yard Sanctuary, conserving elephants and seals along with dozens of other charitable initiatives for animals.

14. The minute she & Ben Affleck chose to feed a nation

DeGeneres likes to offer to existing charities fairly than begin her own. But she couldn’t resist once actor Ben Affleck asked her to aid him create the American version of the little Change Campaign, a charity that has benefited kids in Germany and also Southeast Asia since 1987. This particular campaign funds Feeding America, the nation’s leading residential hunger-relief charity. Figured out to end hunger in America, DeGeneres and also Affleck ask the you provide to rather by donating spare adjust through Coinstar machines.

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15. The moment DeGeneres chose St. Jude’s because that the Walgreens $100,000 donation

That minute happened in ~ the 2016 People’s an option Awards. In her speech, DeGeneres stated that, “kindness is an natural quality,” and also that us all have to “be type to one another.” So, as part of the humanitarian award, DeGeneres had actually the possibility to choose one charity to get a $100,000 donation native Walgreens. She made decision a charity that she has been a component of for many years, St. Jude’s Children’s research Hospital.

This defines why once her girlfriend Melissa McCarthy introduced her at the PCAs, she said, “When she hears around anyone in need, anywhere, she is the very first to action in and aid them.”