Bill Clinton was the 42nd president of the joined States, and also even though part may note him through a scarlet letter because of his entangling through Monica Lewinsky, the man has actually made a name for himself.

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Following a new U.S. President"s inauguration, the is constantly fun to take it a walk ago down memory lane at predecessors past. According to the White House, bill Clinton to visit Yale University and also took office in ~ the finish of the Cold War. The Arkansas indigenous was additionally the very first baby-boomer generation president.

The president of the unified States" present salary is $400,000 a year, which does not include an price account the $50,000 (via The Balance). Previous presidents obtain a pension among other benefits when they leaving their public service job. According to the nationwide Taxpayers Union Foundation, the pension plan will have actually the president earning almost $20,000 dollars a year. Therefore what is Clinton worth now?

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VOA News ranks bill Clinton tenth on their list for the wealthiest presidents of all time. The previous Arkansas branch is claimed to be worth a cool $75.9 million and also made most of his money after ~ leaving office. While offer in office from 1993 come 2001, he worked on his presidential duties and made part lasting connections. Together reported through the outlet, the real money-maker because that him to be his autobiography, My Life, in which that earned $38 million in between 2001 and also 2015 (via Forbes).

Hillary Clinton additionally boosts she husband"s net worth. Together a previous secretary of state, Clinton was provided a $14 million breakthrough for her own book, 2014"s Hard Choices. The couple has easily made millions off their paid speeches, whether for a college or a fortune 500 company. Also though in 2018, the previous president said MSNBC the he left the White house with $16 million in debt thanks to legitimate fees, he seems to it is in laughing all the way to the financial institution now.

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While Forbes has actually reported that the couple raked in over $240 million in the previous 15 years, previous President invoice Clinton has also given earlier greatly to the country. Also though it has actually been 15 years since Clinton walked the end of the West Wing for the critical time, the still holds an tremendous presence ~ above the world"s stage.

Bill Clinton has been quite active with his philanthropic endeavors, which incorporate The Clinton Foundation, which he founded in 1997. The charity focuses on whatever from climate change to AIDS. The website tells tourists that they believe everyone has actually the right to a better life and has been working to deliver on their motto for much more than 2 decades. The foundation "works v strategic partners to develop and implement programs that develop economic opportunity, improve public health, and also inspire civic engagement and service.

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Forbes reports the 44% of invoice Clinton"s net worth originates from speaking engagements, adhered to by earnings from writing, consulting, and also advising a billionaire (Ron Burkle). The 42nd chairman doesn"t seem to have any intention the slowing under anytime quickly either and also is looking toward the future to check out what else he can bring to the table.