Police recruit applicants possessing a Bachelor’s level orhigher native an accredited scholastic institution room eligible because that a $1,227.20hiring incentive. The impetus will be paid out over the food of the 26-weektraining academy.

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Upon graduating the academy, all Police Recruitsare promoted to a sworn Police Officer classification and enter a new paycategory.


Public security Personnel Retirement System​

Link come Public safety Retirement Tier Chart HERE​

Career Enhancemen​​t Pay ​​(Exclusive come the glossesweb.com Police Department)

C.E.P. Is a 4 tiered bonus pay regime that is based on an buildup of points obtained from training, skills, experience, and also education.


Level 1  (30 points) per Year $1,903.20 Level 2 (50 points) every Year $3,806.40 Level 3 (70 points) per Year $5,709.60 Level 4 (90 points) every Year $7,612.80


Bilingual ​​Incentive pay

Officers receive $10/hour in addition to continuous hourly pay while engaged in translate into activities. This contains all connected paperwork, examination time and also court appearances.

Productivity Enhancem​​​ent salary

After 7 years of service, employees receive $80.00 for annually of organization in excess of 6 years to a maximum of $2,080 per year at 20 years of service based upon the qualifying date.

Employees v 20+ years of service receive $125 for yearly of business up to a best of $4000 every year in ~ 22 years.

Nightshift/Weekend Di​fferential Pay

Officers receive $.60/hour in addition to hourly pay as soon as working a shift which ends after 10:00pm; and also $.25/hour in addition to hourly pay when working a weekend shift.

Compensatory Time Ba​nk Option

Officers deserve to continuously keep up to 300 hours of overtime in their comp bank and also have the alternative to cash out any type of hours in their comp financial institution at any kind of time or might use any kind of hours in their comp bank to take it time off.

Paid Co​urt Overtime

Court appearances in ~ a time other than the regular scheduled duty time is compensated at a rate of one and also one-half (1 ½) times the officer's continuous hourly rate of pay through a minimum 3 hrs court time paid for each court appearance.

Court standby in ~ a time various other than the continuous scheduled duty time salary is compensated at a rate of one and also one-half (1 ½) times the officer's continuous hourly price of pay through a minimum 2 hrs per job while an officer is top top standby.

4/10 Hour Wor​​k Schedule

Patrol officers occupational 4 work a week because that 10 hours each shift. Policemans are provided a 30 minute paid lunch break and a 15 minute paid break, which may be merged to a 45 minute paid lunch break during each shift.

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Vacation​ Leave

1 to 5 years of service - 8 hrs Per Month = 96 hrs Per Year 6 to 10 years of business - 10 hrs Per Month = 120 hours Per Year 11 to 15 years of organization - 11 hrs Per Month = 132 hours Per Year 16 to 20 years of company - 13 hours Per Month = 152 hrs Per Year 21 year or an ext - 15 hrs Per Month = 180 hours Per Year

Personal​​ leave

20 hrs of personal leave time each year.

Holi​​day Pay

11 paid holidays each year. If an officer's duty job is top top a holiday, the officer will certainly receive an additional 8 hours of pay because that the day if the is worked.