One the the most well-known reality shows on tv that is not based on dating, surviving, or the Kardashians is the lovely American Pickers. The present premiered on January 18, 2010, and also two periods a year have actually been released for a current full of 21 seasons and over 300 episodes on the A&E household of channels. Component of the show’s huge popularity is due to the show’s very likable hosts, Mike Wolfe, frank Fritz, and also Danielle Colby. The three have starred ~ above American Pickers while still operating their rewarding antique businesses. This heavy workload has caused numerous fans come wonder: exactly how much perform the stars of American Pickers get paid? 

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What is ‘American Pickers?’

The reality present follows the adventures of picking specialists Wolfe and Fritz, who travel across America spring high and low for hidden treasures. Most of the items end up in Wolfe’s shop antique Archeology. The show has accomplished massive successes and popularity, even regardless of its shameless Subway plug. The pickers’ main areas of interest incorporate barns, sheds, garages, and any other location that is full of possibly beneficial treasure buried among piles that less-valuable junk. Lot in the style of Pawn Stars, the pickers acquisition items and then upper and lower reversal them for a profit. Beneficial items that the pickers have uncovered in your travels include vintage cars, standard advertisements, movie posters, oil canisters, and other pieces of classic Americana. Among the most distinctive items that the pickers have actually picked is a Piaggio Ape, i beg your pardon is a rare three-wheeled vehicle that the pickers may have the only design of the auto in all of America. 

Who room the stars of ‘American Pickers?’

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Wolfe, Fritz, and Colby have been a component of the show due to the fact that its an initial episode. Even before the show began, Wolfe and also Fritz traveled the nation together trying to find antique treasures. Wolfe claims that the has delighted in picking due to the fact that he was 4 years old, and also is recognized for his love that motorcycles both brand-new and old. Also, an exceptional businessman, Wolfe owns two Antique Archeology locations, one in LeClaire, Iowa, and also a recently opened location in Nashville, Tennessee. Colby works in the office of the Iowa ar by day, and also by night is a famous burlesque dancer.

The star that American Pickers that countless fans wonder around is Fritz, that has faced Crohn’s disease throughout his time top top the show. Choose Wolfe’s love because that motorcycles, Fritz is recognized for his attention in any and all peanut connected items. While Fritz and also Wolfe space partners in their renowned show, they have actually separate locations in which they market their treasures. Fritz’s shop is named Frank Fritz Finds, i m sorry is situated in Chicago, Illinois. Items viewed on the show can be purchased in ~ the stars shops, and also they are open to the possible purchase of worthy pieces. 

How much do the stars the ‘American Pickers’ make?

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The show’s extensive popularity and success have also led come financial success for the show’s cast. Even before the show, Wolfe, Fritz, and Colby ran their growing picking companies which have only end up being more profitable during the show’s 20 season-long run. The notoriety and totally free advertising of the reality show have only helped Fitz and Wolfe’s corresponding shops. Part of the reason truth shows space so famous with manufacturing studios is the low operation cost. This is the very same for American Pickers, which production prices are restricted to a tiny camera crew and also a salary because that the cast members.

According come Looper, the salary of the cast members is much more than one may think. Wolfe is paid an exceptional $500,000 per season of the show, if his companion Fritz makes $300,000 per season. Colby, who is no as featured together Wolfe and Fitz, is payment $15,000 every episode. This salary is included to the already financially rewarding business that the stars of the present operate, which equals an impressive total wealth.