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Chances room you think the Chip and also Joanna Gaines as shortly as you hear the city Waco, Texas. The "Fixer Upper" stars have almost transformed the city right into a warm shiplapped destination for locals and also tourists alike. It is the house of their mega business, Magnolia, through its many different divisions, and the place where young Chip and also Joanna ended up being public numbers as the hosts and design specialists of their highly rated HGTV show. And, together if their job-related in actual estate, retail, publishing, and also media was not sufficient to to fill their piled-high plates, they likewise have five young youngsters to raise and an expansive farm to have tendency to (via business Insider).

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So how do they execute it all? What"s next? and also how much money perform they do from every these remarkable endeavors? We"re break it every down. Read on to uncover out exactly how much Chip and also Joanna Gaines room really worth.

Celebrity and fortune didn"t just occur for Chip and also Joanna Gaines. Before Chip and Joanna Gaines uncovered fame, they operated hard to accomplish goals and also never rest on your laurels, as they were constantly reaching because that the next huge thing.

As reported by business Insider, in their book "The Magnolia Story," Joanna recalled very early eye-opening occurrence when she had actually to empty the end their tiny sleeve store"s cash register to bail Chip the end of jail because that accruing $2,500 in unpaid tickets. She explained being "on the leaf of a real financial struggle," and vowed to never ever be placed in that position again. This incident ended up being a finding out moment. "I think for me, the best lesson is always having a colony egg on the side," she told company Insider. 

Still, Chip and Joanna have constantly accepted the some level of risk is innate in the pursuit of lasting success. "Even together money began presenting itself to us, we weren"t content with that. ... Had we not done that and taken every those chips off the table and put it into a savings account somewhere, tucked our head in the sand favor an ostrich — there"s no way we build what us built," Chip called Money. 

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Before "Fixer Upper" and also its ripple impact of fame and also opportunity, Chip and Joanna Gaines introduced a small real estate firm in Texas. According come an Instagram post, the couple started Magnolia Realty in 2009, v the goal of "changing the real estate experience, and also making the personalized for their clients." The real estate company, which specialization in help clients buy and also sell farm and ranch properties, has offices in Waco, Austin, mountain Antonio, and other areas of the state, according to Country Living.

While Magnolia Realty has actually seen good success and growth throughout the years, there have been durations of interior turmoil. In 2017, Chip was the topic of a $1 million lawsuit. According to USA Today, his former organization partners sue him, alleging that they were duped right into selling your shares of the company to him because that $2,500 every in 2013. They claimed that the transaction happened simply a pair of days prior to Chip and Joanna went public v the upcoming production of "Fixer Upper" and that they had actually no expertise of the television series when lock agreed to be bought out. It to be a lengthy battle, but, according to Waco Tribune-Herald, the lawsuit to be dismissed by a judge in 2020.

Chip and also Joanna Gaines discovered their method to ours televisions and won over hearts on your hit HGTV collection "Fixer Upper." The display chronicled them helping families find diamond-in-the-rough properties and also turn them into dream homes. That quickly became the network"s most well-known program and also was top top for 5 seasons from 2013 come 2018. According to Money, the Gaines couple reportedly made about $30,000 per episode. And also while they might have kept churning out charming abodes because that adoring at-home fans lengthy after the last episode aired, they decided to shift their focus earlier to their other budding businesses.

Nevertheless, their small screen careers were much from over. In 2018, the power couple announced the they would certainly be launching their very own television network, and also they introduced Magnolia Network in 2021. The channel changed Discovery"s DIY network and boasts lifestyle programming through a emphasis on wellness, entrepreneurialism, and food, amongst other topics. In a statement, cited by People, Chip and Joanna claimed that they to be excited "to create and also curate content that inspires, encourages, and also helps to develop bridges across our communities," adding, "We desire honest, really programming the brings families together."

Chip and Joanna Gaines' Waco marketplace is much more than a shopping location ... It's an experience

According to the Magnolia website, in 2003, Chip and also Joanna Gaines launched Magnolia Market, a tiny retail keep where lock sold distinctive home items. Lock later chose to nearby the location to focus on their adorable family. Tiny did they recognize that this little original room would come to be the stepping rock of an iconic sleeve experience. 

In 2014, lock reopened your "Little keep on Bosque," and, quickly thereafter, moved to their Magnolia Silos location. Since then, lock have gradually been broadening their yes, really retail town of shops, restaurants, food trucks, go gardens, and also more.

In 2019, the pair announced a setup to further renovate and expand the Silos space, to "offer a ar that encourages people to see and create beauty, beauty in their day-to-day lives," as noted on the company"s site. According to the Waco Tribune-Herald, the project expense $10.4 million and also created eight new building additions to the sprawling 4.9 acre property, consisting of a relocated church. The project also include a Wiffle ball ar — as Magnolia sector is not just a ar to invest money, however it"s also a destination for that is 30,000 weekly tourists where they deserve to unwind. The Magnolia Market development opened in the loss of 2020 (via People).

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According to Target"s site, Chip and also Joanna Gaines introduced Hearth & Hand v Magnolia, a home and also lifestyle collection, in 2017. With its "modern farmhouse aesthetic," the heat has increased with alternatives varying from decor and also bedding to bathtub essentials and furniture pieces, every Elle Decor. "For us, this collection has constantly been about providing beautiful, useful pieces that people would feel confident and also excited to do a component of their home," Joanna Gaines told the publication. 

Originally, item ranged in price from $0.99 come $129.99, with a majority of item costing roughly $29.99, as noted by Business Wire. While price varieties may adjust with new offerings, the repertoire still uses customers Magnolia-worthy format for a fraction of the cost. And, as noted by Forbes, home items accounted for roughly 19 percent of Target"s $72 exchange rate sales in 2017 alone. While over there are miscellaneous brands contributing to this number, Hearth & Hand with Magnolia is just one of the players responsible.

And yes, Chip is proud the their job-related with Target. On Instagram in 2017, he common a photo of himself camped out in prior of the store waiting for the launch. 

Is there anything Chip and Joanna Gaines can"t do? The architecture duo and real heritage moguls are also both best-selling authors. In enhancement to she acclaimed book about decorating, "Homebody," Joanna Gaines additionally penned 2 cookbooks and the children"s books "We are the Gardeners," a collaboration with her young children, and "The civilization Needs who You to be Made to Be."

Chip likewise wrote a book about his career together a "serial entrepreneur" in the 2017 book "Capital Gaines." He called Forbes the it"s intended for those "who require a small push to get the ball rolling towards pursuing everything it is they dream of doing — people who space looking to occupational hard and chase their dreams without letting are afraid creep right into the equation."

Of course, Chip"s book launch was on the heels of marketing 1.3 million duplicates of "The Magnolia Story," a publication he co-wrote through his mam that to be released a year prior. A share account of your journey in life, love, and also business, Joanna claimed on the Magnolia website, "Getting to tell this story with each other was favor uncovering and reliving half-a-lifetime"s precious of happy memories, failures, and also adventures." 

In 2021, Chip released an additional book, "No Pain, No Gaines: The great Stuff Doesn"t Come Easy."

Chip and Joanna Gaines' next hustles are big moneymakers

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Chip and also Joanna Gaines certainly do not need any an ext projects to to fill their time or stuff your wallets. Nevertheless, the prolific couple keeps on acquisition on an ext side businesses. Joanna Gaines partnered with the brand Kilz come launch she own house paint collection, as reported by better Homes & Garden. In a blog post, Gaines created of the collection, "These shades room the ones i would select for any house, any type of day. They"re fresh, inspiring, subtle, soft, flexible and an excellent in any type of room."

Additionally, follow to company Insider, in 2016, she collaborated v family-friendly fashion firm Matilda Jane clothing for the first time. Two years later, she partnered through the brand again to launch summer styles for babies, kids, and women — to add a couple of home items. She stated of her 2nd collection in a press release, cited by the publication, "The entirety inspiration because that this brand-new collection to be summer right here out on the farm. The long days, the hazy sunsets, youngsters running approximately just being kids."

Getting right into the restaurant service can be a risky search — even for celebrities. But Chip and also Joanna Gaines" passion for good food and also service has actually helped to make their cook endeavors significant successes.

Chip and also Joanna Gaines have actually three restaurants in Waco, Texas: The Silos Baking Company, which opened in 2016; Magnolia Table, which introduced in 2018; and also the Magnolia press Coffee Company, which opened up its doors to the caffeine-crazed public in 2019.

Judging by the wait for a seat at Magnolia Table, the couple"s an ext traditional sit-down restaurant, Chip and Joanna are doing something right. According to a travel reporter"s review in The Washington Post, diners should setup to arrive at an early stage to snag a coveted table. The wait for lunch deserve to be 2 to three hrs long — and also dinner is off the table; the restaurant closes for the day in ~ 3 p.m. Sharp.

You know you have made it large when an A-list pair hires girlfriend for your signature style.

During an illustration on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," superstar singer Jennifer Lopez announced that she and her then-beau Alex Rodriguez hired Joanna Gaines to help decorate their brand-new $6.6 million Malibu beach home, i m sorry boasts four bedrooms and three bathrooms. Or, much more accurately, Rodriguez hired the HGTV star together an anniversary surprised for Lopez. Lopez"s response? "I completely fangirled," she recalled.

As reported by architecture Digest, the 4,404-square-foot home "was originally constructed in 1949 and also was formerly owned through "Entourage" actor Jeremy Piven," who had actually spent $1.5 million in renovations and included lots that "Southeast eastern touches come the otherwise mostly clean, white-lined aesthetics." Lopez listed that she and also Rodriguez have various aesthetics, so that knows how Gaines determined the house"s brand-new design. One point we guess — shiplap.

Chip and Joanna Gaines announced another vast project and also impressive undertaking: their plan to renovate a structure that is almost 100 years old, and turn it into a trendy boutique hotel in downtown Waco, as reported by house Beautiful. While details have actually yet to be revealed, as of this writing, Chip and Joanna have shared a few initial ideas, note they desire to include a rooftop terrace, ballroom, and street-level café in the 53,000-square-foot space.

In a post on the Magnolia blog, Joanna wrote around their vision. "Home is a feeling, produced by and for the world you love and share your life with; it"s a state of being known and also loved simply as you are," she said. Adding, "That is ours dream for this hotel," she described that the hotel would be one "extension" of their home and also that they desire each guest to feeling a "sense the belonging and community" upon check in.

Chip and Joanna Gaines' Magnolia newspaper was Meredith Corp.'s most successful newspaper launch

Everything Chip and also Joanna Gaines touch turns to gold, therefore it"s no surprised that, according to The wall surface Street Journal, the 2016 creation of Magnolia journal was the "most successful magazine launch" for parent agency Meredith Corp. Within 2 years that its inception, the newspaper had currently captured a specialized audience of 5.5 million readers, according to Publishers Daily.

Indeed, flipping v the quarterly way of life magazine is akin to peeking inside Joanna"s inspiration diary — and that, the course, is the method it"s intended come be. "My score in producing this magazine was to affix with reader from all walks of life, come share contents so an important and so coherent that you hold on to each issue and also return come them again and also again," Joanna said on the Magnolia website.

But there"s more to this success story 보다 smart an imaginative direction. Joanna had solid business principles too. Follow to Inc., in ~ a time when any kind of other magazines were going the end of business, she was insistent around limiting ads, print on premium paper, and charging $8 because that an issue. Doug Olson, president of Meredith Magazines, provides credit come Joanna, informing Inc. The "she"s much more hands-on than any type of partner" they have ever had. Clearly, there"s a lot of of things around Joanna Gaines many don"t know.

Chip and Joanna Gaines, two HGTV stars who live insanely lavish lives, are virtually American royalty, so the is many fitting that the pair purchased an actual castle. 

According to the Waco Tribune-Herald, the design-happy duo to buy the 6,700-square-foot, 129-year-old German-style Cottonland castle from an Oxford university scholar. The was listed for $425,000 — and, yes, the Waco home requires some major TLC, but isn"t that the means Chip and Joanna prefer it?

While Chip and Joanna"s intention for the castle is no yet known, a spokesperson for Magnolia Realty evidenced the couple"s excitement around restoring it in a statement quote by 13 WTHR. "The building is an iconic piece of Waco"s history, and also while certain plans have actually not however been determined, one thing is for certain: Their efforts will focus on completely completing the home"s long overdue and well-deserved restoration," the spokesperson shared. We can"t wait to see how Chip and also Joanna make over the property!

Chip and also Joanna Gaines remain grateful and humble, and also their actions speak louder 보다 words. They created the Magnolia structure to give earlier to your community and to assist those less fortunate. Follow to a since-deleted page on your charity"s website, their goal is come "provide reconstruction to the most vulnerable children and families," with certain efforts concentrated on "orphan care, youth development, family housing, and also community restoration."

What"s more, in 2019, the pair donated $1.5 million come St. Jude"s Children"s Hospital. They additionally built a playhouse because that the children of households forced to continue to be at the St. Jude Target House, a long-term real estate option for families of children receiving treatment. Follow to People, at an occasion marking the donation and also unveiling the playhouse, Chip stated, "As us walked in today, a tiny boy told united state that he"s "demo day-ing" his cancer treatment and that"s pretty lot the finest thing I"ve ever heard. In ours world, demo job marks the finish of one chapter and the beginning of a newer, much more exciting one." that continued, "And that"s precisely what we want for friend — we"re pulling because that each and also every one of you."

Fans were disappointed as soon as Chip and Joanna Gaines do the decision to end "Fixer Upper" back in 2018, yet the couple brought the beloved residence renovation show back when they launched the Magnolia Network in 2021. The brand-new incarnation the the series, "Fixer Upper: Welcome Home," was not originally component of their vision because that the network, but the pair eventually made decision it was necessary to reboot the collection to carry things complete circle. "We felt like also if it"s just this one season, we need a nod earlier to the past, getting earlier to ours roots and do what we love doing, which is ~ above camera, renovating homes for people," Joanna told Adweek (via Showbiz CheatSheet).

The network"s launch additionally saw Joanna branch out to star on her own show, "Magnolia Table." per The Hollywood Reporter, we have the right to expect at the very least three periods of the food preparation show to air as it has been renewed through Season 3.

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Seeing Chip and also Joanna go back to television is a treat because that fans and also is no doubt great for their bank accounts!

Chip and Joanna Gaines room constantly making brand-new deals, and also they plainly know what they room doing. Transparent the years — especially due to the fact that wrapping increase "Fixer Upper" — castle have constructed themselves a veritable empire with media, publishing, genuine estate, and retail company sectors that"s worth, follow to one report indigenous OK! magazine, end $1 billion. So it have to come together no huge surprise the they have amassed a rather an extensive fortune of their own. Follow to Celebrity net Worththe two space worth a an unified $20 million.

And v even more projects and also budding enterprise in the works, we space sure that number is going to grow significantly year after ~ year. In fact, in 2017, their reported fortune, according to E! News, was just $5 million. So if things store trending the means they have actually been for this business man pair, they will surely continue taking over Texas, to win fans, and making money one Magnolia farmhouse-inspired service at a time.