But wecan estimateyour Progressive case settlement worth by reviewing other progressive insurance claim settlements.

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Here I will dive into ten progressive settlement examples. I will also give tips on increasing the settlement value of your claim. Yet first, a few faqs.

Is gradual A good Insurance company For addressing Claims?

Not really. Gradual has been incredibly cheap in current years. Lock are also now cheaper 보다 AllState, which traditionally was the worst the the huge insurance service providers doing organization in Florida.

You have the right to still get fair justice for your claim from Progressive. You just need to be all set to let your car accident attorney litigate the situation to gain fair justice. We usually have to document a sue to gain reasonable pain and suffering because that our client hurt in a automobile wreck.

Progressive composed Me a inspect for $1500. I cashed it. Did i waive mine claim?

Likely. Progressivelikes to offer car accident victims a low sphere number to deal with the case right after a collision. The catch is the if you deposit the check and also sign a bodily injury release, you most likely have offered up your possibility to bring a actual injury case with a lawyer.

I’ve met through injured automobile accident victims with significant spinal injuries with claims worth serious 5 or six figures who unknowingly signed far their civil liberties to get full justice.

Progressive is one of the few insurance providers that execute this. Perform not cash a examine from steady after a wreck till you have actually talked v an attorney.

Progressive states My cases is just Worth X. Do I have to Take Progressive’s negotiation Offer

Florida legislation is clear: Your case is worth the sum full of your past and also present economic damages. If a physician determines you have actually a permanent injury due to the fact that of the collision, then your case is likewise worth your past and also present non-economic loss (pain and suffering).

Progressive uses a computer program the undervalues virtually every case. You will view in our examples listed below that we gain results that have the right to be many many multiples the what Progressive first offers.

$150,000 negotiation For a T-Boned Collision In Pinellas county Florida

Our client was speak in the ago seat of one Uber in St. Petersburg, Florida when another vehicle T-Boned his vehicle.

There were fairly a few good truth that built the worth of this case.

Our customer wasyoung: He to be 21 at the moment of the collision. Our customer did not have any type of pre-existing conditions. The impact on the auto was severe. This was no a boy collision. He had a neck bowl bulge at C4-5 that his physician believes was led to by the collision.

Of course, the Defense stated the following to try to devalue the case:

The customer only had actually one lumbar steroid injection and one cervical injection early on in the case, and never had one more one. They suggested this intended the injections addressed our client, and also future pain and suffering loss were not needed. The client “only” had a key bulge and not a herniated disc. The client had an extensive gaps in treatment (This was a long case that took a couple of year to resolve!)

This case actually had two insurance allowance policies: The very first was the poor driver’s 25K bodily injury insurance with Progressive. The 2nd was Uber’s Uninsured motorist coverage v James flow Insurance, in the amount of $1 million. In this case study, i am placing this case under the umbrella the Progressive due to the fact that Progressive is the very first line the insurance.

We make our very first demand to steady for the $25K policy. The early counteroffer from gradual was $5000.00


After negotiations, gradual agreed to tender the $25,000. Us were then able to rotate our fist to the UM insurance. After ~ some back and forth, the UM adjuster in presuit acquired up to $30,000 and also stated, “This is no a 6 figure case”.


We filed a lawsuit. Around four months after the adjuster told us it was not a six-figure instance we resolved UM part for $125,000. The made the total settlement because that our client $150,000.00. Let’s look in ~ the take-home come the client:


The client brought house $67,406.50 in feesafterall expenses, medical bills, and attorney fees to be paid. Note that our lawyer fees were 40%: the is traditional for lawyers to charge 33 1/3 in pre-suit, however to increase the percent to 40% if a lawsuit is filed.

Client Buys Brand brand-new Vehicle through 41,811.75 negotiation With steady For T-Bone Collision

My client’s automobile was struggle by a negligent driver’s auto on the former driver’s side. My customer was driving.


Shortly ~ the wreck, my client went to an Urgent treatment on 66th Street in St. Petersburg, Florida. Lock diagnosed him v spinal injuries. He made decision to go to a chiropractor for help.

His chiropractor placed him top top a course of conservative care. This method my customer would walk to conservative therapies multiple time a week because that 8-10 weeks. The principle is to boost the range of motion and also reduce inflammation and also pain.

His chiropractor sent out him for MRI’s. The MRI’s showed herniated discs in ~ C4-5 and C5-6 and another herniated key in his reduced back.

His neck pain began to resolve, however his lower back continued to act up, leading to radiating pain under his leg.

The chiropractor sent my client to one orthopedic surgeon, a physician who specializes in solving the spine. The physician diagnosed my customer with lumbar radiculitis and gave the an epidural steroid injection.

When appropriate and recommended by a Doctor, medical treatments like steroid injections have the right to alleviate pain. They deserve to reduce inflammation. And they have the right to increase the worth of a situation settlement. The is since it provides it harder for the Defense lawyer to usage his or her favorite defense: The injury to be a young sprain and fully resolved.

This was an all-inclusive $50K plan (property damage was likewise paid out of this policy). And there was also another plaintiff. In the end, the plan was exhausted and we worked out the instance with progressive for $31,811.75.

However, we additionally did a policy “trace” through a private firm and found an additional $10K plan for the negligent driver. This 10K was with Geico. (We discuss automobile settlement cases with Geico top top this site as well).

We asked Geico to soft the 10K. They refused. We filed a lawsuit and also Geico had a adjust of heart and paid the money.

The complete take house for our client after fees and costs were $21,962.68.

Our customer was able to usage this money come buy a brand brand-new car and also put money right into his business.


$10,000 negotiation For a Scooter Colliding through a engine Vehicle

Our customer was on his scooter. A car backed out and hit him, leading to him to autumn off his scooter.

The negative driver to be insured by progressive.

Our customer went to the hospital the next day. 4 days later, he went to a clinical clinic that dedicated in auto accident cases.

MRI’s the his spine showed inflammation and injury. His treatment provider put him on a course of conservative treatment multiple times per week.

Minor Limits

We opened a insurance claim with the bad driver’s insurance company. The negative driver was additionally the owner the the vehicle. Gradual notified united state under oath that there was just $10,000.00 in bodily injury coverage. This is the smallest bodily injury plan that gradual writes.

Our client needed to view his doctor to heal his body. But we must monitor the bills associated with the therapy carefully since of the limited coverage. Our customer had been v alot. The was vital that we max out the policy and also we don’t let every one of his settlement obtain spent in medical bills.

So, us prioritized a “quick demand”, collection up medical records and MRI scans quickly. As soon as our client reached maximum clinical improvement, we had actually the need out and also ready come go.

Progressive originally came earlier with an offer over the phone of $3,000 and also some change. Clearly, the was unacceptable. However, prior to our need expired, steady paid the demand for the limits.

Now, we had actually to make certain the medical bills did no take far from the settlement for the client. They to be a tiny high, so we negotiated them on his behalf. In the end, he had the ability to take house $3,597.78after every his clinical bills were taken care of andafterattorney fees to be done.


While it to be a nice an outcome for the customer (the therapy helped), the an outcome could have actually been much better if the client purchased uninsured motorist coverage. However, insurance suppliers like progressive like come get world to provide up their legal rights to uninsured motorist bodily injury coverage. The coverage is cheap and also insurance companies do not make lot money turn off the coverage.

Progressive Tenders $25,000.00 limits on disputed Liability Case

Our client was a totally restrained driver steering on a three-lane roadway nearing one intersection.

She test to move lanes native the much left through lane right into the center lane. When she had actually finished her lane change, the automobile in the far-right lane started to adjust into the center lane and also collided with my client. The influence of the collision led to my client to be pushed right into the vehicle traveling in the left-turn lane.

At the moment of the accident our customer was heading house from work.


This situation was challenged liability, through the other driver speak our client merged right into him.


According to the various other driver, he was traveling in the much left v lane (the lane our customer said she to be in) and our customer was in the left-hand turn lane. The various other driver claimed our customer changed lanes right into his vehicle, i beg your pardon is what led to the collision.

Our customer made a fantastic figure at her deposition and also testified the she to be on her way home from work when the accident happened, a course she has actually driven thousands of times.

She declared her path was come go right through the intersection near where the accident occurred, for this reason there would certainly be no reason she would be in the turning lane to turn left in ~ the intersection. Additionally, the reality that my client’s automobile was the one that was pushed shows that it was the other automobile that was merging into her car.

The damage to mine client’s auto was fairly minor, as you can see below.



Immediately after the accident our customer began to experience neck and ago pain. At some point she was sent for imaging on her neck and also back, i beg your pardon revealed herniations at both the cervical and also lumbar levels.

Because that her recurring pain, she received medial branch nerve blocks in her lower back. As she sat for her deposition, she proclaimed she still experienced far-ranging discomfort in both her neck and back.

The insurance company final made an offer, yet it was for a measly $2000.00.

We knew our client’s story around the incident was accurate, so we relocated forward with a lawsuit. The exact same day the the depositions we filed a proposal for negotiation for the policy borders of $25,000.00.

A proposal for settlement is a special tool we deserve to use when in a lawsuit. If the insurance firm does not accept the proposal in 30 daysand us go come trial and beat the proposal by 25%, we then gain attorney fees and also costs! insurance money companies must take this seriously.

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Ultimately, the insurance firm accepted the proposal for negotiation for $25,000.00


After all is said and done, the client was able to walk with $7,839.29 in she pocket. This was a welcome result for our client, who had been enduring COVID connected hardships.