Tiger Woods celebrates through the master Trophy during the eco-friendly Jacket Ceremony after winning the masters at Augusta nationwide Golf society on April 14, 2019.

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Tiger Woods is having quite a year in 2019 — and also it"s much from over. He scored an remarkable career comeback with a victory at the Masters, and also was honored v the Presidential Medal of liberty a couple of weeks later.

Tiger Woods is playing in the Jack Nicklaus"s Memorial Tournament, followed by the U.S. Open at California"s historical Pebble Beach, indigenous June 13-16.

Tiger Woods won his an initial Masters in 1997 at the period of 21, and he had actually his top glossesweb.com-making year a decade ago, with earnings estimated at roughly $115 million every year. However it"s arguable the Tiger Woods has actually never had more attention payment to him 보다 right currently — long after he burst ~ above the scene together a superstar prodigy, and years after his golf career seemed to have actually fizzled in the wake up of injuries and also a well known cheating scandal.

What may seem surprising, offered all the has already taken place and been chronicled in his career and private life, is the Tiger Woods is just 43 years old. That"s not even that old for experienced golf, a sports that"s seen numerous players win major tournaments in your late 40s and also early 50s.

Since he turned pro in 1996 at age 20, Tiger Woods has won 81 PGA tour victories. His complete career income are approximated at a staggering $1.5 billion, and also Tiger Woods" net worth is currently about $800 million.

All of those figures are just bound to grow. Here"s an ext about what us know about Tiger Woods" glossesweb.com and career.

Tiger Woods" job — and also How He provides glossesweb.com

Forbes and also CelebrityNetWorth.com both calculation Tiger Woods" network worth at $800 million. That did not amass this insane complete overnight.

Long prior to he started making millions as a experienced golfer, Tiger Woods was a son prodigy. In 1981, a 5-year-old Eldrick "Tiger" Woods appeared on "The today Show" and also chatted shyly through Bryant Gumbel in in between clips of his amazingly advanced skills on the golf course.

As a college golfer at Stanford, Tiger Woods to be a two-time All-American, and NCAA champion in 1996. Woods went pro after two years in college. In ~ the period of 20 that signed a $40 million contract through Nike and began winning tournaments, including a 12-stroke win at the master in 1997, when he ended up being the youngest master champion ever, and also the first African-American to success the tournament.

That very same year, Esquire released a Tiger Woods profile the made some waves because it catalogued a few off-color jokes the 21-year-old Woods called while flirting v some young women. Woods likewise weighed in at the moment with a few thoughts about glossesweb.com — and also why tournament win revenue were so crucial to him.

"You know, the compensation glossesweb.com, that"s the paycheck. That"s the glossesweb.com i earned because that myself," Tiger Woods said. "All the other stuff, mine Nike contract and Titleist and also now the all Star Cafe, come me, that"s a bank account, yet it doesn"t really do me as happy together what i earn through blood, sweat and also tears on the golf course. That glossesweb.com, I have the sole obligation for earning that. Simply me, alone. Every the other stuff can depend top top how an excellent your agent is."

If that"s true, Tiger Woods appears to have had a very good agent. He consistently made far an ext glossesweb.com from proof deals 보다 he did with wins ~ above the golf course. A Golf Digest report released in at an early stage 2014 approximated that 88% the what Tiger Woods made together a pro golfer — a complete of $1.3 exchange rate at that allude — come from sponsorships. In 2013, because that example, Tiger Woods made $71 million from endorsement deals, contrasted to $12 million top top the golf course, the report said. In 2018, Forbes ranked Tiger Woods together the world"s 16th highest-paid athlete, v $42 million out of his $43.3 million complete earnings coming from endorsements.

Tiger Woods" job earnings complete is currently up to roughly $1.5 billion.

In addition to his normal stream the revenues, Tiger Woods owns a restaurant referred to as The Woods, in Jupiter, Florida. The facility gained part notoriety in may after the household of a previous employee filed a wrongful fatality lawsuit versus Woods and the manager. The restaurant accused overserved the employee, who had a background of alcohol abuse and also died in a car crash ~ leaving so late one night.

Another of the golf star"s ventures, Tiger Woods Design, is affiliated in the production of style of deluxe golf courses roughly the world.

The lion"s re-superstructure of Tiger Woods" glossesweb.com originates from endorsement contracts v brands favor Nike, TaylorMade, Monster Energy, and Bridgestone Golf — every one of which space his existing partners. Because that years, Woods likewise made millions from brands prefer AT&T, Gatorade, and Gillette, which finished their business relationships v Tiger Woods approximately the time he was exposed because that cheating on his wife in 2009.

Tiger Woods Cheating Scandal, Divorce, and DUI

Tiger Woods was the highest-paid athlete in the human being for about a decade straight beginning in 2001, and also he made somewhere in between $115 million and $120 million each year in 2008 and also 2009. It was towards the finish of this peak-earning period that Tiger Woods came to be engulfed in scandal.

Up till the Tiger Woods cheating scandal broke, the golf star "was basically believed of as a god by pan while sports media couldn"t slobber end him enough," Sports Illustrated writer Jimmy Traina summed up. "He had the PERFECT photo at the time. But then the all come crashing under in truly spectacular fashion."


On Thanksgiving night 2009, Woods crashed his Cadillac Escalade right into a fire hydrant exterior his house inside the gated ar of Isleworth, near Windermere, Florida. Together the tabloids reported, the automobile crash emerged after Elin Nordegren — Woods" wife, a version he married in 2004 and had two kids with — recorded him cheating and chased him the end of the home while swinging a golf club.

Nordegren reportedly very first discovered that her husband to be cheating on her v a woman called Rachel Uchitel, yet it soon became evident that Tiger Woods had actually been having actually affairs with numerous mistresses.

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After apparently seeking therapy for sex addiction and also staying out of the public eye for a couple of weeks, Woods showed up in February 2010 to issue a public apology. "I was unfaithful. I had affairs. I cheated," Woods said. "What ns did was no acceptable."

Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren divorced in 2010, and also though the early stage reports suggested that the negotiation would be for a whopping $750 million, the was later on revealed Woods would be payment his ex-wife "only" $100 million. Elin Nordegren had actually bought a $2.2 million residence in Sweden in late 2009 that she kept in the divorce, and she also received custody the their 2 children.