Jerry Seinfeld has a existing net worth of one astounding $950 million. However, even if the were far less wealthy, Seinfeld would certainly never need to perform an additional stand up set, ride approximately in car with various other comics gaining coffee, or develop one more television display as lengthy as the lives and also he"d still make millions each and every year. That is the staying power of the beloved tv show Seinfeld, which he developed with Larry David.

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Reruns of the "show around nothing" do so much money in syndication, licensing deals, and also formerly in DVD sales the Jerry Seinfeld can live turn off the never-ending paychecks from the sitcom alone. Because ending its operation in 1998, Seinfeld has made more than $4 billion. That is the most profitable half-hour present in the background of television. At the height of the show"s popularity, Seinfeld to be making $1 million per illustration (slightly more than $1.5 million now inflation adjusted). Jerry Seinfeld and also Larry David break-up close come $400 million per year in syndication payouts.

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When it comes to salary from Seinfeld, Jerry deserve $20,000 per episode throughout the show"s 5-episode an initial season, because that a full of $100,000. His per-episode pay was doubled come $40,000 because that the 2nd and third seasons, because that a complete of $3.5 million. For periods 4, 5 and 6, a complete of 70 episodes, Jerry deserve $100,000 every episode. That equals $9.4 million. For seasons 7 and 8, a full of 46 episodes, Jerry"s per illustration salary was enhanced to $500 thousand. That equates to $23 million. Because that season 9 Jerry earn $1 million per episode, completely $24 million for the season (which is the very same as approximately $38 million after ~ adjusting because that inflation). He to be the very an initial television actor to knife $1 million per episode.

When you add it every up, Jerry earn $60 million in value alone. Roughly the same as about $100 million this day after adjusting for inflation.

Syndication Earnings

Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld every earned $250 million in 1998 alone from syndication sales. Also a full decade later, Larry and also Jerry were earning at the very least $50 million per year indigenous syndication points.

Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David each owned 7.5% the the show"s backend equity points native the really start. In ~ the top of the show"s success as soon as Jerry and Larry to be negotiating new deals v NBC, they to be able to twin their property stake to 15% each. When the display was very first sold right into syndication in 1998, it created $1.7 exchange rate in revenue. The left both Jerry and also Larry v $255 million windfalls. As of this writing, Jerry and also Larry have actually both earned at least $800 million turn off Seinfeld between salary, DVD, merchandise and syndication deals.

Streaming Earnings

When Seinfeld sold to Hulu because that $180 million in 2015, Jerry and Larry every earned $27 million. In a offered year, they knife $40-50 million from syndication sales and also show royalties.

Just this week, Netflix announced that it acquired the legal rights to every 180 episodes of Seinfeld to present globally start in 2021. The streaming company reportedly payment far an ext than $500 million, follow to the Los Angeles Times. Reports space saying the Netflix was "particularly aggressive" in that bid because that the show around nothing and also beat the end rival bidders consisting of Hulu, NBCUniversal, and also WarnerMedia, amongst others. This sale adds one more $75 million come Jerry Seinfeld"s bank accounts.

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When you get right under to it, Jerry Seinfeld make $60 million in salary (the same as $100 million today) and about another $800 million in DVD sales, merchandise, and also syndication deals.