May 23, 2021; Kiawah Island, south Carolina, USA; Phil Mickelson poses for aportrait v the Wanamaker Trophy after winning the PGA Championship golftournament. Causing obligation Credit: Geoff Burke-USA this day Sports

Phil Mickelson must have actually been hoping because that a cakewalk end up in the final round. However, it turned right into a nerve-racking finish against an unrelenting Miguel angel Jimenez.

However, the 2021 PGA Champion controlled to organize his nerves and also birdied two of his last four holes to success his third title on the champions Tour. Moreover, the 51-year-old now has three wins in four starts on the champions tour.

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Mickelson regulated to escape indigenous a tie by draining an 8-foot birdie putt on the final hole. He stayed 15-under for the event and won the Constellation Furyk and also Friends by 2 strokes.

How much did Phil Mickelson victory after to win Furyk and also Friends?

Phil Mickelson is among those few players who contend on the continual PGA Tour and also the Champions tour as well. He completed in this occasion for his girlfriend Jim Furyk, the hold of the tournament. Moreover, there to be a total of 81 players competing in the field, and hence there to be no cut for the event. 

May 27, 2021; fort Worth, Texas, USA; Phil Mickelson top top the 14th tee throughout the an initial round that the Charles Schwab challenge golf tournament. Causing obligation Credit: Erich Schlegel-USA this day Sports

Meanwhile, the 2021 Constellation Furyk and also Friends purse was set for $2 million. And the champion Phil Mickelson got the greatest share as he won $300,000, the standard 15 percent payout according to the PGA tourism Champions’ compensation money circulation chart.

Moreover, with this win, Mickelson has actually now moved to 24th ar on the Charles Schwab Cup points race. 

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“It’s a great start. I’m having fun,” Mickelson said ~ winning his 3rd Champion tour title. “I’m enjoy it being roughly the guys. And also I’m enjoying the golf courses, exactly how I have the right to be a tiny bit an ext aggressive.”

“Like as soon as I make a failure on No. 5, I deserve to still recover. You execute that on the constant tour, you simply get eaten alive. So i like just how you don’t have to be perfect, and I can obtain away through a shoot or two below or there.”

Phil Mickelson believes the the margin of error in ~ Champions tour is slightly higher than top top the PGA Tour. As he believes that one small mistake on a continuous Tour can cost you a lot. However, on champion Tour, you deserve to still get away also after do a couple of mistakes.

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