On January 16, 2016, the international Atomic Energy agency verified that Iran has actually completed the necessary steps under the Iran transaction that will certainly ensure Iran's nuclear program is and also remains exclusively peaceful.

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Before this agreement, Iran's breakout time -- or the time it would have actually taken because that Iran to gather sufficient fissile material to build a weapon -- was only two to three months. Today, because of the Iran deal, it would certainly take Iran 12 month or more. And also with the unprecedented surveillance and accessibility this transaction puts in place, if Iran tries, we will certainly know and also sanctions will certainly snap earlier into place.

Here's exactly how we got to this point. Because October, Iran has:

Shipped 25,000 pounds that enriched uranium out of the countryDismantled and also removed two-thirds the its centrifugesRemoved the calandria native its hefty water reactor and filled it through concreteProvided unprecedented accessibility to its nuclear facilities and supply chain

Because Iran has actually completed this steps, the U.S. And international neighborhood can start the following phase under the JCPOA, which way the U.S. Will begin lifting the nuclear-related penalty on Iran. However, a variety of U.S. Penalty authorities and also designations will proceed to continue to be in place.


Learn more about the penalty that remain in location on Iran here.

Read the DealWhat You need To recognize (PDF)

No. Over there is no “self-inspection” the Iranian facilities, and the IAEA has in no way given responsibility for atom inspections to Iran. Not now and certainly no in the future.

That is not how the IAEA go business. Together IAEA Director basic Amano noted, the arrangements in between the IAEA and also Iran are technically sound and also consistent v the Agency’s long-established practice. They execute not compromise the IAEA’s safeguards standards in any kind of way. As we have actually said before—and together we briefed Congress totally in divide settings—the U.S. Government’s nuclear specialists are i was sure in the Agency’s technical plans for investigating the feasible military dimensions (PMD) the Iran’s previous program. Iran will not get additional sanctions relief until the IAEA verifies the Iran has completed its nuclear steps, consisting of those related to PMD.

And stop be clear—this issue is among past behavior.

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The United says has already made our judgment around the past. Us are concentrated on moving forward, in which us will count on the unprecedented durable monitoring, verification, and transparency measures ever before negotiated so us will know that any tasks that caused us concern have been stopped. Most importantly, we can snap sanctions earlier into location if Iran block inspections from taking place going forward.