From speaking at events around the people to writing a memoir and, many recently, signing a huge production resolve Netflix, Obama's life after the White House has actually been full and an extremely lucrative.

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These endeavours – together with the six-figure pension all former presidents get – have considerably contributed to Obama's approximated net precious of $US40 million ($56.2 million).

}" width="620" height="349"/>Barack and Michelle Obama. From speaking at events approximately the world to writing a memoir and, most recently, signing a huge production resolve Netflix, Barack Obama's life after ~ the White House has been complete and very lucrative. MANDEL NGAN

From the time he joined the us Senate in 2005 come the end of his presidency, Obama do $US20 million alone native his presidential salary, book royalties, and also investments, Forbes reported. And also based on all the tasks he has actually taken on in the quick time due to the fact that leaving the White House, we have the right to only intend him come make plenty of millions more.

From philanthropic efforts to vacationing where the sun shines to making irreversible investments in his daughters' education, here's exactly how Obama spends his fortune.

The Obamas gone into the White house with a $US1.3 million net worth in 2008. The has since grown come an approximated $US40 million.

From 2005 (when Barack Obama join the us Senate) to 2016, the Obamas earned a total of $US20.5 million native his federal government salary, publication royalties, investment income, and Michelle Obama's earnings from her task at university of Chicago Hospitals prior to she ended up being the very first lady.

Obama deserve $US400,000 a year during his eight years together president, and also he earns an yearly pension of around $US200,000 as a former president.

The lion's re-superstructure of the Obamas' fortune came from books. Indigenous 2005 to 2016, Obama earn $US15.6 million in breakthroughs and royalties native his publications The Audacity that Hope and also Of Thee ns Sing: A Letter to my Daughters and also royalties for Dreams From my Father, Forbes reported, citing taxes returns and also financial documents.

}"/>In 2007, Barack Obama purchase Bright directions age-based development plans, each worth $US50,000 come $US100,000, come pay for Malia's and also Sasha's college education. Malia began at Harvard last fall. Official White home Photo through Pete Souza

But Barack Obama's financially rewarding career as an writer isn't over. Critical year, he and Michelle signed book deals precious at the very least $US60 million.

Books aren't the Obamas' only foray into media — they newly signed a production deal with Netflix. While financial details haven't to be released, The brand-new York time reported that previous comparable deals were worth tens of millions of dollars.

Since leaving office, Obama has likewise been paid as much as $US400,000 because that public speaking events.

All points considered, the Obamas might stand to earn as lot as $US242.5 million in your post-presidency life, American college estimated.

}"/>The Obamas additionally made an invest in real estate. They required a new place come live after leaving the White House, so they to buy an 8200-square-foot mansion in Washington, DC, for $US8.1 million after previously renting it. RedFin

Here's how they have actually spent their fortune so much …

The Obamas think long-term as soon as it concerns their money. In 2007, Obama purchased Bright directions age-based growth plans, each worth $US50,000 to $US100,000, to pay because that Malia's and Sasha's college education. Malia started at Harvard critical fall.

The Obamas likewise made an invest in actual estate. They required a new place to live ~ leaving the White House, so they purchased an 8200-square-foot mansion in Washington, DC, because that $US8.1 million after formerly renting it.

At the moment of purchase, the was supposedly the second-most-expensive residence in the neighbourhood, ideal behind Jeff Bezos' previous textile museum rotate mansion.

In addition to their residence in Washington, DC, the Obamas still very own their residence in Chicago's Hyde Park neighbourhood the they bought because that $US1.65 million in 2005. Castle took out a $US1.3 million mortgage on the home. It's valued at around $US2.5 million.

}"/>Last year, Barack and also Michelle Obama signed book deals worth at least $US60 million. Essence

The Obamas have also enjoyed several vacations since leaving the White House. They very first headed to southerly California and also eventually make their method to Necker Island, wherein Obama was spotted kitesurfing with Richard Branson.

Obama additionally visited his residence state the Hawaii and also the island of Tetiaroa in French Polynesia, wherein he checked into a high-end resort dubbed The Brando. A night there in a one-bedroom villa can price anywhere from $US3034 to $US4,318.

The Obamas have also been spotted top top David Geffen's yacht with Oprah, Tom Hanks, and Bruce Springsteen; in ~ a alcohol tasting in Tuscany; and also river rafting in Indonesia.

The basic Services administration is compelled to provide a former president with enough money to cover travel and also business expenses, therefore it's difficult to say how much of their own money the Obamas invested on their vacations.

}"/>From left: Michelle Obama, Barack Obama and also their eldest daughter Malia ride your bikes if on holidays in Martha's Vineyard. AP

We do know wardrobe isn't contained in the package of presidential benefits and perks.

While Michelle has actually donned expensive designer apparel like piece from Naeem Khan and a Versace gown worth an approximated $US12,000 because that special occasions as the very first lady, she's also known for she casual, relatable style. She's frequently been spotted in affordable brands like J Crew, Target, and Converse.

Of course, she requirements the perfect outfit for date night, i beg your pardon she and also Barack always make time for. They couple was recently spotted attending a Beyoncé and Jay-Z concert.

Not all facets of their lives are together lavish together their vacations. Michelle opts because that a bag lunch, choose turkey chilli, over eating out, the previous president's cook of staff told People magazine. And she's a continuous at SoulCycle, which prices $US36 a class or $US900 because that 30 classes.

The Obamas likewise spend a far-reaching amount of your money ~ above philanthropy. Indigenous 2009 to 2015, they gave $US1.1 million come charity, Forbes reported.

During the time frame, castle donated to charities concentrating on glossesweb.comican-American causes, veterans, disaster relief, homelessness and housing, and health. Much more than fifty percent of their donations went to organisations for children.

Obama donated every the post-tax revenues from his children's book, Of Thee i Sing, to administer scholarships for kids of wounded and also fallen soldiers. The donations totaled $US392,000 indigenous 2009 to 2015.

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In 2015, Obama's penultimate year in office, the Obamas donated much more than $US64,000, or about 15 per cent of your income, come 34 charities, Time reported, citing taxation returns.

}"/>Election night in 2008. The Obamas entered the White residence with a $US1.3 million network worth in 2008. That has since grown come an approximated $US40 million. New York Times