WASHINGTON — new FEC reports exit Monday disclose that former 2020 candidate Mike Bloomberg spent end $1 billion on his short presidential bid. 

The reports display that he spent a total of $1,051,783,859.43 through March that this year. Bloomberg, among the richest men in the world, didn"t accept individual contributions during his bid and also instead self-funded his campaign. According to advertising Analytics, Bloomberg spent $453 million on television ads and also at the very least $82 million top top digital ads. He also invested greatly in polling and also building increase a large campaign of end 500 staffers throughout the country.

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Mike Bloomberg speaks during a project rally at the Palm coast County Convention facility in West Palm Beach, Fla., on in march 3, 2020.Matias J. Ocner / AP file

Late critical month, Bloomberg announced he’d pour $18 million into the autonomous National Committee, transferring the funds from his project to rise the party apparatus rather of producing his very own super PAC.

The former new York City mayor"s project now faces a potential class action lawsuit for allegedly promising work through November to over one thousand project staffers and also then laying them off after the campaign was suspended. The staffers stopped receiving paychecks in the an initial week of April, and will prevent receiving health treatment benefits in ~ the end of the month.

Bloomberg announced his candidacy in November and dropped the end of the race on march 4 after a negative performance on supervisor Tuesday. The billionaire entrepreneur’s only electoral victory remained in American Samoa. 

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GOP super PAC pledges $100,000 to assistance Rep. Steve King's major challenger

WASHINGTON — The GOP supervisor PAC, Defending main Street, announced that it will spend $100,000 to support the Republican state legislator challenging Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, in the 4th district congressional primary.

The team said Monday it would certainly invest in straight mail, phone call calls, and social media proclaiming aimed at an enhancing state senator Randy Feenstra over King, who has actually been thrown off all congressional committees after making racist comments in an interview.

Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, listens come a question during a news conference top top Aug. 23, 2019, in Des Moines, Iowa.Charlie Neibergall / AP file

“Now more than ever, the world of Iowa’s fourth District require a voice in Washington, D.C.,” Defending main Street Treasurer, buy it Chamberlain, stated in a statement.

“The tiny businesses, farmers, and also families the this district are being excluded indigenous eminently vital decision-making between the pandemic. It is time to regain the level of comprehensive representation this Iowans deserve," she added.

King was stripped of his committee assignments by residence Republicans last year after ~ they consistently condemned his remarks. The last straw for those home Republicans were comments critical January about white nationalism. 

King had actually asked in a brand-new York times interview: “White nationalist, white supremacist, Western people — exactly how did the language come to be offensive? Why did ns sit in classes to teach me around the merits the our history and our civilization?”

In a statement shortly after, King told NBC News: "I reject white nationalism. I reject white supremacy. It"s not part of any of my ideology. I refuse anyone who carries the ideology."

Feenstra has argued that King can not “defend chairman Trump” thanks to his hindered place in Congress. And he has run ads touting his pro-life credentials, assistance for Trump’s border wall, and capacity to “deliver” because that the area in the state Senate. 

Feenstra has actually raised $844,000 and also had $416,000 in his bank account at the finish of March. King has raised $301,000 and also had $27,000 in his financial institution account v March. The winner the that main — i beg your pardon is currently scheduled because that June 2 — will likely confront J.D. Scholten, the Democrat who was simply 3 percentage points far from beating King in 2018.

Defending key Street is a supervisor PAC aimed at supporting what it calls "governing Republicans." It"s aligned v the Republican key Street Partnership, a team that endorsed Feenstra previously this year.

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Prominent eco-friendly group endorses Joe Biden

WASHINGTON — previous vice president Joe Biden embraced an endorsement from a prominent eco-friendly advocacy group, the League of conservation Voters (LCV), Monday and suggested that he’s open to building on his climate plan with eco-friendly leaders and organizations.

The LCV, which aims to elect pro-environmental candidates nationwide, announced that is formal support for the obvious Democratic nominee in a statement Monday morning. That statement applauded Biden’s proposed climate plan and the candidate’s record of protecting the environment and also addressing the climate crisis. 

League that Conservation voters activists to visit a news conference exterior the Capitol in 2017 come oppose law that would open the Alaskan wilderness come oil drilling.Win McNamee / Getty images file

“We space proud come endorse Joe Biden to be the next president of the unified States,” LCV action Fund senior Vice chairman of federal government Affairs, Tiernan Sittenfeld, stated. “We can not afford the expense of inaction or one more four years of a trumped presidency.” 

Responding to the endorsement, the Biden campaign said in its own statement Monday that it’s committed to working v the LCV on broadening its current climate policy.

“I have actually asked my campaign to commence a procedure to meaningfully communicate with more voices from the climate movement,” Biden said. Together, his campaign in addition to leaders and also organizations like the LCV will certainly “collaborate on extr policies in areas ranging from environmental justice come new, concrete goals we can accomplish within a decade, to more investments in a clean energy economy.”

Biden stressed that climate change is an important issue this choice cycle, particularly for younger voters — a much more progressive demographic that his autonomous primary opponent, vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, had an ext success with throughout the nominating fight — and the it will be a height priority under his leadership if chosen president.

“In the months ahead, expanding this arrangement will be one of my key objectives,” Biden said. “I understand this is an concern that resonates through many, including young people and those who have seen floods, fires, and drought destroy lives and livelihoods.”

Biden released his initial climate agenda critical June. His "Plan for a Clean Energy revolution and ecological Justice" has a press for the United claims to reenter the Paris Climate Agreement, to accomplish net-zero emissions before 2050, to increase clean jobs and also to take various other actions to mitigate climate change. 

Some progressive environmental groups, prefer the Sunrise Movement, have actually criticized Biden"s to plan for no going much enough, and also have instead embraced more progressive candidates prefer Sanders. 

In the LCV’s endorsement of the candidate, the team slammed president Trump because that being an anti-environmental president and said that Biden will reclaim the U.S.’s status as a worldwide environmental leader.

“Since work one, Donald Trump has threatened our planet and risked the health of our communities — especially neighborhoods of color and also low-wealth areas — undermining the extraordinary climate tradition of the Obama-Biden administration,” Carol Browner, LCV plank Chair and former Clinton EPA Administrator, claimed in the statement. 

“We are all in to help elect Joe Biden,” she added. 

The LCV has invested $14 million in a direct-mail campaign and online heralding aimed at Trump in several swing states consisting of Arizona, Florida, Michigan, north Carolina, Pennsylvania and also Wisconsin.

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Democratic senators ask for $3.6 billion in next relief bill for mail-in voting

WASHINGTON — together lawmakers begin discussing what the next phase that coronavirus relief regulation will include, mail-in vote is coming to be one the the major fronts in the fight.

At least 40 democratic senators are expected come send a letter to all 4 congressional leaders on Monday, questioning for $3.6 billion in accumulation for global mail-in poll in the next major relief bill.

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The inquiry is likely to receive partisan opposition. Global mail-in voting has become a controversial issue with plenty of Republicans, consisting of President Donald trumped who claimed he is opposed. Republicans are likely to suggest to the $400 million Congress already appropriated to assist states accommodate voting changes in the care Act, the $2.2 sunshine coronavirus relief invoice passed critical month.