exactly how Much to be The Two and A fifty percent Men actors Paid for The first Episode & The last One Two and a fifty percent Men was well known for some of its cast raking in the money with high salaries. Several of those go up considerably from start to finish.

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Charlie and Jake sit together/Alan help an enlarge Jake
CBS" Two and a fifty percent Men has to be over for part time, but that doesn"t median it quiet isn"t one of the most highly-rated and also beloved sitcoms the end there. Indigenous cringy household dynamics come hilarious relationships and also mistakes, this present is bursting with a memorable cast.

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This actors has come to be absolutely iconic because that their work on the show, and also of course, they absolutely made a an excellent living act it. Native Charlie Sheen come Ashton Kutcher, the gibbs that lugged this display to life were definitely making some an excellent coin, and it only enhanced as your time and also popularity on this display did as well.

Two and a half Men Evelyn Harper at Charlie's
Holland Taylor is a veteran actress, however she automatically stole everyone"s hearts together Evelyn Harper. Fans loved to dislike her, and also while she only showed up now and also then, the was always a memorable and hilarious episode whenever she did.

Since this seasoned actress wasn"t specifically a "regular," her estimated salary per episode hovered approximately $75,000. Over there is also no indication that it ever before went increase or under as the display went on. Plus, her appearances only came to be less and less as points went on.

Two and also a fifty percent Men Berta at the House
Berta is everyone"s favorite an additional character native this sitcom, however it transforms out she to be actually one of the shortest paid. Sure, she probably had actually the the very least amount that lines out of castle all, and she was still make a chuck amount.

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She was tho bringing in over $1 million a year and forever solidified it s her in the hearts of fans of this show, and television in general. She passed far in 2020, but will constantly remain timeless as Berta on this series.

Two and also a fifty percent Men Alan & Jake at Table
Angus T. Jones was the highest-paid boy on television once he to be still a minor, play Alan"s son, Jake. He began the display with a pretty stellar signing bonus and was earning end $200,000 per episode. By the finish of his time ~ above the show, he was making about $300,000.

Before transforming 18, that"s a lot of money to be earning, and Angus T. Jones absolutely made background in law so. He to be a beloved and also hysterical character on television, well-known for being the mischievous child that the is. The course, that walked away prior to the show"s end, however not without making quite the life first.

5 Melanie Lynskey: $200,000 - $300,000

Two and a fifty percent Men rose on Deck
It"s a little unclear just how much Melanie Lynskey"s salary was raised throughout her time on the show. However, reports show she was originally earning approximately $200,000. Together Rose"s popular skyrocketed and she appeared an ext and more, this without doubt only went up.

Lynskey is a jug actress in both television and film, yet she made a whopping sum of money from her recurring role on Two and also a half Men. It"s difficult to forget her together the lovable villain, Rose, no issue what various other roles she plays.

Marin Hinkle will always be a familiar face, as Judith, for anyone that loves television. This actress is definitely the most well-known for this part, and also she showed up in end 100 episodes throughout the course of the series, making around $500,000 per.

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There isn"t any indication the Marin Hinkle made any much more or much less money together the collection went on. However, this well-known television actress was currently worth enough that she might rake in a kind amount for the run of the show.

3 Jon Cryer: $550,000 - $620,000

It"s unclear exactly how much Jon Cryer to be making in the an initial episode that the show, but during the center seasons, he was raking in around $550,000 every episode! through the final few seasons with Ashton Kutcher, his pay was bumped up to $620,000.

Jon Cryer is in reality the only actor ~ above the show to have appeared in every single episode! He absolutely earned his fame and also fortune from playing the top (and mysteriously lovable) Alan Harper, and also there"s no doubt why his salary enhanced substantially end the years.

Ashton Kutcher ended increase being among the highest-paid gibbs on television once he join the set of this hit sitcom as Walden Schmidt. However, Ashton Kutcher apparently never actually got a raise - however he to be making a lot as quickly as the started.

He also only had a few seasons under his belt for the series, and fans are specific he probably wasn"t complaining about $700,000 per episode - once the display has about 22 episodes per season. He certainly earned a pretty penny and kept the present going for a couple of more seasons.

1 Charlie Sheen: $800,000 - $1,800,000

It"s rumored that Charlie Sheen has constantly been make a whopping amount of money for this tv series. However, nothing quite compares to his last days top top the show, once he to be making nearly 2 million dollars per episode.

He was, no shockingly, the highest-paid tv actor in ~ the height of his salary and also time ~ above this series. Back he"s absolutely moved on, it"s pretty difficult not to associate Charlie Sheen with the iconic role of Charlie Harper.

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