Image caption, Jeanise Jones (right) has actually been praised because that deflecting misogynistic comments throughout the spoof documentary
Over $110,000 (£85,000) has been increased in assistance of an unwitting star of Sacha Baron Cohen's brand-new mockumentary, Borat subsequent Moviefilm.

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Jeanise Jones, 62, was recruited because that the film the sees Kazakh reporter Borat play pranks on united state citizens.

She features in number of scenes after gift asked come babysit the fictional daughter the Cohen's infamous character.

Following the film's relax last week, she church pastor set up a crowdfunding page for pan "to say give thanks to you".

Pastor Derrick Scobey claimed Ms Jones, that was hired from the congregation of Ebenezer Baptist Church in Oklahoma City, had recently lost her task of 32 years due to the coronavirus pandemic.

On the crowdfunding page, grandfather Scobey stated the movie's producers had asked for a "black grandmother because that a small function in a documentary".

During filming, multiple sclerosis Jones was tasked through looking after Borat's daughter, Tutar, that was played by actress Maria Bakalova.

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In a variety of scenes, multiple sclerosis Jones deflects misogynistic comments made by mr Cohen's character, urges Tutar to "be happy" and also tells she to "use your brain, since your dad is a liar".

Image source, Amazon Studios

"This was not scripted because that Jeanise. It all come from the heart," claimed Mr Scobey. "She is one of the most authentic people I've ever before met."

In an interview through the brand-new York Post, ms Jones claimed of her appearance in the film that she was "trying to provide the best advice i know".

"In that kind of situation, you can't aid but have patience due to the fact that you're do the efforts to assist somebody - at least, that's what i thought," she said.

Speaking to Variety, she said she to be yet to watch the film. She was paid $3,600 because that her role in the movie, which attracted millions the viewers during its opening weekend ~ above Amazon Prime.

Ms Jones said that, since filming, she had actually been concerned about Tutar's welfare. However after a friend proved her a trailer for the movie earlier this month, she has looked back on the experience with an excellent humour.

"I'm happy to understand not really in that situation," she called Variety. ", ns don't know. The wasn't real, therefore I would shake his hand and say, 'You acquired me.'"