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democratic presidential candidate Rep. Tulsi Gabbard. Reuters


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Sen. Cory Booker: $6.6 million


autonomous U.S. Presidential candidate city council Cory Booker attends an event in Sioux City Reuters

Booker, who has actually consistently struggled come break above 2% in democratic primary polls, an extremely narrowly boosted on his third-quarter fundraising by around $600,000, with fifty percent of his full haul coming from first-time donors.

Source: Washington Post

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Sen. Amy Klobuchar the Minnesota: $11.4 million


autonomous U.S. Presidential candidates city council Amy Klobuchar criticizes south Bend market Pete Buttigieg at the 2020 project debate in ~ Loyola Marymount university in Los Angeles Reuters

Klobuchar is positioning herself as a pragmatic and also highly electable alternative to Biden because that moderate voter unlikely to poll for Sanders or Warren and also is do a play for Iowa, heavily investing her resources in the an initial early vote state.

Klobuchar an ext than doubled her third-quarter fundraising power by one eye-popping $6.6 million after ~ bringing in just $4.8 million in Q3.

Source: Politico

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Andrew Yang: $16.5 million


businessman Andrew Yang go in the rotate room ~ the sixth 2020 U.S. Autonomous presidential candidates project debate at Loyola Marymount college in Los Angeles, California, U.S. Reuters

Yang has actually experienced among the many meteoric rises in the 2020 campaign and has additionally reported one of the largest renovations on fundraising, likewise heavily relying on the grassroots, digital donor model.

His project announced happen in $16.5 million in the 3rd quarter, a huge $6.5 million rise over their third-quarter to draw of $10 million.

Source: new York Times

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Sen. Elizabeth Warren: $21.2 million

city council Elizabeth Warren participates in one interview in the spin room after the sixth 2020 U.S. Autonomous presidential candidates campaign debate at Loyola Marymount college in Los Angeles, California, U.S Reuters

Warren was the one the end of the four leading candidates to see her fundraising decrease between Q3 and Q4, falling native $24.6 million indigenous Q3 as she has actually lost support and also stature in major polls. Her typical donation to be $23.

Source: Politico

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Former Vice president Joe Biden: $22.7 million

former Vice chairman Joe Biden participates in the 6th 2020 U.S. Autonomous presidential candidates campaign debate at Loyola Marymount university in Los Angeles, California, U.S. Reuters

Biden"s latest haul is a substantial improvement over his Q3 performance, once Biden concerned wealthy democratic donors by only raising $15 million, trailing behind Sen.Bernie Sanders, Sen.Elizabeth Warren, and also former MayorPete Buttigieg.

The Biden campaign said they double their online fundraising compared to 2019"s third quarter, happen their median donation amount come $23 and also attracting a huge number that first-time contributors. They have actually not announced their complete cash ~ above hand.

Source:Business Insider

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Former mayor Pete Buttigieg: $24.7 million

autonomous presidential candidate previous South Bend, Indiana mayor Pete Buttigieg leaves after hold a project event in ~ the Majestic theatre on December 29, 2019 in Centerville, Iowa. Getty Images/Joe Raedle

Right out of the gate, Buttigieg confirmed himself to it is in a very talented fundraiser, winning over countless wealthy high-dollar and small-dollar donors alike. Buttigieg carried in $24.7 million in Q4, a large improvement of $5.6 million contrasted to his Q3 haul of $19.1 million.

Source: Business Insider

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Sen. Bernie Sanders: $34.5 million

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders and also Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez during a project rally in ~ Venice coast in Los Angeles, California. Reuters

Sanders — who pioneered the grassroots fundraising version in his 2016 project — boosted on his second-quarter fundraising by over $11 million, happen in a stunning $34.5 million in Q4.

The Sanders campaign also announced they had actually officially received 5 million separation, personal, instance donations transparent his campaign, v an typical contribution size of $18.

Source:Business Insider

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President Donald Trump and the RNC: $154 million

chairman Donald Trump speak to the media after participating in a video teleconference v members of the U.S. Military at Trump's Mar-a-Lago will in Palm Beach, Florida, top top December 24, 2019. Leah Millis/Reuters

Unlike the Democrats, Trump has the big advantage of gift the presumptive GOP nominee and also having the Republican national Committee already behind him, including fundraising ~ above his behalf.

The trump campaign and also the RNC reported raising a combined sum that $154 million in the third quarter and also are heavily capitalizing on the ongoing impeachment inquiry right into Trump, through $46 million coming from the Trump campaign itself.

In all, Trump and the RNC elevated a staggering sum of $463 million in the direction of the president"s re-election project in 2019, setup the phase for one expensive general election battle.

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Source:Washington Post

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