Andrew Luck net worth, job earnings and salary: Andrew lucky is a retired American football player who has actually a net worth that $40 million dollars. In 2016, Andrew luck signed a 5 year $123 million disagreement contract extension that contained a $32 million signing bonus. The made Andrew lucky the highest-paid player in the NFL based upon average salary.

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Although Luck just played in the NFL because that a full of 7 seasons, that was considered to be very talented during his time top top the field. After a successful collegiate career, Andrew was drafted by the Colts in 2012. The subsequently showed his worth throughout his rookie season together a true "dual-threat quarterback" v passing and running skills.

However, Luck was plagued by injures that first made your presence recognized in 2014. Three periods passed through Andrew spending substantial time top top the sidelines. His injuries fully prevented the from play a solitary game in 2017, yet he reverted to form in 2018. Unfortunately, this proved to it is in the last hurrah for Luck, as he retired before the 2019 season together a result of continued injuries. However, he made sure to retire top top a high note, as his vault season left nothing to be desired. Today, the is considered one the the biggest athletes to have actually retired in ~ the optimal of their game.

Was at once the highest-paid player in the NFLEarned a total of $97 million in value alone during his careerEarned millions more from endorsementsReceived a $14.5 million signing bonus as soon as drafted as the #1 pickHis 2016 contract came through a $32 million signing bonusBy retiring v 3 years left ~ above his contract, he provided up $58 millionArguably offered up $200-300 million in future earningsColts owner Jim Irsay approximated Andrew gave up $400-500 million

Career Earnings

At the optimal of his career Andrew deserve an annual salary that $24 million dollars. On august 24, 2019 Andrew stunned the sports world when that announced his retirement from the NFL after gift plagued through a number of persistent injuries. Andrew lucky earned just over $97 million in salary alone throughout his career.

Early Life

Andrew Austen Luck was born on September 12th the 1989 in Washington, D.C. His dad Oliver to be commissioner the the XFL, and he additionally served together the executive, management vice president because that regulatory affairs at the NCAA. Elevated in a roman Catholic household, Andrew focused on church and also sports throughout his beforehand years. Due to his father"s involvement in the soccer world, the spent much of his at an early stage childhood in London and Frankfurt. Throughout his time in London, Luck became an avid fan of soccer. Eventually, he and his four siblings relocated come Indianapolis through their family, and then come Texas. In the Lone Star State, Andrew attend high school and also began to establish himself together a star quarterback.

After graduating native high school, Luck was recruited by Stanford University. As soon as there, he play under coaches prefer Jim Harbaugh and David Shaw. Andrew first became a starting quarterback in his student in the first year year. That quickly became one the the most effective quarterbacks in the collegiate world. Return he can have departed from Stanford in 2011, he chose to continue to be at Stanford in bespeak to complete his degree. ~ the 2011 season, he won the scholastic All-America of the Year award, having led Stanford to great achievements while additionally earning his bachelor"s degree in architectural design.

NFL career

Andrew Luck gotten in the NFL breeze in 2012 as one of the many highly-rated prospects. Experts were calling the the best quarterback because Peyton Manning, and also he was ultimately chosen through the Colts. He started strong, throwing a 63-yard touchdown pass in his debut game. He began every game that season and led the Colts come 11 wins. This to be a brand-new record because that the Colts. Luck"s fortune continued well into 2014, but he experienced an hurt shoulder in ~ the start of the 2015 season. This to be the beginning of a lengthy string of injury difficulties for Andrew.

He then experienced a lacerated kidney and also a partially torn abdominal muscle muscle, sidelining him for the rest of the season. He endured a concussion throughout the 2016 season before receiving surgical treatment on his shoulder. This operation treatment caused him to miss the 2017 season entirely, together he was compelled to travel to Europe for extr treatment. 2018 proved to Luck"s last season, and he perfect on a high note. ~ being called to the pro Bowl for the fourth time and winning the nationwide Football league Comeback Player that the Year Award, Andrew determined to retire.

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Andrew Luck

Net Worth:$40 Million
Salary:$9 Million
Date of Birth:Sep 12, 1989 (32 years old)
Height:6 ft 3 in (1.93 m)
Profession:American football player, Athlete
Nationality:United states of America

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