After the early stage 9/11 victim counting of 3,000 deceased victims and 6,000 hurt ones, the numbers have actually increased to approximately 10,000 civilization that have actually been diagnosed through cancer or died from it.

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While giving victim compensation for so plenty of survivors and very first responders might take part time and also require a enlarge budget, the 9/11 Victim Compensation fund bill to be passed nearly unanimously and also welcomed by the general public.

In this article, find the answer to the question many human being ask—how much did every victim get through the VCF Fund?

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What Is the Victim Compensation Fund?

The federal federal government needed a means to prevent lawsuits against airline companies affiliated in the assault on the world Trade center on September 11, 2001. By developing the 9/11 Victim Compensation money (VCF), the Air transportation Safety and System Stabilization Act controlled to gain victims to agree no to document any lawsuits in exchange for financial compensation.

The Victim Compensation money has a long background with numerous reauthorizations. The VCF endured plenty of reenactments and also improvements the 9/11 victim compensation bills, such together the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act.

While the VCF was established to stop potential lawsuits, its key goal currently is to reimburse the twin Towers strike victims and their families for the 9/11-related deaths and injuries.

Until 2019, the Victim Compensation fund was in the interim funded. In July the 2019, the Senate passed the never Forget the Heroes: permanent Authorization the the September 11th Victim Compensation fund Act, expanding the Fund and giving it irreversible funding.

Who Is Eligible for Victim Compensation Awards?

Before reauthorization and also expanded budget, the Victim Compensation fund had already spent more than $7 exchange rate compensating much more than 2,500 making it through victims and practically 3,000 deceased victims’ household members.

The 9/11 attack victims are all people and first responders present anywhere in the new York City Exposure Zone—including people Trade Center and also the debris removal sites—in any duration from September 11, 2001, and also May 30, 2002.

Not anyone can file a claim with the VCF. Here is who qualifies:

Individuals that suffered direct injuries from the attack or arisen attack-related illnessesFamily members of human being who passed away during 9/11 or from cancer or other condition caused by the attackPersonal representatives of incapable enduring victims

If you believe you or your family members member qualify because that 9/11 victim compensation, below is what the VCF requires you come do:

Register v the Victim Compensation Fund prior to the deadline according to her caseFile a insurance claim with the VCF before October 1, 2090Withdraw or settle any lawsuit regarding the people Trade facility attackProve the you were current in the brand-new York City Exposure ZoneProve the your illness significantly worsened, in instance you have already received compensation from the VCFShow proof of the lawful authority if you’re submit a case on who else’s behalf

Everything You have to Know around the Victim Compensation fund Payouts

According come the Eighth annual Status Report, in 2019, the VCF make victim compensation payouts to almost 26,000 claimants in the quantity of $6 billion.

Check the complying with table to watch the payout amounts per claimant classification in the fiscal year:

Claimant CategoryNumber of vested ClaimantsPayout Amount
First Responder—New York18,213$4,273,923,287
Non-Responder NYC—Other Capacity3,551$888,702,178
Non-Responder NYC—Cleaning and also Maintenance732$94,006,674
Resident within NYC Exposure Zone632$141,524,390
No Response410$75,241,165
NYC—Other Capacity215$58,116,927
First Responder—Pentagon36$11,059,484

What Is the median Compensation because that 9/11 Victims?

In the an initial years of the Victim Compensation Fund, compensation for an individual injury cases ranged from $500 come $8,6 million. For death claims, the average compensation was $2,082,128.

From the VCF’s reauthorization, the fund has approved an ext than 50,000 claims, with an ext than 16,000 quiet in the process of obtaining compensation.

The lowest compensation amount to be $87.02.

Apply for 9/11 Victim Compensation fund Payouts through

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We will immediately procedure the information you provide us and record a insurance claim with the Victim Compensation Fund.

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