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The Patriots had actually a sequence plan prepared for Tom Brady as at an early stage as 2014. Lock selected Jimmy Garoppolo in the second round that the 2014 NFL Draft and he to be seemingly bill Belichick"s quarterback the the future. After all, Brady was 37 in 2014, so he wouldn"t be playing for too much longer, right?

Not quite. Brady is still play in the NFL seven periods later. He is currently in the middle of his 22nd NFL season in ~ the age of 44. That means he has actually spent fifty percent of his life play in the league. And also so far, the has displayed no indicators of slowly down.

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Brady is turn off to a fast start in 2021. He has actually thrown because that 1,087 yards and 10 touchdowns in three games this season and also is on speed for high-water clues in passing yardage and also passing touchdowns. His waiting yards every attempt that 8.5 is his finest mark due to the fact that 2015.

Brady will have actually a starting job as long as he proceeds to play favor that. The only question is about how much much longer he will want to play. Brady has spoken about retirement in the past, but he has likewise discussed playing into his late 40s — and perhaps come 50.

When will Tom Brady retire? Here"s what the Buccaneers" quarterback has said around his future and when that could challenge a an overwhelming decision around calling the quits.

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When will certainly Tom Brady retire?

Brady doesn"t have any type of sort of hard-line date in mind because that his retirement. He recognized that he"s acquisition the decision ~ above a year-by-year communication at this point during his career.

“I’ll just need to evaluate all that when it comes,” Brady said, per USA this day Sports. “It’s a physics sport; anything can happen. So i’m going come go out there this year and also give whatever I’ve got like I’ve done every other year, and then take it from there.”

Brady claimed in a June interview v Jim Gray that his goal was originally to play with his age-45 season, which would certainly come in 2022. He plans to live as much as that commitment, yet beyond? That remains uncertain.

"I felt because that a long time, I might play till I was 45 year old," Brady said. "I think i committed to say, "Hey, I"m going to play till I"m 45." and also this year I"ll it is in 44, which normally takes me come the following year. I"ve got a two-year contract. We"ll view what happens beyond that."

So, impede an injury or a poor regression of Brady"s skillset, intend him to it is in on a ar until at the very least 2022. However even that timeline might be premature, as Brady has actually indicated that he trust he deserve to play until 50. It"s simply a issue of even if it is he will.

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Could Tom Brady play until he"s 50?

Most recently, Brady seemed to show that playing until 50 would certainly be a an obstacle for him. The wouldn"t dominance it the end completely, yet he did recognize that he constantly had a various retirement age in mind.

"50? it is a lengthy time. Even for me, it is a lengthy time," Brady told USA this particular day Sports" Jori Epstein. “I’ve constantly said 45 was the period that I wanted to reach and that was my goal. This year I’ll be 44, so following year I’ll be 45. I gained a two-year contract.

“I’m walking to have the ability to obviously pat this year and God forbid something happens however play following year and then view what wake up after that. If i still want to store playing, ns might have the ability to do that. And also if that’s enough, climate that would be enough.”

However, in an episode of the Bucs" YouTube present "Tommy and also Gronky," Brady claimed that he probably might do it.

"I don’t discover it for this reason difficult," Brady stated of play at period 44. "Plus in Florida, it’s type of a pensioner state so i feel favor I deserve to play and then just glide right into retirement. Ns think I deserve to . I think the a yes.”

As Brady comprehensive later in the week, the keyword in his statement to be "could."

“Well, i think Gronk request if I assumed I could," Brady said of playing until he"s 50, per NESN. "Whether i think I deserve to or ns will are two various things. So, i think indigenous my human body standpoint and also how I’ve to be able to take treatment of myself over the years deserve to put me in a position to perform that, and you never recognize what can occur as ns keep moving forward. I know I’m having actually a lot of fun playing. And also again, in ~ my age, i’ve agreed come play next year, together well, but past that, it’ll just take the year by year.”

"I’ve placed myself in a great position to ns think also this year compete really hard and play well," the added. "I’m gonna shot to do the same next year, and beyond that, fine see. However I’m gonna store tightening up my program a small bit an ext and an ext each year.”

So, if Brady isn"t ruling out playing until he"s 50, it doesn"t sound favor he"s banking on that either.

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What invoice Belichick, Bucs GM Jason Licht think around Brady"s future

Jason Licht was among the very first to express confidence the Brady could play until he turns 50.

“I told that if he desires to pat til he’s 50 and also he’s tho playing and also he feels like he have the right to still play, climate he play till he’s 50,” Licht stated of Tom Brady in May.

Bill Belichick is a believer in Brady as well. He provided Brady"s hard work and also self-care routines as two an essential factors the could permit him to play longer than any kind of other player in NFL history.

"Nothing Tom walk surprises me," Belichick said, every ESPN"s Mike Reiss. "He"s a good player, works hard, takes care of himself. He"s talked around playing until 50. If anybody can do it, he probably can.

"Tom"s had actually an unbelievable career. There"s not enough superlatives and also adjectives to compliment the on whatever that he"s completed and proceeds to achieve. It"s unbelievably impressive."

Like Brady, neither would guarantee the quarterback would play till he"s 50, but they at least believe in him. So, if Brady desires to store playing, the may have a chance to execute it. It"s simply a matter of even if it is he desires to save playing past his present two-year contract.

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But because that now, the question about Brady"s retirement is quiet unanswered. We all recognize it"s comes at some point, but as long as the keeps play well, he"ll have actually the choice to push it further right into the future.