We speak to grass-farming food activist Nick Ball around how numerous acres you need to raise cattle. This is the last installment in our six-partseries, "How plenty of acres carry out you need?" Be sure to check out the various other fiveinstallments:

How many acresdo you need to raise cattle?

This inquiry conjures up images of thousand-acre ranches with numerous cows (and several good-looking cowboys) roaming with acres and acres that splotchy pastures.

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But to the modern-day aspiring understand farmer, it additionally brings forth photos of elevating one or 2 cows top top a family members homestead for your meat or milk.

Regardless of how you envision it, this is a big question v a lot of components to think about such as…

“How plenty of cows execute you desire to raise?”“Will the cows be raised for milk or meat?”“Will there be any other animals grazing ~ above the property?”“What is the quality of the pasture ~ above the land?”“Will the cows be elevated for homesteading/personal use or as a business?”

Today, we’re walking to emphasis on raising cattle on 100% grass because that meat, with valuable information and tips that will certainly serve understanding farmers, homesteaders, or those aspiring to raise cattle for a living.

Grass-fed beef has actually been defined by the Washington post as “the meat that the moment.”

Consumers can not seem come get enough of it and also are ready to pay peak dollar for it.

Why? The health and wellness benefits.

Grass-fed, pasture-raised, or pastured beef has less saturated fat and also is greater in omega-3 fat acids, conjugated linoleic acid and antioxidants. That usually has no gene modified (GMO) feed (unless the cows are given GMO alfalfa hay), and, when managed sustainably, is far much better for the environment and more humane for the cows.

With every the wellness benefits because that the consumer, the animal and the world it appears grass-fed beef is right here to stay.

But just how much land perform you need for a grass-fed beef farm?

The answer: it depends who you ask, together all grass farms are not created equal.

Today, we talk through former construction worker rotate grass-farming food activist Nick round of Wauka Meadows ranches in phibìc Georgia around rotational grazing and how it create a super-efficient grass farm yard that allows you to graze an ext cattle on much less land.

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If friend think friend need numerous acres come raise grass-fed beef for a living then prepare to rethink cattle farming.

How a mother’s fight with cancer bring about a grass farming enterprise

Nick sphere with his family

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