Wendy"s brings different things to mind for people, depending upon who girlfriend ask. Because that some, Wendy"s burgers, through their signature square patties, define the chain. For others, it"s the frosty, arguably made for dipping braided fries into. Possibly the small potato and also chili, points you don"t really uncover at any other fast food chain, are what stands the end the most. And for many, it"s Wendy"s chicken that automatically comes to mind, be it the classic nuggets, or the ever before popular spicy chicken sandwich. The course, if you"re one for maintaining up through trends, you"re more than likely leaning towards the latter. 

Now, you may think Wendy"s spicy chicken sandwich is just one more attempt through a quick food chain (and a burgess chain in ~ that) to record the public"s short attention and dominate a pass fad. Yet there"s actually a lot an ext to the sandwich than that, and the truth may just surprise you. glossesweb.com did all the digging top top this spicy group pleaser. Here"s the truth about Wendy"s spicy chicken sandwich.

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While it may seem choose we"ve all been sampling, ranking, and debating chicken sandwiches forever, our current obsession is in reality pretty new. Follow to Restaurant business Magazine, the chicken sandwich wars just really began in 2019, as hard as that is to believe (to it is in fair, 2020 felt like a whole decade ~ above its own). Therefore you could think that Wendy"s spicy chicken sandwich is a relatively newer offering, but you"d be an extremely wrong. Wendy"s has been make chicken sandwiches — and also their spicy counterparts — well before they to be cool: Wendy"s presented it"s spicy chicken sandwich as a new menu staple way back in 1996. 

Since then, so many other items have actually come and also gone native the Wendy"s menu, native boneless wings to Twisted Frostys to deli sandwiches — and also let"s no forget that brief time as soon as they to be covering whatever in Wendy"s queso. With it all, the spicy chicken sandwich remained, and also fans quiet love the today.

Like so plenty of of our favorite quick food staples, Wendy"s spicy chicken sandwich started out as a limited time menu offering. It"s a strategy that allows a restaurant to try brand-new things without too lot investment if lock don"t work out. It"s additionally a an excellent marketing trick to get consumers rushing to gain their hands on a product that can sell out fast (via QSR). In this case, Wendy"s wanted to test the waters and see if the public had an appetite for a excellent up chicken sandwich from a chain well-known for all points beef and potatoes.

Turns out, castle most absolutely did. Shortly after Wendy"s tested the sandwich in 1995, the chain states customers demanded it end up being a permanent food selection item; by September 1996, your demands had been met. Probably it was inevitable. From the very start, Wendy"s advertised the spicy chicken sandwich as an item of "burning desire." and as Wendy"s vice chairman of brand marketing puts it, "once people taste Wendy"s Spicy Chicken Sandwich, they loss under that hot and also spicy spell."

These days, spicy chicken sandwiches space basically a dime a dozen at rapid food chains. Indigenous Popeye"s to McDonald"s, Chick-fil-A come Burger King, it seems that everyone has actually taken up arms in the spicy chicken sandwich wars. Also Taco Bell has actually its own iteration the a spicy chicken sandwich (via Today). And also the fierce opinions over which sandwich reigns supreme are just as large as the variety of options one has to choose from.

Some would certainly say the tidal wave of completing spicy chicken sandwiches all began with Popeyes. And while it may be true the Popeyes" sandwich collection the net on fire, so to speak, it"s worth noting that we might not also be having the dispute at all if the weren"t for Wendy"s. Years ago, well before chicken sandwiches to be ubiquitous among quick organization restaurants and national arguments on Twitter to be a thing, Wendy"s was starting a new trend without even realizing it. The chain cases it was actually the first major fast food restaurant to introduce a spicy chicken sandwich top top its menu, and customers fell in love fast. In fact, Wendy"s boldly declares the it"s spicy chicken sandwich has made the "one that the undisputed leader in spicy chicken."

Sadly because that Wendy"s, the chain has arguably been outdone by several of its competitors on the spicy chicken sandwich front. Yet it seems just fair to provide credit wherein credit is due.

When friend pull approximately the Wendy"s drive-thru, there are a lot of of options for friend to select from. Also if you"re just in the mood for a chicken sandwich, you"ve still gained 14 different selections on Wendy"s existing menu. You"ve got your original fried chicken sandwich together with a healthier grilled version. Then there"s the more unique choices like the Asiago Ranch Chicken society or the Crispy Chicken BLT, newer inventions like the Pretzel Bacon Pub Chicken sandwich or the Jalapeño Popper Chicken sandwich, and also more. It deserve to be overwhelming. 

But in ~ the finish of the day, most customers space going for the ever before popular spicy chicken sandwich. It"s to be on the menu much longer than almost every various other sandwich, and it"s the pan favorite among customers, according to Wendy"s. In a push release, the company"s vice president of brand marketing declared that "this original classic has long been Wendy"s top selling chicken sandwich."

Wendy's spicy chicken sandwich is made with a distinct blend the seasoning, amongst other ingredients

Every rapid food chain offer up a spicy chicken sandwich has its very own tried and tested concoction that spices and ingredients to accomplish their signature taste and texture — and also Wendy"s is no exception. The chain insurance claims that its chicken chest is coated in a special blend the spices, which encompass black pepper, chili pepper, and also mustard seed.

A rapid peek at Wendy"s ingredient list, which can be discovered on the chain"s website, provides even much more insight into exactly how this sandwich is made. Over there are likewise hints that celery seed, paprika, and also turmeric in the chicken breast itself. And it"s precious noting the the breading and also the bun contains man-made additives in the form of phosphates.

While the chicken may contain a laundry perform of ingredients, the sandwich chin is nice simple, served just with lettuce, tomato and mayo.

A spicy chicken sandwich indigenous Wendy"s is really likely to accomplish your craving because that a delicious, savory sandwich, yet it"s probably not walk to cut it if you"re focused on eating healthy. Let"s break down the numbers. Wendy"s spicy chicken sandwich is 500 calorie by itself. Make it a meal v fries and also a drink, and you"re spring at almost everywhere from 770 to an ext than 1,000 calories.

However, it"s not just the calorie you should be wary of; the sandwich is additionally packed v a lining 19 grams that fat, 51 grams the carbs, 65 milligrams that cholesterol, and almost 1,000 milligrams that sodium. That"s almost fifty percent the lot of sodium that specialists recommend adults consume in a whole day, every the FDA.

We"re not informing you not to enjoy that spicy chicken sandwich indigenous Wendy"s. Go ahead and also savor the fries and also soda, too. Simply be conscious of what you"re consuming.

Just since Wendy"s spicy chicken sandwich is the oldest one ~ above the sector doesn"t necessarily median it"s the best, relying on who you ask. The public"s feelings about this spicy sandwich are mixed.

The taste testers in ~ Insider referred to as Wendy"s spicy chicken sandwich "a fuddy-duddy the a chicken sandwich" the was "soggy and sad" v dry chicken and means too much mayo. One Wendy"s lover on Reddit dubbed the sandwich "just okay" and also agreed that "the quantity of mayo is excessive" come the point that it made the sandwich "difficult come eat."

But there are still plenty who count Wendy"s as their go-to spicy chicken sandwich, reports Mic. Lot of of Redditors agree, saying they favor Wendy"s spicy chicken sandwich to the cult favorite that is Chick-fil-A. Maybe it"s the flavor, or perhaps it comes under to the nostalgia factor; one fan detailed that Wendy"s sandwich has actually "been a favourite of mine since I was a kid," including that "it"s not overly hot, and also it has good flavor in enhancement to the warmth that is there." one more said "Wendy"s presented me to spicy chicken sandwiches and also I tho love theirs."

It could be hard to think in the people of fast food, however Wendy"s 25-year-old spicy chicken sandwich has actually seemingly been made through the very same recipe since it was an initial introduced. Wendy"s has never official announced any changes to their initial spicy chicken sandwich, yet that doesn"t typical that pan aren"t quiet speculating that something is various — and also it"s no a great thing. 

One disappointed Wendy"s fan on Reddit asked "What occurred to the Spicy Chicken Sandwich?" They case that it "was when my favorite chicken sandwich in all quick food" but now "the chicken has become bland, and really flat." lock aren"t alone in their misery. One more poster stated "The Spicy Chicken Sandwich is my go-to, however over the previous year or for this reason it seems to have become consistently thinner." There to be several other Redditors who agreed that the spicy chicken sandwich was smaller or thinner than it offered to it is in in the past. And also one upset Wendy"s pan went so far regarding declare the "death that the spicy chicken sandwich," declare Wendy"s sandwich isn"t together spicy together it offered to be, and also "now it"s pathetic."

If you"re feather to acquire your spicy chicken sandwich deal with at Wendy"s, you currently have an ext than one choice to choose from. In addition to Wendy"s standard spicy chicken sandwich, which you can order by itself or together a combo meal, there"s additionally a 2nd spicy sandwich accessible on the value menu. Wendy"s presented the brand-new Spicy Crispy Chicken Sandwich in august of 2020 (via QSR). The new sandwich is available as component of Wendy"s much loved 4 for $4 worth deal, which lets customers develop their own mix-and-match meal by pairing an entrée — a Jr. Cheeseburger, Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger, or chicken sandwich — through a 4-piece chicken nugget, a small order of fries, and a 16-ounce drink.

The greatest difference in between the Spicy Crispy Chicken Sandwich, and also Wendy"s initial spicy chicken sandwich seems to be that the patty on the brand-new sandwich is thinner, and has the consistency of a large, flat chicken nugget, rather than a breaded item of chicken breast (via The Washington Post). Furthermore, the crispy sandwich is served sans tomato. It might not be the most interesting spicy sandwich you"ve ever laid eye on, however for just four bucks because that a whole meal, it"ll get the job done.

Sometimes girlfriend don"t require anything an ext than the standard to fulfill your spicy chicken sandwich craving, however at Wendy"s girlfriend have choices anyway if friend feel like spicing points up even more. Wendy"s is recognized for commonly rolling the end creative, occasionally over-the-top food selection items, plenty of of which just last because that a limited time (via QSR). And also that includes plenty that spicy chicken sandwich innovations.

For example, for a when Wendy"s offered a Jalapeño Fresco Spicy Chicken Sandwich, which had the very same spicy chicken chest customers know and also love, every done up with fresh jalapeños, spicy pepper jack cheese, a jalapeño bun, and ghost pepper sauce. These days, you can order one upgraded variation of the spicy chicken sandwich in the type of a Spicy Jalapeño Popper Sandwich, a Spicy Pretzel Bacon Pub Sandwich, and also a Spicy Asiago Ranch Club.

And the course, girlfriend can always just get an innovative and physician up your sandwich on your own — probably by adding some that Wendy"s chili ~ above top?

Because pan love Wendy"s spicy chicken sandwich so much, the chain likes to use it as bait to get more customers lining up. That means you will generally find meal deals and also promos for the spicy chicken sandwich. Because that example, critical summer Wendy"s offered complimentary spicy chicken sandwiches to anyone that made a purchase through the company"s mobile app (via Thrillist). And back in 2019, Wendy"s announced it to be passing out cost-free sandwiches just for downloading the app, no purchase necessary. 

There"s also the come-and-go 2 because that $5 deal at Wendy"s, which allows customers select two entrées because that just 5 bucks. Once it"s available, the choices include a spicy chicken sandwich, a classic chicken sandwich, a 10-piece nugget, or a Dave"s Single. And also it"s worth noting there"s nothing that claims you can"t just get two spicy sandwiches because that $5. So keep your eye peeled and your appetite ready.

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If you"re yearn a spicy chicken sandwich, but can"t do it to the Wendy"s drive-thru, you"re in luck: currently you can satisfy your craving in the snack aisle in ~ your local supermarket, because that a restricted time at least. Wendy"s and Pringles have teamed increase to sell spicy chicken flavored chips, giving the spicy chicken sandwich battles a crunchy brand-new twist. The new Pringles smell is stated to load "the savory taste that Wendy"s spicy fried chicken right into one perfectly crunchy and extremely convenient bite the satisfies the spicy thrill consumers can"t get sufficient of." us don"t know just how they perform it, however we"re certainly not complaining. 

And it"s worth noting the you could want to hit the drive-thru later on anyways. Each have the right to of the limited-edition Pringles consists of a distinct code the will obtain you a cost-free spicy chicken sandwich in ~ Wendy"s once you order v their cell phone app.