After a lengthy day, is there anything together comforting together a steaming warm baked potato? You deserve to feel your troubles melt the moment that play of salted butter starts melting right into a sea that fluffy white starch. The problem, though, is the it takes a good hour to bake a potato in your stove (wrapped in foil or not), which doesn"t even encompass time because that preheating. And also sure, microwaving is an option, yet let"s admit it — it"s simply not the same as an oven-fresh spud.

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A super-convenient solution would it seems to be ~ to it is in tater takeout from Wendy"s. For less time 보다 it can take come nuke a potato in your very own kitchen, you have the right to swing by the drive-thru and also get this little meal or side dish served plain, topped v sour cream or cheese — or even bacon or chili. Originally presented in the 80s, once baked potatoes were part of the low-fat/high-carb trend sweeping the world, Wendy"s small potatoes room hugely popular, with about one million marketed each mainly (per Fox News). 

But it is in warned: you shouldn"t bespeak a baked potato in ~ Wendy"s. That"s due to the fact that employees the this fast food chain admit that castle don"t constantly prepare potato the way the menu describes.

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The biggest revelation on Reddit about Wendy"s baked potatoes is that, sometimes, employee nuke the potatoes instead of baking them. "If you come during/at the finish of a lunch or dinner rush and also you bespeak a baked potato, there"s a decent opportunity you"re acquiring a microwaved potato," one user confessed. This case is at odds with the official company word ~ above the matter. "We chef them from a life state, in an oven, sheathe in foil, baked for an hour, similar to you would at home," Lori Estrada, Wendy"s VP of cooking innovation, said Thrillist.

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Jereme Allison, who says he operated at Wendy"s, agreed that this to be usually the plan, however noted, "There were a couple of times .. Us did use the microwave to rush part potatoes — this may have actually been since we were to run low or suddenly received a larger than supposed rush ~ above potatoes, but we constantly tried to keep to oven-baked potatoes for our customers," he wrote on Quora. 

Even as soon as the spud"s perfect baked, otherwise ill-prepared potatoes have been the resource of customer fury on Twitter. "
Wendys her clap backs to your competition are great, however your baked Potatoes ... No so much. Got back to the office and also barely a sprinkle the chili. #Disappointed," tweeted one customer through a picture of a potato that sported just a couple of lonely beans. Other Twitter complaints cite rotten potatoes, small potatoes and a picture of a potato that looks ... Pre-eaten?