At the start of 2011 the united state Federal federal government reinstated the dollar every gallon taxation credit for commercial Biodiesel producers. The EPA likewise released a policy called RFS 2 together well. Combined, these two events have developed incredible demand for waste vegetable oil in the advertising arena causing the worth of waste vegetable oil ~ above the commercial sector to sky-rocket.

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How much Is Waste vegetable Oil really Worth?Glad girlfriend asked…according come the latest data from the USDA national Weekly Round-up Report, waste vegetables oil, generally referred to together “Yellow Grease” in the industry, is precious $0.44 every pound. WVO weighs about 7.5 pounds per gallon which puts the price the WVO ideal at $3.30 every gallon (and no, that’s not a typo–it yes, really is the high).

Why WVO Is worth So MuchWe think that the key reason WVO is at this time selling therefore high is since Biodiesel plants space willing come pay height dollar for WVO because they’re offering every fall they can make…as rapid as they can make that plus they’re getting a dollar every gallon from the united state Federal Government and also in some instances are netting upwards of second $2.12 every gallon native something dubbed a RIN (Renewable information Number–from the EPA RFS2 Policy).

So prior to they’ve also sold a drop of fuel, it’s possible for a Biodiesel tree to do $3.12 per gallon IN addition to what lock will sell the Biodiesel for on the open up market.

So How might This result Homebrewers?With WVO prices so high, many commercial oil collectors room now starting to pay restaurants for your oil. Since this is keep going it have the right to mean the the restaurants you collect oil from may be obtaining solicited by various other companies ready to salary them because that the great stuff.

With the economy in difficult times and also restaurants feather to make an extra buck wherever they can, you may soon discover yourself in a very tricky instance of convincing a restaurant to remain with you vs providing their oil to an additional oil collector.

How To store Your Restaurants giving You your OilIt’s all around the value proposition you carry to the table. In various other words, you need to answer the question “Why should I provide my oil come you and not someone else?” far better than everyone else.

Here’s a few idea’s you deserve to use to construct your own value proposition the I’ve garnered native those ns speak to day in and also day out.

1. Education a restaurant on wherein the oil goes– This could be as simple as showing that as soon as the oil is offered to you it remains in their community vs being marketed out of state and in some instances out the the country.– Share through them exactly how you use the oil to do Biodiesel and also how Biodiesel benefits their ar by improving the environment, the air us breath, the reduction in international oil, and on and also on and also on (see wherein I’m going?)– We’ve also used flyers and also brochures (see our instance here)

2. Give the restaurant miscellaneous in return– Eat at their restaurant consistently (and make certain they’re mindful that you do!) bring your girlfriend & household there together well.– make soap the end of her Biodiesel glycerin or even from several of the oil friend collect and give it come the restaurant come use– create a decal because that the restaurant to display screen that indicates that your oil is being offered responsibly and benefiting the community– advertise the restaurant on her website or any means you can. (I also knew one Biodieseler that would make up magnetic signs with the restaurants name and also would placed them ~ above the ago of his tailgate under a decal that said, “This truck powered through grease from….” The restaurants loved it! complimentary advertising!– allow them understand that you appreciate them and also that they’re helping to save the oil in your community.– power wash the back of your restaurant on a consistent basis to keep it clean. You wouldn’t believe how plenty of restaurants will LOVE this type of service and also will give up being paid by one more collector simply since you’re willing to carry out this

3. Be Professional– treat the oil collection choose a business.– be punctual, be clean, and be polite come the restaurant employee & patrons.– keep on optimal of your collection barrels. Don’t ever before let them obtain too full and if they call you come come & gain the oil, do it as shortly as possible!– Remember, you may be contending with several other companies or people that want that restaurants oil. Doing everything you deserve to to store your restaurant happy have the right to mean the difference between getting oil regularly and also coming up empty handed

Dealing through Oil TheftWith the worth of waste vegetables oil being so high, we’re additionally seeing a climb in oil theft amongst home brewers and commercial oil collectors. Thieves recognize it’s worth money and also are walking to great lengths to get it.


To combat this, be sure your oil arsenal container is secured in the best way possible. This could include including a locking lid to her oil collection drum; chaining the north to a write-up (yes, civilization really execute steal drums), or just asking the restaurant employee to be on the lookout for potential thieves.


Another means to combat theft is to collect the oil from your drums much more often. Store the north from gaining as complete as the rest of the bordering drums and thieves may simply “move on to greener pastures” (or drums that have much more oil in them).


Also consider locating her drums in an overwhelming to accessibility areas such together behind chained fences or in an area that may be daunting for a thef to get to.

Some collectors have even been able to get the restaurants to put the oil earlier in cubies (5 gallon carboys) and also keep castle in the restaurant because that pickup. When this could mean an ext work for the Biodieseler to choose up the oil an ext often, it way that when they acquire to the restaurant, the oil is there.

If you do have actually theft walk on in your containers, one easy method to figure out who’s doing the is come purchase and mount a motion set off camera near your arsenal barrel. Then, if theft occurs, traction the photos off the camera and also see if you’ve caught your thief. Just be certain to certain the camera well sufficient that the theif doesn’t to draw off your camera too.

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We’ve heard that you deserve to pick up a wild-life activity activated camera relatively inexpensively native a local hunting outlet such together Cabella’s. Hopefully, you’ll never have to resolve theft, but, if that does occur, you’re now armed with part tips & tricks for avoiding it.

As the price of waste vegetable oil go up, so will the need for the oil. Hopefully, you’ll currently be all set to deal with it have to you end up competing with one more collector. Just remember to keep offering value to her oil sources, store it professional, and work at it and the oil will hopefully continue to flow!