find tariff fort Lauderdale Uber : the Uber Cab fares in the city ft Lauderdale are solved by Uber mobile application. The price the the race takes into account the distance traveled and the time to finish the move in ft Lauderdale.

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City Uber Minimum Fare base Fare Per kilometres Per Minute
UberX ft Lauderdale, joined StatesUBERX$8 $2.55 $1.75 $0.35
UberXL ft Lauderdale, joined StatesUBERXL$10.5 $3.85 $2.85 $0.5
uberX + car Seat fort Lauderdale, united StatesuberX + automobile Seat$8 $2.55 $1.75 $0.35
UberBLACK fort Lauderdale, joined StatesUBERBLACK$15 $7 $3.75 $0.65
UberSUV ft Lauderdale, unified StatesUBERSUV$25 $14 $4.5 $0.8

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This price calculation for uber is offered for information and also has been calculated in relation to rates of the state in 2021 year and depending top top the item you have provided. countless parameters space not taken right into account by this estimate: Price rely on hour the the ride, roadway traffic is an ext or less thick which can affect the price the the race.
usage Uber Fare tool prior to booking speak to the driver prior to booking obtain a Quote before booking see our safety tips concerning vehicle obtain Driver informations before paying Get much more information about your journey
Welcome come the best prices directory of cabs and Uber automobile in Florida. Top top this web page you can uncover uber cab price for her city in Florida, and likewise other details such as fares, duration and location in Florida. UberCabs for her business and also private trips price in BROWARD. Car CAB vehicle can offer the entire BROWARD, we are also dedicated in the calculate of Uber fares in BROWARD usage the calculator to know the price of your Uber Cab transfer in ft Lauderdale
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Important : these prices are provided for information only. Every fares are provided for info only. The actual price might differ from the one displayed on this page, so use this details with caution. deserve to not be organized responsible for any kind of prices errors.A totally free Tool similar to a taxi meter, Meter for Taxi , Uber and Lyft allows you to track exactly how much you are paying together you drive in a journey sharing company such as Uber and Lyft and also display Price and also duration of drive in unified States. Allows you to set custom fares.