The six Million Dollar male was a US television show around a cyborg (bionic man) "Office of clinical Intelligence" (OSI).

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The display was based upon the boy name Caidin"s novel Cyborg, and also aired ~ above the alphabet network as a regular series from 1974 to 1978, adhering to three television movies in 1973. Lee significant played the title duty of Steve Austin and also subsequently ended up being a pop culture icon of the 1970s.

First issue

The first figure was made by Kenner toys in 1975 and is so stamped on the ago of the figure. It came in a box with a flap with drawings of the character in action. The box had actually a home window to display the activity figure. He was dressed in his NASA format Red Sweat Suit through red rubber shoes and white socks. Had with the action figure come an engine block i m sorry the figure could lift by transforming the figures head to the right and also depressing the button on his back, which made a cranking noise to represent the bionic activity of the arm. Transforming the head back to the left released the right arm indigenous action. On this first issue, the figure"s left arm is not removable, that doesn"t detach from the shoulder as the second and 3rd versions do, therefore if by any chance you do have one and also the left arm deserve to be removed then (unfortunately) girlfriend don"t have actually a very first issue.

In enhancement to the location hero, the line featured an outstanding rogues gallery: Maskatron, a Westworld-ish looking cyborg that came with a number of familiar deals with used to infiltrate OSI; Fembot, a girly variation of Maskatron; and also Sasquatch (spoiler: the turned the end to be as full of circuitry as Steve Austin). Because that nerdy small completists, over there was also an Oscar Goldman, so youngsters could recreate OSI"s bullshit administrative meetings or something, and also for their sisters there to be a Bionic mrs doll, who super-hearing was stood for by a clicking sound in she neck. The Bionic woman came v a purse and a hairbrush.

A spin-off the the show was created called The Bionic Woman.

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Mission come Mars
Basic FiguresYear
Bionic Bigfoot1975
Command Counsel1975
Oscar Goldman1975
Porta Communicator1975
Steve Austin (1975 issue)1975
Steve Austin (1976 issue)1976
Steve Austin (1977 worry - Biosonic)1977
Back load Radio1975
Bionic Cycle1975
Bionic Mission Vehicle1975
Bionic transport & repair Station1975
Bionic video Center1975
Critical Assignment (Arms)1975
Critical Assignment (Legs)1975
Dual Luanch drag Set1975
Mission manage Center1975
OSI Headquarters1975
Tower & bicycle Set1975
Venus room Probe1975
Bionic Adventures Set
O.S.I. Undercover Assignment1975
Test trip at 75,000 Feet1975
Dr. Kromedome (Montgomery Ward)1975


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