Jonathan and also Drew Scott have amassed a $200 million network worth and show absolutely no indicators of slow down.

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Property Brothers
The network HGTV has actually been the birthplace of countless stars who have actually gone on to do millions top top the little screen. Sure, plenty of shows come along that don’t quite resonate v fans, but the persons that manage to stick around wind up being profitable for the stars. The networks best stars, choose Joanna Gaines, turn right into legitimate celebrities.

The residential property Brothers are among the greatest names come ever appear on the network, and also over the last decade, castle have combined for a network worth of $200 million. This is a staggering number, yet it doesn’t even start to tell the full story of exactly how they do their bank.

Let’s take a closer look at at just how the residential property Brothers make their millions!

They started A real Estate firm In 2004

The residential or commercial property Brothers are a recognized commodity now, but ago when they were finding their footing in adulthood, they were trying their hand at ventures that weren’t rather working out. Eventually, they reached a suggest when a adjust needed to be made, and also the pair would start their own real heritage company, Scott actual Estate, in 2004.

The decision to begin this agency came on the heels of attracted getting his actual estate patent that exact same year and also from Jonathan examining construction and also design in ~ the southern Alberta academy of Technology. This to be a perfect balance early on on, and also it would go ~ above to specify what the pair have due to the fact that been able to carry out over the last 17 years.

follow to Celebrity network Worth, their company was initially used come oversee the development and construction of both residential and also commercial properties. Many thanks to your education and their work ethic, the firm would rapidly increase over the next few years, and the pair were slowly structure a tiny empire.

having seen what other human being had done on the tiny screen, the males would steadily work-related on acquiring their name thrown into the ring because that their own show. In fact, they started their first production company, Scott brothers Entertainment, and a few years later, the duo would have actually a huge rise in tendency popularity.

They have actually Tons that TV Shows

Success in the actual estate field and an ultimate production firm led Jonathan and also Drew Scott to the small screen for their an initial television show, Property Brothers. The show began back in 2011, and unlike other HGTV performers, the duo’s success would lead to what has become a legit franchise of shows that has been particularly lucrative.

Once Property Brothers took turn off on the tiny screen, the brothers would soon make their relocate to other shows to help bolster their brand. Their next show would be Buying and Selling, which debuted back in 2012 and also was maybe to record on v audiences, lot like their an initial show had. Indigenous there, the brothers would certainly launch Brother vs. Brother, i m sorry debuted the following year, do for three hit reflects in three years.

In 2014, Property Brothers: in ~ Home, marked the fourth show the men starred in, and it was an instant success for the network. Per IMDb, that present has had three periods so far. The next year, Property Brothers: At home on the Ranch launched on HGTV and also was yet one more spin-off project from Jonathan and also Drew.

Unbelievably, the males did not stop there. Since At home on the Ranch, Jonathan and also Drew have because launched at least 6 various other programs with more in the works. This is one unbelievable amount of success and also work the the duo have had on your plate since 2011, and also it is a massive component of their in its entirety net worth. One of the most necessary reasons why they room cashing in is since of their global company, i m sorry is overseeing every one of this success.

They have Scott brother Global And A Furnishing Brand

The Scott Brothers are far an ext than just renovation guys; they room a bonafide brand the rakes in millions every year. Together with their brother, JD, Jonathan and also Drew own Scott brothers Global, which is one umbrella agency that has a ton walking on for it.

Scott brothers Entertainment, the production firm overseeing their effective television shows, is part of Scott brother Global. On peak of that, your furniture brand, Scott Living, which has been featured ~ above QVC, is likewise under the Scott Brothers an international umbrella and also acts as another resource of income for the brothers.

Still not impressed? The brothers likewise perform together a music act and also release music under, girlfriend guessed it, Scott brothers Global. This companies is a seemingly unstoppable machine that will be rojo in millions because that the foreseeable future.

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Jonathan and also Drew Scott have amassed a $200 million net worth and also show for sure no indicators of slow down.

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