A firm of Firebird enthusiasts has actually resolved come revive the legend muscle car. Here"s what we know about the 2021 Pontiac Firebird trans Am.

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2021 Pontiac Trans am Drive
After gift a clip of the brand’s lineup because that over eight decades, general Motors discontinued Pontiac in 2010.

The iconic brand to be discontinued since of the company"s gaue won problems and also the restructuring that necessitated. Several efforts were make to save Pontiac, yet the truth that it was a loss-making brand that was additionally cannibalizing Chevrolet sales sealed that is fate.

Fortunately, the brand’s discontinuation there is no dampened the spirits of passionate Pontiac fans that remain devoted to this day. The Pontiac Firebird infectious diseases world fashion Am, in particular, ended up being a social icon and was among the ideal classic muscle cars native the factory.

Today, a firm run by Pontiac Firebird enthusiasts have actually resolved come revive the legendary car, and also this article will display you what we know about the brand-new 2021 Pontiac Trans to be Firebird.

2021 Pontiac Firebird trans Am via OnAllCylinders
Trans to be Depot is a agency that has spent the past five years winning multiple awards for the level of impressive craftsmanship the goes right into the building of its practice Pontiacs.

2021 Pontiac Firebird infectious diseases world fashion Am via engine Authority
The company is based the end of Tallahassee Florida and it"s one of the ideal in the organization when it involves restoring old Pontiacs or building custom Pontiac Firebirds. Countless of these cars will certainly take simply nine seconds to operation the quarter-mile. We room glad the the agency is no waiting on basic Motors come revive the Pontiac brand and also has instead taken matters into its very own hands.

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9 based upon The above Chevy Camaro

2021 Pontiac infectious diseases worldwide Am via Trans to be Depot
The Chevy Camaro has constantly been one of the coolest muscle cars you have the right to get and Trans am Depot couldn"t have actually chosen a much better muscle car as the basic of the brand-new Trans am Firebird.

2020 Chevy Camaro via Motor1
The brand-new Trans Am will be a reworked Chevy Camaro SS the will also be extensively readjusted stylistically to look like a Pontiac Firebird. An ext than 380 parts will it is in modified, consisting of the bumpers and also the taillights. Numerous upgrades will certainly be made to the Camaro"s mechanical parts including its carbon fiber human body panels, its rear differential, that is springs, and other parts.

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Bandit execution Pontiac Firebird via Digital fads
girlfriend won"t have to wait lengthy for the new Pontiac due to the fact that the auto will be the end in a year"s time. The firm has referred to as the brand-new Pontiac the natural successor to the 1977 Pontiac Firebird one-of-a-kind Edition.

return the new Pontiac will be easily accessible in restricted numbers, Trans to be Depot currently has two other obtainable editions of its practice Pontiac cars. These are a 50th Anniversary Edition infectious diseases worldwide Am and an Outlaw Edition infectious diseases world fashion Am. Their anniversary version is motivated by the 1969 Pontiac Firebird, when the Outlaw edition is influenced by the 1979 Pontiac Firebird.

because that passionate fans of the Pontiac Firebird, Burt Reynolds" Pontiac Firebird in the "Smokey and also the Bandit" movie will be forever etched in memory.

over there is no far better individual to endorse the new Pontiac Firebird, and each of the 77 systems of the automobile will have actually his signature top top them. Trans to be Depot has put in a lot of of effort to craft facets of that iconic Firebird into the brand-new car, and a big "screaming chicken" will certainly of food be plastered ~ above the hood to finish the look.

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over there are couple of things an ext impactful 보다 the soul of freedom evoked once watching Burt Reynolds journey to Texas native Georgia in a Firebird and come ago within simply 28 hours.

return the 1977 Pontiac Firebird wasn"t as powerful as that is rivals v its 200-hp max power, the movie make the vehicle an icon. This is why the contemporary Firebird takes its incentive from it, and why the interiors will additionally be greatly inspired by it. The interiors will integrate the simple elements the the Camaro SS together with nostalgic styling that reenacts the facets of the 1977 Firebird.

The brand-new Pontiac Firebird package a the majority of power and speed. The V8 engine outputs up to 840 hp (over 4 times the strength of the 1977 Pontiac), its optimal speed is 200 mph, and also it will execute 0 to 60 in much less than three seconds!

The contemporary Firebird may be based upon the Chevy Camaro, but after every the upgrades, it is a much much more powerful car. A most power has been included to the original 6.2-liter V8 engine of the Camaro to do the new Pontiac Firebird a sure challenger to become the new king of the traction strip.

there is a most hype around the new 2021 Challenger SRT Hellcat, and also Dodge Challenger fans have actually every factor to it is in excited. The new challenger is a powerhouse. It sports a V8 engine that packs as much as 807 hp and it will cover the quarter-mile that a drag piece in just 10.50 seconds. Those are outstanding numbers and also there are couple of factory-produced muscle cars the come close.

However, the brand-new Pontiac Firebird has actually some extraordinary numbers of its own and also in every category, including speed and also power, it pipeline the 2021 evade Challenger in the dust.

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All the power, speed, and drag piece mastery price a the majority of money, and the new Pontiac Firebird will price you supercar money. The car"s manufacturer, Trans am Depot, is no stranger come building and also restoring Pontiacs, and the cars created by the firm cost in between $70,000 and $200,000.

Buyers should have actually no complaints. The new Dodge Challenger Hellcat will expense $81,000 because that a peak speed the 200 mph and 797 hp, with up to 807 hp for the brand-new Challenger super Stock. The new Firebird is qualified of corresponding or exceeding the Hellcat"s figures with a top speed that 200 mph and 840 hp.

Trans am Depot has constructed one-off Pontiac models in far-reaching numbers before, and also the 2018 455 Trans to be Super Duty is one such car. The 455 at sight Duty is a ridiculously impressive car with a mind-boggling 1,100 hp that power.

prefer the 2021 Pontiac Firebird, it was built as a an answer to the dodge Challenger SRT Demon, and also it is additionally based on a Chevy Camaro. The agency had to acquire outside assist to build the car and it collaborated v NASCAR technician Joey Arrington to take care of the challenges of building and designing together a powerful car.

The Pontiac Firebird defined the muscle auto for lot of the so late 1970s, and it ended up being one the the many sought-after muscle cars when it was still in production.

The 2002 Pontiac Firebird to be the critical Firebird created by basic Motors, and it was not a shabby muscle car. The engine packed 350 hp and can reach a peak speed of 130mph. It is likewise a very contemporary car with creature comforts prefer a modern-day infotainment system, automatically door locks, cook seats, and also others. The car significant the end of an era and also we room glad the Pontiac Firebird has been revived.

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