With a more powerful CPU and larger storage capacity options, Apple’s iphone 8 is basically a an ext powerful variation of the iphone 7.

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Apple iphone 8 attributes ColorsScreen SizeCameraStorageOperating SystemBattery (Talk Time)
Gold, Silver, space Grey, Red
4.7 in (11.9 cm)
12 MP
64 GB, 128 GB, 256 GB
Up come 14 hours
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Features the The Apple iphone 8

What kind Of display Does The Apple iphone 8 Have?

iPhone 8 has a beautiful Retina HD display, with integrated P3 large color and True Tone. This iPhone’s oleophobic coating will help prevent that from gaining covered in fingerprint smudges!

What form Of Camera walk The Apple iphone phone 8 Have?

Like the iphone phone 6s and iPhone 7 before it, the iphone 8 has actually a 12 megapixel camera. This camera supports up to 5x digital zoom and can document up to 4K quality video at 24, 30, or 60 frames every second.

exactly how Much Storage room Does The Apple iphone 8 Have?

Just prefer the iphone phone X, the iphone 8 has 64GB and 256GB storage volume options. With this much storage space, you have the right to save many of videos and also pictures and download every one of your favorite apps!

What form Of speaker Does The Apple iphone 8 Have?

The iphone phone 8 has double stereo speaker which provide amazing sound quality. The stereotype speakers are situated at the bottom of the iphone to the ideal of the Lightning port and also at the top of the iphone phone to the appropriate of the FaceTime camera. These stereo speakers permit you to ar your iphone phone 8 on its side and play her favorite songs while you’re at the beach, park, or just relaxing at home.

does The Apple iphone 8 Have any Biometric Features?

One the my favourite iPhone 8 attributes is Touch ID, which you can use come unlock your iPhone, check purchases, and also so much more. This iPhone’s Home button has a integrated sensor that deserve to detect your specific fingerprints!

which Processor does The Apple iphone phone 8 Have?

The iphone 8 to be the an initial model iphone phone to be built with an A11 chip, the most an effective ever offered in one iPhone. The A11 chip is equipped v a three-core GPU (graphics processing unit), i m sorry is 30% faster than the GPU the the A10 combination chip offered in the iphone phone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. The performance cores that the A11 chip are additionally 70% much faster than those the the A10 chip, which is supplied in the iphone phone 7 and also iPhone 7 Plus.

exactly how Long will certainly The Apple iphone phone 8 Battery Last?

The iphone phone 8 has an very long-lasting battery. You can enjoy up to 12 hrs of net use, approximately 13 hours of video playback, up to 14 hrs of wireless talk time, or approximately 40 hrs of audio playback. The iphone 8 is likewise one the the an initial iPhones to support “fast-charging”, as its battery have the right to be charged approximately 50% in as tiny as 30 minutes.

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Is The Apple iphone 8 Waterproof?

Just choose the iphone phone X, the iphone 8 has a water and dust-resistance rating that IP67. This means that the iphone 8 will be water-resistant when submerged approximately 1 meter (about 3 feet) in water. The 6 in IP67 suggests that the iphone 8 is totally dust-resistant as well.


The iphone phone 8 deserve to be charged wireless on a Qi charging pad.The biggest model of the iphone 8 has actually twice as much storage (256 GB) together the largest model that the iphone 7.The new faster processor in the iphone phone 8 is the exact same processor offered in the iphone phone X.This lightweight phone weighs much less than a third of a pound.The iphone 8 and also 8 Plus were the very first iPhones to have a True ton display.Unlike earlier models of the iPhone, the iphone 8 has actually a completely glass back.