Once you include two extra doors and much more options, the price quickly climbs all the way to $60,000 at the very top end.

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New Bronco Is Here—It"s everything You hoped For

2021 Ford Bronco, Bronco sports On-Sale Dates

2021 Ford Bronco"s six Trim level Explained

The four-door version gets the same specs v a starting price of $34,695. Choices for both incorporate a 10-speed automatically transmission, 2.7-liter EcoBoost V6 engine (that requires an upgrade to automatically transmission) v 310 hp and 400lb-ft the torque, automatically 4x4 engagement, and also the Sasquatch package v its larger 17-inch aluminum wheels and also beadlock capability.

Once girlfriend start relocating up the trim levels, the prices rise exponentially:

Big Bend adds bigger 17-inch wheels and also 32-inch tires, LED fog lamps, leather-wrapped wheel, and second G.O.A.T mode. It’s priced starting at $34,480.

Black Diamond includes everything you get with Beg Bend and adds, heavy-duty bumpers, 7 driving modes, 17-inch black wheels, overhead auxiliary switches, marine-grade vinyl trimmed seats, and also a rubberized washout floor. Making friend Bronco an ext off-road capable and easier to wash will collection you earlier with a starting price of $37,545.

Outer Banks start off through the large Bend trim level and also adds 18-inch wheels, signature lights, ender flares, winter caps, body-color door handles, powder-coated pipe steps, and heated fabric seats beginning at $40,450.

Wildtrak boosts the Outer bank trim v the Sasquatch package, 2.7-liter engine, 10-speed automatic transmission with trail control, carpeted flooring, cloth heated prior seats, automatic 4x4 engagement, a black hardtop, special graphics, 35-inch tires and also the mid package that has dual-zone climate control and also the Ford Co-Pilot360 driver-assist package. The more tech-filled version of the Bronco will certainly be starting at $50,370.

For the ultimate off-roader, Ford has actually the Badlands trim the starts with the large Bend trim level. It has actually all 7 G.O.A.T. Modes consisting of rock crawl. Its front suspension comes with front stabilizer disconnect, has 17-inch carbonized gray wheels v 33-inch tires, heavy-duty front bar and powder-coated behind bumper, to add it it s okay the overhead aux switches and easy to wash interior uncovered in the black Diamond trim. It’ll set you back with a beginning price of $43,590.

For those that require a special edition in your driveway, the Bronco will certainly come v First Edition runs through a restricted to a run of 3,500 builds and also will be the Badlands trim level coupled v Lux package (adaptive cruise control, 10-speaker B&O sound system, boil steering, extra USB ports, and voice-activated navigation), Sasquatch package, special very first edition graphics, safari bar, distinct interior, and also leather-trimmed seats v heated former row. With all the bells and whistles, it’ll set customers back beginning at $60,800.

Like most off-road vehicles, the price the the Bronco and can conveniently skyrocket. This doesn’t incorporate the 200 equipment Ford stated are accessible for the new 4x4 series. Our recommendation is to add the Sasquatch package come the base model and just develop from there.

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