Mike Lindell"s success story is anything but run that the mill. The entrepreneur, who is the founder and also creator of MyPillow Inc., was previously addicted to medicine before, according to Lindell, God assisted him both straighten up his plot and provided inspiration through the best idea in the world. As he said CNBC, as soon as it concerns his life story, "People speak all the time that"s one of the best miracles ever."

The proud Minnesota aboriginal has operated tirelessly his totality life to make something the himself, despite Lindell admits that failed at every little thing on the roadway to establishing MyPillow, even getting fired from the local grocery store as a teenager. That didn"t end up college either, but nowadays the self-made guy is proving every his doubters wrong come the track of countless dollars. Once it pertains to the MyPillow Guy, that is fairly literally relaxing on a fortune.

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As CNBC notes, Mike Lindell knew nothing around making pillows as soon as he collection out to bring his development to life, cut up foam and also testing assorted iterations prior to the style was completed. He collection up a kiosk in ~ the regional mall but sold much less than a hundred pillows. Thankfully, one of those buyers ran a neighborhood home show in Minneapolis and, after inviting Lindell to join him there, he offered out completely.

MyPillow was founded ideal in 2004. Lindell is the inventor and also patent owner that the pillow"s unique design, according to Celebrity network Worth, and has get an impressive his company from a workforce of 5 to over 1,000. The company"s very first infomercial, released in 2011, cost around $500,000 and also aired approximately 200 time a day. End the complying with year, Lindell apparently sold $100 million worth of pillows. MyPillow Inc. Now generates a chuck $280 million in revenue per year.

Lindell ultimately branched out right into beds, linen, and pet beds, and also has manufactured about 30 million pillows to date. As he called CNBC, "I look earlier now, and also I go, "The only method that we were may be to carry out that was magnificent intervention."" even if it is it was magnificent intervention or not, Lindell"s gambling paid off, together Celebrity net Worth put his fortune at an estimate of $300 million.

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Mike Lindell"s close connection with chairman Trump was obvious throughout his reign. However, in early on January 2021, complying with the Capitol insurrection, it became a publicly concern. As The Independent reported, Lindell was photographed waiting for a conference at the White house holding notes analysis "martial regulation if necessary." The MyPillow CEO was a vocal Trump supporter throughout his presidency, generally tweeting to dual down on several of the command in chief"s wilder insurance claims (and deleting them later). Lindell also spoke in ~ the Republican nationwide Convention. The MyPillow guy"s allegiance to Trump may cost him in the long run, however.

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As Fox9 reported, Bed Bath and also Beyond, Kohl"s, Wayfair, and HEB every dropped MyPillow products from stores after Lindell"s repeated insurance claims of voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election. "They"re trying to cancel me out," Lindell told the appropriate Side broadcasting Network (via Newsweek). As Forbes clues to, there space numerous short articles on social media calling because that a boycott of MyPillow. Back it"s difficult to ascertain exactly how much service will be influenced in the lengthy run, as one of Trump"s most devoted supporters, MyPillow "could potentially likewise be among the most vulnerable" walking forward.