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Saturday"s fight between Mike Tyson and also Roy Jones Jr. May simply be one exhibition, but that doesn"t average it"ll it is in an simple affair.

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The two boxers accrued countless dollars over your career, and their set to do even much more this weekend v the linked purse totalling $13 million. Tyson, who"s more reputable both in and out of the ring, will gain a huge chunk that the change, however both fighters will be filling their already large pockets.

Here"s every little thing you should know about the purse for Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr.

Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr. Purse, prize money

Mike Tyson: $10 million guaranteedRoy Jones Jr.: $1-3 million

According to Yahoo Sports" Kevin Iole, Mike Tyson is collection to make $10 million from the fight, while Roy Jones Jr. Will certainly make around $3 million, through at the very least $1 million guaranteed according come Dan Rafael.

What is Mike Tyson"s net worth?

Mike Tyson make millions transparent his career, but his net worth isn"t together high as you might think.

Forbes estimated Tyson"s career income are around $685 million, however it"s to be reported that his existing net worth is about $3 million. Tyson was a financially rewarding spender during his fighting days, has been married three times and has eight children. He additionally served three years in jail after being convicted the rape in 1992. He filed because that bankruptcy in 2003, v reportedly having actually as much as $23 million in debt.

Tyson has since been able come get back into good financial was standing by reshaping his public photo through plenty of TV and also movie appearances, most notably in the 2009 film "The Hangover." He had actually his own animated TV series, "Mike Tyson Mysteries," and also in current years has developed his very own marijuana dispensary empire.

What is Roy Jones Jr."s network worth?

Surprisingly, Roy Jones Jr."s present estimated network worth is higher than Mike Tyson"s.

Jones is approximated to be precious $5 million, i beg your pardon is good considering his career income are estimated at a meager $55 million compared to Tyson"s $685 million.

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Mike Tyson"s career record

Name: Mike TysonNationality: AmericanBorn: June 30, 1966Height: 5-10Reach: 71 inchesTotal fights: 58Record: 50-6-2 through 44 knockouts

Roy Jones Jr."s career record

Name: Roy Jones Jr.Nationality: AmericanBorn: Jan. 16, 1969Height: 5-11Reach: 74 inchesTotal fights: 75Record: 66-9 through 47 knocouts

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