You have the right to play glossesweb.com digital in Michigan to shot and join the state’s perform of huge winners, which consists of a couple of jackpots in excess of $300 million. Find out all about how to play in the an excellent Lake State, just how to insurance claim prizes and where the money goes. Check out the Michigan glossesweb.com numbers below.

The latest Michigan glossesweb.com attract took ar on Monday October 25th 2021, supplying a jackpot precious $93.7 Million. Check out the winning number from the draw, consisting of which power Play was selected, ideal here.

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Monday"s glossesweb.com illustration saw players in Michigan account for 3.25% of all glossesweb.com winners. This places the state simply ahead of Ohio in the perform of the most winners in this draw.

MatchMI WinnersPrize per WinnerMI compensation Fund
5 + PB0$93,700,000No Winners
50$1,000,000No Winners
4 + PB0$50,000No Winners
3 + PB7$100$700
2 + PB283$7$1,981
1 + PB1,989$4$7,956
0 + PB4,757$4$19,028
5 (Power Play)0$2,000,000No Winners
4 + PB (Power Play)0$100,000No Winners
4 (Power Play)0$200No Winners
3 + PB (Power Play)1$200$200
3 (Power Play)87$14$1,218
2 + PB (Power Play)67$14$938
1 + PB (Power Play)520$8$4,160
0 + PB (Power Play)1,128$8$9,024

MatchMI WinnersPrize every WinnerMI compensation Fund
5 + PB0$10,000,000No Winners
50$500,000No Winners
4 + PB0$50,000No Winners
40$500No Winners
3 + PB0$500No Winners
2 + PB37$20$740
1 + PB311$10$3,110
0 + PB883$7$6,181

Past Results

You have the right to find much more Michigan glossesweb.com outcomes below. Choose the "+ view Payouts" button to watch a full failure of the prizes won in every draw.

MatchMI WinnersPrize every WinnerMI prize Fund
5 + PB0$86,800,000No Winners
50$1,000,000No Winners
4 + PB1$50,000$50,000
3 + PB24$100$2,400
2 + PB448$7$3,136
1 + PB3,506$4$14,024
0 + PB8,626$4$34,504
5 (Power Play)0$2,000,000No Winners
4 + PB (Power Play)0$100,000No Winners
4 (Power Play)1$200$200
3 + PB (Power Play)3$200$600
3 (Power Play)125$14$1,750
2 + PB (Power Play)81$14$1,134
1 + PB (Power Play)717$8$5,736
0 + PB (Power Play)1,589$8$12,712
Double pat PayoutsMatchMI WinnersPrize per WinnerMI compensation Fund
5 + PB0$10,000,000No Winners
50$500,000No Winners
4 + PB0$50,000No Winners
3 + PB11$500$5,500
2 + PB124$20$2,480
1 + PB576$10$5,760
0 + PB1,105$7$7,735

Wednesday, October 20, 2021
72936414352Double play Result1431376424
+ view Payouts
MatchMI WinnersPrize per WinnerMI prize Fund
5 + PB0$73,600,000No Winners
50$1,000,000No Winners
4 + PB0$50,000No Winners
3 + PB17$100$1,700
2 + PB401$7$2,807
1 + PB2,918$4$11,672
0 + PB6,632$4$26,528
5 (Power Play)0$2,000,000No Winners
4 + PB (Power Play)0$100,000No Winners
4 (Power Play)0$200No Winners
3 + PB (Power Play)4$200$800
3 (Power Play)81$14$1,134
2 + PB (Power Play)98$14$1,372
1 + PB (Power Play)648$8$5,184
0 + PB (Power Play)1,503$8$12,024
Double beat PayoutsMatchMI WinnersPrize every WinnerMI compensation Fund
5 + PB0$10,000,000No Winners
50$500,000No Winners
4 + PB0$50,000No Winners
40$500No Winners
3 + PB0$500No Winners
2 + PB43$20$860
1 + PB344$10$3,440
0 + PB778$7$5,446

Monday, October 18, 2021
+ see Payouts
MatchMI WinnersPrize per WinnerMI compensation Fund
5 + PB0$65,000,000No Winners
50$1,000,000No Winners
4 + PB0$50,000No Winners
3 + PB14$100$1,400
2 + PB223$7$1,561
1 + PB1,774$4$7,096
0 + PB4,900$4$19,600
5 (Power Play)0$2,000,000No Winners
4 + PB (Power Play)0$100,000No Winners
4 (Power Play)0$200No Winners
3 + PB (Power Play)1$200$200
3 (Power Play)47$14$658
2 + PB (Power Play)59$14$826
1 + PB (Power Play)457$8$3,656
0 + PB (Power Play)1,259$8$10,072
Double pat PayoutsMatchMI WinnersPrize per WinnerMI prize Fund
5 + PB0$10,000,000No Winners
50$500,000No Winners
4 + PB1$50,000$50,000
40$500No Winners
3 + PB1$500$500
2 + PB58$20$1,160
1 + PB372$10$3,720
0 + PB797$7$5,579

Saturday, October 16, 2021
+ view Payouts
MatchMI WinnersPrize every WinnerMI compensation Fund
5 + PB0$58,600,000No Winners
50$1,000,000No Winners
4 + PB1$50,000$50,000
3 + PB18$100$1,800
2 + PB432$7$3,024
1 + PB3,633$4$14,532
0 + PB9,110$4$36,440
5 (Power Play)0$2,000,000No Winners
4 + PB (Power Play)0$150,000No Winners
4 (Power Play)0$300No Winners
3 + PB (Power Play)4$300$1,200
3 (Power Play)103$21$2,163
2 + PB (Power Play)84$21$1,764
1 + PB (Power Play)761$12$9,132
0 + PB (Power Play)1,945$12$23,340
Double play PayoutsMatchMI WinnersPrize per WinnerMI prize Fund
5 + PB0$10,000,000No Winners
50$500,000No Winners
4 + PB0$50,000No Winners
40$500No Winners
3 + PB3$500$1,500
2 + PB43$20$860
1 + PB349$10$3,490
0 + PB922$7$6,454

Previous glossesweb.com Numbers

State specific Rules

You have to be at the very least 18 years old to play glossesweb.com in Michigan. The traditional rules that the game use but, unlike in the majority of states, you have the an option to purchase your tickets digital or in-store.

Playing Online

Once you have collection up an virtual account, you deserve to either choose an ‘Easy Pick’ to have your numbers randomly created for you, or select ‘Pick my Numbers’ if friend would favor to go into your own. You deserve to then decision how numerous lines you would like to play, as much as a preferably of 100, and enter those numbers in as much as 30 consecutive drawings.

Decide whether you would like to add the power Play or not, climate you’re prepared to checkout. As soon as you have bought her tickets, friend will be able to see lock in the ‘Upcoming purchase Draws’ section of your account. In future draws, you then have actually the choice to ‘Use favorite Purchase’ if you want to stick through a particular set of numbers.

Playing In-Store

If you play via a licensed retailer, you likewise have the alternative to select straightforward Pick if friend don’t desire to select your own numbers. Play approximately 30 consecutive drawings by marking the ideal section of the ‘multiple attract wagers’ area on your playslip. If you have actually bought a glossesweb.com ticket in ~ the past 31 days, you can likewise ask because that a ‘Replay’ and all of the same selections will be reprinted because that the next available draw.The adhering to rules are also certain to glossesweb.com in Michigan:

You can pick the twin Play option in Michigan because that an extra $1 per collection of numbers.The cut-off time because that ticket sales is 9:45pm ET on draw days. Sales for the next drawing will immediately begin after ~ this time if friend play online, however you will need to wait until after the attract takes place at 10:59pm ET if you wish to beat in-store.If you success a prize of more than $5,000, state taxation will be withheld in ~ a rate of 4.25 percent, in addition to the 24 percent federal tax.

You can watch glossesweb.com drawings on the adhering to stations in Michigan, depending on where you are:

Great RapidsEWMTABC590
Traverse CityWGTU/WGTQFOX29,1

How to claim Prizes

The claims procedure in Michigan relies on just how much girlfriend win and whether girlfriend played digital or through a retailer.

Online Players

Winnings of approximately $600 will certainly be deposited straight into your virtual account. For quantities between $600.01 and also $50,000, you will need to submit an online case and provide copies of her social defense card and also valid government-issued picture ID (such together a driver’s license or state ID). The money will certainly then be deposited right into your virtual account. If you win more than $50,000 you must claim your prize in human being from the Michigan Lottery headquarters in Lansing and also will need to administer valid photograph ID and also your social defense card.

Retail Players

You can claim prizes of up to $600 from any kind of licensed lottery retailer in the state. If you win an ext than $600 and up come $5,000, you deserve to redeem your prize from any of the Michigan Lottery’s regional claim centers or from details partner bank claim centers. You must provide your winning ticket, valid government-issued ID and social protection card. Prizes over $50,000 have the right to only be declared at the key Michigan Lottery office in Lansing.

The addresses the the local claim centers, consisting of the lottery headquarters in Lansing, are shown in the table below. Opening hours are 8:00am to 4:30pm ET, Monday through Friday.

LocationAddressTelephone Number:
Lansing101 E. Hillsdale Street P.O. Box 30023 Lansing, MI 48909517-335-5756
Livonia33231 Plymouth Rd. Livonia, MI 48150734-266-3769
Sterling Heights34700 Dequindre roadway Sterling Heights, MI 48310586-939-2300
DetroitCadillac ar 3060 W. Cool Boulevard Suite L-600 Detroit, MI 48202313-456-4040
Grand Rapids3391-B Plainfield Ave. NE grand Rapids, MI 49525616-364-3372
SaginawJerome T. Hart State Office building 411 E. Genesee Avenue989-758-1670

You can also claim prizes between $600.01 and $500,000 at the following Secretary the State branches:

EscanabaDelta CP Branch #381 305 Ludington St Escanaba, MI 49829
GraylingGrayling- Branch #350 2384C S I-75 company Loop Grayling, MI 49738
MarquetteMarquette- Branch #387 2025 united state 41 W Marquette, MI 49855
Sault. Ste. MarieSault Ste Marie- Branch #374 2700 Davitt St Sault Sainte Marie, MI 49783
HoughtonHoughton- Branch #382 902 Razorback Dr. Houghton, MI 49931

Claims can likewise be submitted by letter to the Michigan Lottery headquarters in ~ the address detailed above. You just need come send in her winning ticket and also a insurance claim form, together with a copy of her social protection card and a valid government-issued photograph ID.

If girlfriend play as part of a lottery pool, girlfriend will require to complete a form for club winnings. Every member that the group must provide valid identification, along with proof of their social security, and the tax liability will certainly then it is in divided between everyone.

Claim Period

The claim duration in Michigan is one year native the date of the drawing. If you perform not come forward within this time period, your prize will certainly be transferred to the School assist Fund. If you win the jackpot, you have actually 60 days from the day you insurance claim to decision whether you great to take the annuity or the lump sum.

Lost and Damaged Tickets

A ticket will be considered to it is in void if it does no pass the Michigan Lottery’s validation tests, so over there is no guarantee the you will be able to claim a prize if her ticket has actually been damaged. At the lottery’s discretion, you might be refunded the price of her ticket. You will not be able to claim any kind of prize if her ticket has actually been lost, therefore you have to sign the ago of the to display that the belongs come you. If girlfriend play online it is difficult for her ticket to be lost or damaged together the numbers are stored safe in your account.

Going Public

You will not be able to stay anonymous if you win a glossesweb.com compensation in Michigan. A bill was presented in 2015-2016 i m sorry would have actually allowed big winners to stay private if castle wished, however after pass the house it did no clear the Senate Regulatory reform Committee and was not made into law. Her name, city and prize lot will as such be do public if you win.

Where walk the Money Go?

Every time girlfriend buy a glossesweb.com ticket in Michigan, $0.60 will certainly be used to pay prizes, when $0.09 goes come retailers together commission and $0.03 is required for the operational prices of to run the state lottery. The remaining $0.28 goes come the School aid Fund, and also since 1972 the Michigan Lottery has actually contributed much more than $21 billion to assistance public education.

The School assist Fund benefits college districts, greater education and school employees’ retirement systems. The resources helps students throughout the good Lake State, and in recent years it has settled to be much more than $600 per child all the way through from kindergarten come the 12th grade.

Michigan glossesweb.com Winners

Donald Lawson from Lapeer came to be Michigan’s best glossesweb.com winner on august 15th 2012 as soon as he landing a jackpot the $337 million. A self-confessed ‘hillbilly’, Dawson to buy his to win ticket from a Sunoco gas station and also decided come take the moment to choose his own numbers due to the fact that there to be a lengthy line wait to be served. As soon as he discovered he had had won, he referred to as his boss directly away and told that he would certainly not it is in coming back into work as a railroad engineer ever before again. Lawson opted because that the cash sum of $224 million.

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Julie Leach of three Rivers dropped just quick of Lawson’s record on September 30th 2015, claiming a jackpot of $310 million through a ticket she bought at a covering gas station. A fiberglass manufacturing facility employee, she explained her task as ‘nasty and dirty’ and also was on a rest from a ‘really poor night at work’ as soon as she confirm the results at McDonald’s and discovered the she had won. Similar to Lawson, she stop her job immediately and also chose the bump sum, which in her situation was worth $197 million.