California’s winter COVID-19 surge intensified Wednesday, with brand-new overall coronavirus instances likely tied to holiday gatherings spiking up, together with confirmed situations of the Omicron strain.

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Didion linked the people of Hollywood, journalism and literature in a career that arced many brilliantly in the realms of society criticism and memoir.

The FDA authorizes Merck’s drug for adult with early on symptoms the COVID-19 who confront the highest risks of hospitalization, including older people.

From the deck the a tugboat offer the port of Los Angeles and Long Beach, the supply chain crisis boils down to this: So little time, so much stuff.

In a 2022 election that might be a ballot-box bloodbath for Democrats, much more Latinos walk Republican might unleash one electoral earthquake.

Red states and blue states are in ~ odds over whether workers in hospitals and elsewhere have the right to be compelled to it is in vaccinated because that COVID-19.




how miscast is Nicole Kidman together Lucille Ball? Digging right into the highs and also lows the ‘Being the Ricardos’

In a lawsuit versus L.A. County, Bryant’s widow states she resides in are afraid that grisly pictures from the helicopter crash scene will go viral. Ar attorneys say the photos room gone and cannot be recovered.

Interest prices will remain at 0%, and also debt collection initiatives will proceed to it is in suspended. Those measures were collection to expire Jan. 31.

Penélope Cruz gives one that her ideal performances in Pedro Almodóvar’s first movie come directly face the horrific legacy of the Spanish civil War.

A lawsuit accuses Mater Dei and the roman inn Catholic Diocese the Orange the trying come cover increase a brutal locker room altercation the left a player v a traumatic mind injury.

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Under orders no to leave house unless necessary, citizens of the Chinese city the Xian room adjusting come a lockdown applied after a coronavirus spike.