The KFC buffet is a relatively brand-new addition come the restaurant industry but it’s conveniently gaining that cult following. This is not surprising together KFC is known for its delicious fried chicken – or together the firm says it, finger-lickin’ great fried chicken – on i beg your pardon its condition as the world second-largest fast-food chain in terms of sales stands.

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Chicken & Waffles

1 piece Breast and also Waffle Basket$6.562 piece Drum & Thigh and Waffle Basket$6.563 Tenders and Waffle Basket$6.562 piece Breast and Wing and Waffle big Basket$8.583 piece Drum & Thigh and Waffle huge Basket$8.584 Tenders and also Waffle large Basket$8.59Chicken & Waffle Sandwich Combo$8.05A la Carte Chicken & Waffle Sandwich$6.06A La Carte Waffle$2.02

Fill Ups

1 piece Breast to fill Up$5.44Famous Bowl to fill Up$5.453 pc. Tenders to fill Up$5.58Pot Pie to fill Up$5.45KFC famous Bowl$5.433 Tenders to fill Up$7.70

All Sandwiches

Big crate Meals

3 pc. Chicken Box$9.11Crispy Colonel Box$9.225 pc. Tenders Box$9.42

A La Carte Buckets

12 Tenders Bucket$24.7416 Tenders Bucket$31.668 Tenders Bucket$18.95

Signature Wraps

Signature Combos

KFC renowned Bowls$6.37Colonel"s Original$5.42

Limited Time Only

10 piece Meal - 4 cost-free Cinnabon Biscuits$27.1312 item Meal - 4 complimentary Cinnabon Biscuits$31.8916 piece Meal - 4 complimentary Cinnabon Biscuits$40.17

Bucket Meals

8 item Chicken$15.978 Piece household Fill Up$20.1310 item Feast$35.9416 Tenders Meal$47.618 Tenders Meal$27.9312 Chicken Tenders$15.9712 pc. Tenders family members Fill Up$20.16Side lover Meal$27.5412 item Chicken$22.258 piece Meal$23.7612 piece Meal$33.7316 item Meal$43.2716 piece Chicken$28.5912 Tenders Meal$24.43Tenders re-publishing Meal$11.646 pc. Filet family Fill Up$20.08

World famed Chicken

2 pc. North & Thigh Combo$5.492 pc. Chest & wing Combo$6.913 pc. Chicken Combo$8.232 pc. Drum and also Thigh to fill Up$7.344 pc. Chicken Combo$10.02Kentucky Fried Wings™ Combo$6.78Hot Wings™ Combo$7.33


Box Meals

Classic Chicken Sandwich Box$10.94Spicy Chicken Sandwich Box$10.94

Signature Sandwiches

Crispy Colonel Combo$6.28Crispy Colonel Sandwich$4.44

Kids" Meal

Popcorn Nuggets$4.47

Chopped Salads


Cole Slaw$2.47Mac & Cheese$2.46Whole Kernel Corn$2.47Mashed potatoes & Gravy$2.47Potato Wedges$2.44Gravy$1.47White Chip Macadamia seed Cookie$0.64Apple sauce$1.41Baked Lays Plain$1.63Chocolate Chip Cookie$0.80Doritos Nacho Cheese$1.632 Biscuits$1.63Green Beans$3.05Lays standard Plain$1.63Oatmeal Raisin Cookie$0.64Sunchips Harvest Cheddar$1.80Fries$2.35

2 for $6 - Select very first Item

3 Extra Crispy™ Tenders$6.03Pot Pie$6.06

Fresh Fit because that Kids™

Tenders & Nuggets

Tenders Combo$6.98Nashville hot Tenders Combo$6.50Popcorn Nuggets Combo$7.06


Chicken Littles Combo$6.45Chicken Little$2.11Classic Chicken Sandwich$4.85Classic Chicken Sandwich Combo$8.50Spicy Chicken Sandwich$4.85Spicy Chicken Sandwich Combo$8.50

Kentucky Fried Wings

6 Kentucky Fried Wings$5.1912 Kentucky Fried Wings$10.2824 Kentucky Fried Wings$19.5048 Kentucky Fried Wings$38.56

Dipping Sauces

Buttermilk Ranch$0.25Honey BBQ Sauce$0.26Honey Mustard Sauce$0.26Finger Lickin" great Sauce$0.27

Popular Items

Chicken Breast$5.01Mac & Cheese Bowl fill Up$5.08Spicy Mac & Cheese Bowl fill Up$5.12Coleslaw$3.23Macaroni and also Cheese$3.18Sweet Corn$3.22


Famous Bowl$5.99Spicy famous Bowl$5.94Spicy famous Bowl Combo$6.67


A La Carte

A La Carte Breast$3.13A La Carte Thigh$2.36Large Popcorn Nuggets$4.72A La Carte Drum$2.34A la Carte Mac & Cheese Bowl$5.11A La Carte Wing$1.97A la Carte Spicy Mac & Cheese Bowl$5.11A la Carte Tender$2.26


Sweet Treats

Double coco Chip Cake$4.22Lemon Cake$4.04


Medium Beverage$2.08Large Beverage$2.321/2 Gallon Beverage Bucket$4.75
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Harland Sanders is the brain behind Kentucky Fried Chicken once he marketed fried chicken in his Corbin, Kentucky roadside restaurant during the good Depression. He opened up the an initial KFC franchise in Utah in 1952 but by 1964, he offered the chain to a team of investors led through Jack C. Massey and John Y. Brown, Jr. Today, the 2,000-plus chain of restaurants is own by Yum Brands.

What castle Are well known For

Fried chicken, which has been marinated in Sanders’ original Recipe mix and then press fried, is the KFC’s main point product. Customers can usually stimulate the fried chicken in two- or three-piece individual servings as well as in 6- and also 16-piece family-sized cardboard buckets.

Other food commodities include chicken burgers, such together the Tower and also Zinger burgers; finger foods like the warm wings and crispy chicken strips; and also wraps like the Boxmasters and also Twisters, as well as Popcorn Chicken and also chicken nuggets.

Why Dine Here

While there’s only a small number of KFC restaurants in the United claims that market an all-you-can-eat buffet option, these room popular amongst residents and tourists since of the unlimited servings. Diners have the right to eat as lot as they have the right to eat back the menu in chin is restricted to a couple of of the chain’s core assets – truly, a much better value for her money in comparison through the conventional KFC meals.

If you favor KFC’s chicken, then its buffet is the finest place that you have the right to indulge in it. You will likely acquire your money’s worth just by getting the crispy, juicy and also delicious chicken wing although you have actually to try the various other food options, too. Your selections include a bucket the chicken with mashed potatoes, gravy and coleslaw, and a good selection the salad ingredients. Corn and also fries are likewise available.

Since KFC is a fast-food chain, that buffet is a self-serve establishment. You will certainly find, fortunately, the the wait employee assigned come the buffet tables are friendly, efficient and also helpful, which method a satisfied dining experience despite the fast-food ambiance.

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Plus, you just cannot to win the prices! her pockets will not take a beating since the buffet price are among the most affordable in the area.