Identifying, and Valuing first Edition Dr Seuss Books

The complying with table is one excerpt from our publication the Children"s Picturebook Price Guide. The approximated values room for very first edition books, v dust jackets.

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Any person seriously in the market for Dr. Seuss publications should additionally own a copy of First version of Dr. Seuss Books (2002), by Helen Younger, Marc Younger, and Dan Hirsch. In ~ the hobby, this publication is considered the definitive guide to correctly identifying Dr. Seuss first edition books, providing in-depth information on every book, in addition to full shade examples of books and dust jackets. Provided the price of make a mistake through Dr. Seuss an initial editions, the Younger/Hirsch guide is one invaluable resource.

We had actually been collecting Dr. Seuss very first edition books for countless years before the publication of the Younger/Hirsch book, and in the procedure had compiled our own list of point out to assist us identify numerous of the older very first edition books. This perform is had in the Children"s Picturebook Price Guide

In all cases, us either own, or have had in our possession, the an initial edition book with the identify points listed. The information differs in several cases from that presented in Younger/Hirsch, because it is a an outcome of our own research.

We have actually been posting identification points (points of issue) because that Dr. Seuss very first edition books on the identify Dr. Seuss first Edition Books. In the table below, the book"s title is a connect to the identification points for the an initial edition book.

Values for Dr. Seuss first Edition Books

The values space for very first edition books, with dust jackets.

values For Dr. Seuss publications YearBook TitleVG-VGVG+
1937 And come Think that I experienced It top top Mulberry Street $8,000 $9,000 $12,000
1938 The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins $6,000 $7,500 $9,000
1939 The seven Lady Godivas $500 $750 $900
1939 The King"s Stilts $6,000 $7,500 $9,000
1940 Horton Hatches The Egg $6,000 $7,500 $9,000
1947 McElligot"s swimming pool $4,000 $5,000 $6,000
1948 Thidwick: The Big-Hearted Moose $3,000 $3,750 $4,500
1949 Bartholomew and also The Oobleck $2,000 $2,500 $3,000
1950 If i Ran The Zoo $1,600 $2,000 $2,400
1953 Scrambled egg Super $1,200 $1,400 $1,600
1954 Horton Hears A that $1,600 $2,000 $2,800
1955 On past Zebra $800 $1,000 $1,200
1956 If ns Ran The Circus $800 $1,000 $1,200
1957 The Cat In The hat $2,400 $3,200 $4,000
1957 How The Grinch Stole Christmas $1,200 $1,600 $2,000
1958 Cat In The hat Comes earlier $180 $240 $300
1958 Yertle The Turtle and Other story $180 $240 $300
1959 Happy date of birth To friend $160 $200 $260
1960 One Fish, two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish $380 $520 $640
1960 Green Eggs and Ham $2,400 $3,600 $4,800
1961 The Sneetches and also Other story $150 $225 $300
1962 Dr. Seuss"s Sleep publication $150 $225 $300
1963 Hop On pop $320 $420 $520
1963 Dr. Seuss"s alphabet $320 $420 $520
1965 Fox In Socks $150 $225 $300
1965 I had actually Trouble In obtaining To Solla Sollew $150 $225 $300
1967 The Cat In The cap Song publication $90 $120 $150
1968 Foot book $800 $1,200 $1,600

Identifying Dr. Seuss an initial Edition publications Without Dust Jackets

The typical wisdom among booksellers is first edition Dr. Seuss publications cannot be figured out without the dust jacket. This offered to it is in true. Through the recent discovery of some salient information, today, most of the huge format Dr. Seuss books can be established as an initial printings without the dust jacket.

There space a pair of instances where the first printing book is equivalent from the book used in the second and 3rd printing. In this cases, the publication remained unchanged but the dust jacket to be changed. Even so, these publications still have collectibility (desirability) and value.

To aid clarify, native the ABAA’s glossary:

Edition & Printing:

Edition contains the copies of a publication or other printed product which originate native the same plates or setup of type. If 500 duplicates of a publication are printed on Oct. 5 and 300 duplicates are printed from the exact same substantially the same plates ~ above Dec. 10, every 800 copies are part of the very same edition.

Printing: the copies of a book or various other printed product which originate from the same push run or native the very same plates or setup of kind at one time.

In the instance given for "Edition" above, the 500 copies would be the first printing and the 300 copies consist of the 2nd printing.

First Edition:

All the the duplicates printed from the first setting the type; can incorporate multiple printings if all room from the same setting of type. When book collectors usage the term an initial edition, they room usually referring to the an initial printing and if over there are different states or issues, the earliest of those.

In all of the Dr. Seuss books presented, the very first edition book can be established without the dust jackets. In nearly all cases, the book is also the an initial edition/first printing. In a couple of cases, the book is the first edition/’first or early’ printing.

We define ‘Availability’ because that each of the books. Most of the first edition books are challenging to uncover in the market. ‘Very difficult’ means one or no duplicates are usually accessible from the web bookselling web page (ABE, Alibris, or Bookfinder). ‘Extremely difficult’ method a copy is not generally on the market, yet might surface once or double per year.

It’s challenging to price very first edition publications without dust jackets. A an initial edition Mulberry Street v dust jacket can sell for $8000 in Very an excellent condition. The an initial edition book might offer in the $300-$600 range, so around 1/20th the value of the an initial edition book with dust jacket.

The Cat In The Hat first edition book with dust coat would have a market value the $4000 or therefore in Very an excellent condition. The first edition book might market for $50 or so, due to the fact that it is no too daunting to find.

Since the Dr. Seuss first edition books with dust jacket space too expensive for countless children"s publication collectors, lock might think about the very first edition publication without dust jacket together an alternative.

And come Think the I saw It top top Mulberry Street1937


Availability: ‘White pants’ books are extremely challenging to find.

The 500 Hats the Bartholomew Cubbins1938

The front endpapers progression from huge hats to small hats; the rear endpapers development from tiny hats to huge hats. On later on printings the progression was reversed.

Availability: ‘Large-to-small hat’ publications are extremely an overwhelming to find.

The King"s Stilts1939

Front cover with the yellow text ‘The King’s Stilts by Dr. Seuss’ top top a red background covering practically the entire area. On later on printings, the title was lessened in size, through red message on a yellow cloth background.

Availability: ‘Large logo’ books are very an overwhelming to find.

Horton Hatches The Egg1940

Availability: ‘First Printing’ books are extremely difficult to find.

McElligot’s Pool1947

Front cover has actually fish with mouth open.

Availability: ‘Open mouth’ publications are very complicated to find.

Thidwick: The Big-Hearted Moose 1948

The an initial edition boards are red. The book with red plank was provided with the very first printing dust jacket (with ‘starburst’) and the 2nd printing dust jacket (sans ‘starburst’, ‘200/200’ on former flap).

Availability: Red boards publications are complicated to find.

Bartholomew and The Oobleck1949

The very first printing publication has blue boards. Later on printings were readjusted to red boards.

Availability: Blue boards books are daunting to find.

If ns Ran The Zoo1950

Availability: ‘No Redbook’ boards publications are extremely an overwhelming to find.

Horton Hears A Who1954


If i Ran The Circus1956

The an initial printing book has pink boards. Later printings were readjusted to red & yellow boards.

Availability: ‘Pink boards’ publications are no so difficult to find.

The Cat In The Hat 1957

Matte boards with single binding signature. Later on printings have actually glossy plank with 3 binding signatures.

The ‘matte sheathe with solitary signature’ publication can be found with the 2nd printing dust coat (no price top top flap) and third printing dust jackets (‘195/195’ on former flap).

Availability: ‘Single signature’ books are daunting to find.

How The Grinch Stole Christmas1957

Back covering with complete page advertising for The Cat In The Hat offered for sale for $2.00.

This publication was provided on second printing dust jackets (295/295 prior flap) and 3rd printing dust jackets (295/295 and also 16 title listed).

Availability: ‘Back ad $2.00’ publications are no so complicated to find.

Cat In The cap Comes Back1958


Availability: ‘First Printing’ publications are no so daunting to find.

Happy date of birth To You1959

The very first printing publication has a printing error on page 34 (page beginning with “Today is your birthday”), with 6 white point out that do not show up in later on printings.

Availability: ‘White spots’ publications are not so complicated to find.

First Edition, very first Printing

It is a facility subject, the book collecting definition of "first edition" being ‘first edition, very first printing.’

As an example, the "conventional wisdom" an initial edition The Cat In The Hat, v the ‘200/200’ ~ above the front flap, is considered the very first printing, while the "200/200" was in actuality supplied in countless printings.

"Huh?", friend ask. Allow me explain.

The Cat In The Hat was an initial published in march of 1957. The sales much exceeded initial expectations. The ‘200/200’ dust jacket was offered on the book into beforehand 1958, and perhaps mid-1958. The very first instance ns can uncover of the book’s price palliation to ‘195/195’ is in the October, 1958 version of The Horn book Magazine (pg. 325), wherein Random house advertises the an initial six Beginner books for $1.95.

It is illogical to believe the initial to press of The Cat In The Hat in March, 1957 was enough to supply publications for almost a year that sales, v January or in march of 1958. And especially in irradiate of sales being higher then at first expected. Because of this the reasonable conclusion is there were multiple printings that the ‘200/200’ Cat In The Hat through the food of 1957.

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Currently the publication collecting neighborhood cannot differentiate the early stage ‘200/200’ to press from each of the various other ‘200/200’ printings, yet we still think about all as ‘first edition/first printing’.

The an initial edition ‘200/200’ Cat In The Hat routinely sells for $3000 in today’s market.


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