Taylor Hicks Biography

Taylor Hicks is an American singer well-known for winning the 5th season that American Idol. Hicks make his debut in in march 2019 as Charlie Anderson in Shenandoah’s Serenbe Playhouse run.

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At the age of eight, he along with his family moved to the suburb of Hoover. By the moment he was 14, his hair started to rotate black. His parents divorced and, before he come of age, stepmother Linda shared custody of their son. Hicks proposed together the factor for his revolve to soul and also blues music to solace his daunting childhood. He’s gained a younger half-brother, Sean, who later motivated him to hear because that American Idol.

At a flea industry in Bessemer, Alabama, he bought his an initial harmonica as soon as he to be 16, and taught himself to play blues harp. That realized the he had perfect pitch when he can understand and also imitate the pitches of normal sounds top top the harmonica. Hicks was 18 years old once he wrote his an initial song, “In your Time,” teaching self to play electric guitar and church org.

His energetic phase performances and also influences obtained from classical rock, blues, and also R&B music had won him a follower of committed fans referred to as the “Soul Patrol” Hicks perform on Broadway in 2008 and also on a national tour in 2009 in Grease playing teenager Angel, a function that Alan Paul created. He is the an initial Idol winner come secure lengthy term residency at a casino in ras Vegas. He started his residency at Bally’s ras Vegas in June 2012 and also relocated to a larger venue in January 2013, in Paris las Vegas. Hicks started hosting the original INSP State Plate collection in 2016 and launched a new single, six Strings, and Diamond rings in 2017.

Taylor Hicks Age

Taylor is 43 years old as of 2019, he to be born on October 7, 1976, in Jasper, Alabama, Birmingham, Alabama, United States. He celebrate his birthday on October 7 every year.

Taylor Hicks Height and Weight

Hicks stands at an average elevation of 6 feet 1 inch (1.85 m). The weighs 193 lbs (90 kg). He is a guy of mean stature, he additionally appears to be rather tall in stature in his photos.

Taylor Hicks Education

Hicks studied and also graduated indigenous Hoover High institution in 1995. He climate enrolled in ~ Auburn college to significant in business and also journalism, however lost interest and also dropped the end after 3 years.

Taylor Hicks Parents

Hicks to be born come Pamela Dickinson and Bradley Hicks. His parental divorced once he was still young. He has a stepmother Linda Hicks and fifty percent brother Sean Hicks. That has said his an overwhelming childhood as the factor for his turning to soul and blues music for solace

Taylor Hicks Wife

He was claimed to have actually been date Caroline Lyders, the morning co-anchor because that the weekday version of Milwaukee’s abc affiliate WISN “12 News This Morning.” Their relationship was not clear for they claimed nothing around it.

Taylor Hicks Salary

His value is quiet under review.

Taylor Hicks net Worth

Hicks has actually an estimated net worth of roughly $2 million dollars. The is a huge fan of standard American muscle cars, he owns a home at The Oaks and also is a co-owner the Birmingham restaurateur. This includes his Assets, Money, and Income. His primary source of income is his career as a businessman.

Taylor Hicks Measurements and Facts  

Here room some amazing facts and also body dimensions you have to know around Hicks.

Taylor Hicks Bio and Wiki

Full Names: Taylor Reuben HicksPopular As: Taylor HicksGender: MaleOccupation / Profession: Singer-songwriter, restaurateur, advocateNationality: AmericanRace / Ethnicity: no AvailableReligion: not Known
Sexual Orientation: Straight

Taylor Hicks Birthday

Age / just how Old?: 43 year old (as that 2019)Zodiac Sign: LibraDate of Birth: October 7, 1976Place that Birth: Birmingham, Alabama, U.S.Birthday: October 7

Taylor Hicks body Measurements

Body Measurements: no AvailableHeight / how Tall?: 6 feet 1 customs (1.85 m)Weight: 193 lbs (90 kg)Eye Color: BrownHair Color: GreyShoe Size: not Available

Taylor Hicks Family and Relationship

Father (Dad): Bradley HicksMother: Pamela DickinsonSiblings (Brothers and also Sisters): half brother Sean HicksMarital Status: MarriedWife/Spouse or Husband/Spouse: not ApplicableDating / girlfriend or dating / Boyfriend: Caroline LydersChildren: not Known

Taylor Hicks Networth and also Salary

Net Worth: $2 million dollarsSalary: Under ReviewSource the Income: Music

Taylor Hicks House and also Cars

Place the living: To be UpdatedCars: auto Brand to it is in Updated
Taylor Hicks photo

Taylor Hicks residence House

He purchase a item of building on Goose Pond Island in ~ a lakeside neighborhood called The Oaks one year after ~ he ended up being America’s Idol. The land contained a boat launch, 2 marinas, clubhouse, gated access, and, most importantly, unbelievable views.

Taylor Hicks State Plate

In a pursuit to assemble plates that stand for the many historic, famous, and also tastiest foods of each state, he tasted his way across the unified States.

Taylor Hicks Tour

He has actually no upcoming 2019 concerts. Us will update them shortly if announced.

Taylor Hicks Restaurant

He partnered v a Birmingham restaurateur (BBQ) come reopen his freshly renamed restaurant in 2012. His Ore Drink and Dine will sign up with Mike Wilson’s Saw’s BBQ family, as Saw’s Juke joint – the third Saw’s brand situated in the area, according to AL.com. Former Smith’s Oysters & Steaks owner Doug Wilson likewise joined the partnership. Their regards to the covenant were not disclosed in the article. Ore, which opened in April 2011, in Crestline Park closed under for an undisclosed reason.

Taylor Hicks TV Show

Taylor Hicks is among the most beloved and popular American Idol winners of every time. From the start, his product on the mega-hit show set him apart, v a distinctive take ~ above Country, southern Soul, R&B, and Blues.

Taylor Hicks Music

Hicks began his professional music career in his so late teens and performing around the Southeastern United states for well over the range of 10 years, throughout which he additionally released two free collections. After winning Idol, the was marked to Arista Records, under i beg your pardon his self-titled far-ranging name presentation to be discharged ~ above December 12, 2006.

His enthusiastic phase exhibitions and also impacts got from exemplary shake, blues, and R&B music had earned that an ~ of passionate fans called the “Spirit Patrol”. Hicks performed on Broadway in 2008 and also on national visit in 2009 in Grease playing teen Angel, the job begun by Alan Paul. That is the main Idol victor come verify a long haul residency in ~ a ras Vegas club.

He began his residency at Bally’s las Vegas in June 2012 and also moved to a larger setting, Paris las Vegas, in January 2013. In 2016, Hicks began facilitating the INSP unique plan State Plate and also discharged another single, 6 Strings and also Diamond Rings, in 2017.

Taylor Hicks Songs

2017 Songs

Call PaulSix Strings and Diamond Rings

2009 Songs

Seven Mile BreakdownWhat’s right Is RightMaybe you ShouldOnce ~ above a LoverWedding job BluesNineteenIndiscriminate action Of KindnessWoman’s gained to have actually ItHide no one HairKeeping that RealNew found FreedomI Live ~ above a Battlefield

2006 Songs

The RunaroundGonna MoveTakin’ It come the StreetsJust to Feel that WaySoul ThingDo ns Make girlfriend ProudPlaces I’ve BeenGive Me TonightDream Myself AwakeThe appropriate PlaceYou Send MeWherever i Lay mine HatHeaven Knows

2005 Songs

Hold top top to her LoveHell of a DayWest Texas Sky

1997 Songs

Tighten UpSon the a Carpenter

Taylor Hicks Album

Studio record sessions for the eponymous major label debut Taylor Hicks lasted between October and also November 2006 in Calabasas, California, which take it a full of six weeks. The album to be released on December 12, 2006 i beg your pardon debuted in ~ the number 2 spot on the Billboard 200 charts. The RIAA certified it as a platinum album ~ above January 17, 2007.

Hicks embarked on a three-month united state promotional tourism of his album, which began in Jacksonville , Florida ~ above February 21 and ended in Seattle , Washington on may 12. In January 2008, Arista documents announced that it had removed Hicks from its roster. At the time, Hicks had actually the lowest selling album by American Idol winner. Together of June 2008, Hicks signed a distribution covenant with Vanguard / Welk records to release an early Works compilation album. In the nationwide tour he additionally appeared in Grease together the teen Angel ~ performing the component on Broadway.Early functions was exit on 12 respectable 2008.

Frequently asked Questions around Hicks

Who is Taylor Hicks?

Hicks is an American singer recognized for winning the 5th season that American Idol. Hicks make his debut in march 2019 together Charlie Anderson in Shenandoah’s Serenbe Playhouse run.

How old is Taylor Hicks?

Hicks is 43 years old together of 2019. He was born ~ above 7 October 1976 in Birmingham, Alabama, unified States.

How high is Taylor Hicks?

He stands at a height of 6 feet 1 inch (1.85 m).

Is Taylor Hicks married?

He is no married. The was stated to have been dating Caroline Lyders, the morning co-anchor because that the weekday execution of Milwaukee’s alphabet affiliate WISN “12 News This Morning.” Their partnership was not clear because that they said nothing around it.

How much is Taylor Hicks worth?

He has an approximate net worth that $2 million. This amount has actually been accrued indigenous his leading functions in the entertain industry.

How much does Taylor Hicks make?

His value is quiet under review.

Where does Taylor Hicks live?

He lives in Nashville, the resources of the unified States. Us shall upload images of his home as quickly as we have actually them.

Is Hicks dead or alive?

He is quiet alive and in good health. There have been no reports that him gift sick or having any kind of health-related issues.

Where is Taylor Hicks now?

He is the singer now working top top his duty as Charlie Anderson in the Serenbe Playhouse manufacturing of Shenandoah.

Taylor Hick society Media Contacts

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